Hopefully Lady Gaga Just Accidentally Pulled A Hannibal Buress

Posted by Photo Boy

Remember Lady Gaga? Merkin Lady…ran around naked in the woods that time? Not ringing any bells? Well, she used to be a pop singer, but now she just does naked onstage costume changes, blows polka dot penises, and dry humps her backup dancers. Anyway, this one time, she made a super rapey video with R. Kelly which she never released for bullshit reasons about “delays.” Delays that surely had nothing to do with the resurfacing of rape allegations against R. Kelly that just like a certain purveyor of popsicle-shaped pudding sticks seemed to periodically come and go without much recourse. Then yesterday, Lady Gaga tweeted the above picture in support of her fellow artist with the following caption, via Fishwrapper:

#ARTPOPMemories Me & the sensational R Kelly turning up the Oval Office, Doing What We Want, no matter what they say.

Since Lady Gaga’s whole career is basically discount Madonna, it only makes sense that she’s once again aping another actually talented performer albeit accidentally. Here’s to hoping this time “they say” a shit-ton just like after Hannibal Buress’ now infamous stand-up set that reopened a dialogue about why nobody seems to give a shit when popular entertainers get accused of rape.

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Photo: Xposure/AKM-GSI