Hopefully Scott Disick Will Bang His Way Into Obscurity By August

It’s official – The Kardashian family claims that they have “written off” Scott Disick for continuing on his booze-fueled ass campaign against his baby momma Kourtney. While Kourtney has opted to just stick to one (presumably massive) penis as of late, Scott has taken it upon himself to shove his pepper in just about anyone that will get on a boat with him. The latest being Justin Beiber’s ex, Chantel Jeffries.

You may recall, it was the Beebs who Kourtney pretty much banged right out in the open so perhaps Scott’s trying to hit two birds with one stone. Jokes on him though, nobody on the planet is stoned enough to give a shit about what 19-year-old he has his fingers inside.

Scott won’t be appearing on any more KUWK episodes where they sit around a dinner table and talk about how much of a piece of shit he is because even the Kardashian PR team is tired of getting voicemails at 4:32am talking about his gin-soaked spinoff ideas – and these people ran a campaign to allow you to take a picture with Kim’s giant ass.