Hot Donna Is Dating Tom Cruise

November 27th, 2013 // 53 Comments

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Ever since I saw her naked in Orange Is The New Black, then again in Lay The Favorite (Shut the fuck up, it was on Netflix, and I was drunk.), I’ve had a profound and deep respect for Laura Prepon as a person. Sure, she was always Hot Donna on That ’70s Show, but did I ever know the exact size and shape of her bare breasts? No, no I did not. But now that I do, it’s all the more troubling to find out that Scientology is wasting them on Tom Cruise, who will undoubtedly levitate away from them in terror and probably mind-beam her into never showing them to a camera ever again. It’s like every other time I’ve really gotten into something, and religion came in and ruined it.

1993 – Discovery of masturbation forever accompanied by guilt due to Catholic catechism.
1995 – 2 Live Crew album not purchased for Christmas by parents due to implementation of warning labels.
2001 – Halting of emerging and delicious falafel craze due to assholes in planes.
2013 – Saying early goodbye to friends/family who have to go to fucking work at 6PM on Thanksgiving. (Consumerism is the worst religion of them all and if you don’t believe that you’re probably a dick in a tent outside Best Buy.)

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  1. MoozBoy

    Seriously? She’s like 4 feet taller than him.

  2. Dox

    Is it me, or is Hollywood rapidly becoming a punchline?

  3. MisterSHO

    Yikes. Did that horrible show actually film in the ’70s?

  4. Veronika Larsson

    Tom Cruise is 51. Laura Prepon is 33.

    Isn’t she too old for him?

  5. Was she pretty once upon a time? Didn’t watch her TV show, but I seem to recall her being pretty. Still got a nice body, but that face is completely busted.

    Not that Tom Cruise needs a pretty face when he’s blasting her in the pooper and calling her Mr Edgewood.

  6. Mohawk Disco

    Why date him?! Tom Cruise is no longer the career boost he once was. And we know it can’t be sex!

  7. Does Scientology condone motorboating?

  8. meme

    hot donna is no longer hot.

  9. Hey, being Catholic never stopped me from masturbating. It was either that, or murdering hobos from the pent-up energy, rage and frustration. I’d like to think I chose the lesser of two evils, and it’ll all even out at the pearly gates.

  10. Cock Dr is the only ginger I’d bang.

  11. Tom is going to be very upset when he finds out she has lady parts.

  12. Smart move on Co$’s part choosing someone that’s already paying for their salvation from Xenu’s wrath. I’m sure it cuts down on brainwashing costs, which means more profits for the stakeholders.

    Fuck Co$

  13. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Mac&Cheese nuggets

  14. JungleRed

    Remember when fish showed the clip of Hot Donna making out with another woman in the shower? He though it would be cute to play the Berlin song from Top Gun in the background. I’d blame him for this unholy union.

  15. She’s been a Scientologist for years now. It was only a matter of time before she hooked up with it’s Messiah figure

  16. harriscandit

    This chick was never hot, have no idea why some people think that. I almost threw up when she tried to rock a bikini on That 70′s show. One of my friends shower me a topples image of her and I did throw up a little in my mouth. Way better looking girls out there but she has also bought into Scientology hook line and sinker. Which makes her ideal for Tom. Plus she looks like she is 40 so nobody’s going to ask about the age gap.

  17. anonymous

    I thought she’s been married to that Hyde dude from the 70s show for years now?

  18. Beer Baron

    She looks like her face got powerwashed.

  19. 1990: Tom Cruise divorces Mimi Rogers at roughly the same time she signs on to film The Rapture, which includes a nude scene.

    1999: Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut. It is her last film before Cruise divorces her.

    2004: Cruise starts dating Katie Holmes, marries her a year later. Her breasts, first revealed in The Gift, are never heard from again.

    2013: Cruise starts dating Laura Prepon…

  20. UPDATE:
    latest word is that couches everywhere are running and hiding…

  21. gigi

    when’d she get all puffy? antidepressants? yikes… well, she’s primed for TC… should be quite the scientologist power couple… everybody strap in

  22. Wow. This is like going to Mass and then getting to pretend to sleep with Jesus while he screws other men.

  23. Oprah Sucks

    Oi Zenu. Are those claws coming out of he neck?

  24. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
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    Is that hot Donna or Carrot Top?

  25. mmmmm

    no. she is not hot

  26. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
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    OMFG!!..what a Fugly Fart.
    “I shall nameth Panthera!! The intergalactic defender & matriarch of the Xenu-tolagies. By Xenu, she shall be!! For what is written in crayon & super glue shall forever remain-eth!!” said Xenu to Tom Cruise while Xenu blessed Tom’s bumhole with his alien middle finger..

  27. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
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    You mean “Old Donna”.

  28. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Smoking is bad for you.

    I like the visual of tall Donna and tiny Tom. Haha

  29. he’s only dating her cuz it’s the closest he’ll get to fucking Ashton Fucker. Shit, I’m so drunk I typed Ashton Fucker on accident, but y’know what? I’m sticking with it. Happy thanksgiving!

  30. Jenn

    She’s pretty to me, and funny. And I like her voice. It’s deep and throaty. Tommy boy probably likes her growling his name during sex. If he closes his eyes he can pretend she’s John.

  31. Laura Prepon Dating Tom Cruise Machete Kills LA Premiere
    Interred Ferguson
    Commented on this photo:

    Judging by (formerly) Hot Donna’s face in this pic, I’m pretty sure “That 70s Show” must have actually been filmed in the 70s………….the 1870s.

  32. Cher X

    People don’t age that badly or quickly unless something else is going on. I just saw a rerun of That 70′s Show and she had no bags under her eyes. It’s not natural.

  33. bryan

    Jesus, she’s ageing worse than Lindsay.

  34. Margaret

    I ran into Laura at some shitty b-boy party in the H-wood hills some years ago while the 70′s thing was happening (all of the cast kids were there) and in person, at that time, she looked FANNNNNNTastic. Naturally great looking. Much better than she looked/s on TV. Now, I would take a pass. That Scientology crap seeps out from the inside and rots the husk after the insides are consumed.

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