Apparently I’ll Laugh At Blood Being Added To ‘Home Alone’

“Wait! I need Jesus Juice first!”
“Jesus Juice? Whoa! Slow down, kid. Joe Pesci just wants to bite your fingers off like it says in the script. Jesus Juice, wow. I’m honestly offended.”
“I don’t even want to do it now. That’s how hurt I am. We’re people too, kid.”
“I’m sorry…”


I don’t post a lot of “viral videos” unless they really make me a laugh, which is a horrible metric because I’m usually watching them late at night after I’m dizzy from sifting through such journalistic gems as “Why Does My Daughter’s Toy Horse Have A Giant Human-Like Cock?” – Don’t question my methods. – So the fact that I actually chuckled at Home Alone With Blood is probably a good sign that I shouldn’t post these, but too late! We’re in too deep now. Read: I’m already onto the next post and forgot what this one is even about. I’m what the French call les incompetents. Also, if I drink too much Pepsi, I’ll wet the bed. (Liking these references? I could do this all day, you little jerk.)

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Photo: 20th Century Fox