Holy mother of Jebus

December 30th, 2006 // 120 Comments

If you haven’t noticed, the site has been down for the past 12 hours or so. One of the hard drives in our server failed and we lost all the data. Technicians have been working to get the failed drive replaced, but all the archives and forum archives were lost. The good news is we’ve got backups. The bad news is they’re from three months ago.

I’m going to spend my weekend trying to get as much of the site put back up as possible, but all comments since September have been lost. It’s up to you guys to remember exactly what you said and the order you said it in and recreate the comments section. Same goes for the forum. If you registered after September you’re going to have to re-register. I’m really sorry about all this, guys. If it makes you feel any better the past 12 hours feels like we’ve been anally raped by a kodiak bear.


  1. woodhorse

    Dental Dam Moder
    Poser Moder
    Moocher Moder
    Mode O Day Moder
    Ala Mode Moder

    thanks for starting the baby name suggestions #81

  2. BarbadoSlim

    @97…..SUPERFICIAL RULES!!!!!

    for the new year I wish for all the suprfish regulars: LONG LIFE, HEALTH and more spite from that dark place we keep deeeep inside our hearts..and may DEATH COME SWIFTLY TO ALL OUR ENEMIES!!!!!


  3. Truthseeker013

    “anally raped by a Kodiak bear”

    I want to met the person who haded you that referent.

    On second thought, no, I don’t…

  4. fearsarewishes



  5. overcast

    I don’t feel sorry for any “admin” that backs up once every three months and doesn’t have a redundant drive array for the online data. I mean are you joking? Not even RAID1? How long does that take to setup, about 5 seconds? With the pidly costs of storage these days, this is unacceptable.

  6. fearsarewishes

    Motor Boat Moder
    Oversize Asshat Modor
    Unicorn Modor
    Rodom Modor

  7. Lowlands

    (104)That’s right!We’ll defending our pride and arses and soon we’re gonna take over the Galaxy and making fun of the alien-celebrities as well!Muahahahahaa!

  8. fearsarewishes

    Mom’s Accessory Modor

  9. RichPort

    In 2007, all trolls will hereforth be referred to collectively as Ass Ferret, whether or not they are actually him (it?). I hope you made self-esteem and originality your top two resolutions this year, as well as vowing to attempt to cease your propensity for dick riding. I asked Santa to give each of you trolls melanoma on your genitals (if he could find the little fuckers). He considers the mall Santas trolls also, so he decided to afflict them first. Santa sure is gangsta…

  10. Anonymous

    #109 give it a fucking break, nobody cares

  11. Angry Ferret Jones

    @100 – Yeah, your site is the shit!! I love it!!! WAIT, NO I DON’T!!!!! IT SUCKS ASS!!! IT IS FULL OF WEAK ASS SHIT!!! I JUST FUCKED YOUR MOM!!! YOU EAT SHIT!!!

  12. frenchtoaststix

    Trolls, trolls
    Stupid as fuck
    The more they post
    The more they suck
    The more they suck
    The dumber they appear
    Hope they get anally raped
    By a Kodiak bear

  13. herbiefrog

    its ok…

    we’ll just

    …go back
    …in time


    [btw... b a c k u p s ? : ))) ]

    ps. fuck you al;l and TCLTC [allegedly]

  14. herbiefrog

    opps meant #32
    or thereABOUTS…
    oops caps

  15. RichPort

    #110 – Are you new here? The line to blow me forms around the block there.. no skips… stupid fucking Ass Troll…

  16. yoyodude64

    idk the site wasnt down 4 me AND im still registered…but w/e its all good

  17. well, great to have you back up!

  18. god damn!!
    good you got it back.

  19. king

    what theres a forum?

  20. First thing that jumped into my mind when I saw that was; I’ll activate my cars wings and fly away, insane though, needs the air brakes they put into that benz supercar from the 80′s.

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