Hope Solo Seems Fun

For those of you who don’t know, soccer star Hope Solo was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence after she allegedly attacked her sister and 17-year-old nephew while drunk off her ass because she missed a flight. (I wonder how.) Her nephew even pulled a gun on her – albeit a BB gun – and hit her with a broomstick which didn’t even faze her because apparently Hope Solo is the goddamn Incredible Hulk. TMZ reports:

The boy says he walked into another room — but Hope followed and “called me a p**sy because I called my mom.”
“I then told her to get her c*nt face out of my house,” the boy said to police.
That’s when allegedly Hope went on the attack — grabbing the boy’s hair and repeatedly punching him.
“I then went into a back room and got an old gun that does not work, pointed it at her and she kept coming at me. She didn’t leave but walked around me cornering me like a shark.”
The boy says Solo eventually left the house when he called the cops — but then tried to get back in the house … and started attacking the boy’s mom … so he grabbed a broomstick and began hitting her in the head … but she kept coming.”

Hope Solo has since plead innocent and claims she’s the real victim here which sounds entirely believable to me because I’m pretty sure she can fly and burn things with her eyes. I’m not falling for this kid’s pussy lies. *hides in lead chamber* (Is she gone?)

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News