Holy mother of Jebus

If you haven’t noticed, the site has been down for the past 12 hours or so. One of the hard drives in our server failed and we lost all the data. Technicians have been working to get the failed drive replaced, but all the archives and forum archives were lost. The good news is we’ve got backups. The bad news is they’re from three months ago.

I’m going to spend my weekend trying to get as much of the site put back up as possible, but all comments since September have been lost. It’s up to you guys to remember exactly what you said and the order you said it in and recreate the comments section. Same goes for the forum. If you registered after September you’re going to have to re-register. I’m really sorry about all this, guys. If it makes you feel any better the past 12 hours feels like we’ve been anally raped by a kodiak bear.

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