Holly Madison’s 2010 Calendar

July 16th, 2009 // 87 Comments

Just got a hold of some promo shots of Holly Madison’s 2010 calendar that, honestly, I’m only posting because I’m convinced her asscrack has magical powers. Sure, it might be digitally enhanced and crafted by a surgeon in Beverly Hills, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend forest creatures will fly out of it and delicately remove my pants in a meadow. “What’s that Bambi’s mom? You want to nuzzle my boxers off? But that’s not a salt lick…” (Don’t judge me.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Anexio

    Too bad in real life she looks and smells like a fat ugly stupid skank.


  2. Randal

    Holly is looking great with her sultry bedroom eyes and soft lips. Her TV series The Girls Next Door still remains a top draw with viewers around the world and she still holds the Guinness World Record for holding the largest bikini parade ever.

    May you continue to find success in everything you do.


  3. Jim

    First – check out that coin slot . . .

  4. Carrot Top

    Can’t spell Holly without H O!

  5. mel

    To be quite honest I think that is one of the creepiest things you’ve ever said.

  6. no judgment. i love you for what you are AND for what you are not.

  7. gorgeous retouching i wish they could do it IRL

  8. Dread not

    Awesome. Her high pitched machine gun laugh wouldn’t even be an issue.

  9. if we didn’t know how crap-tastic she looks in real life, we might be looking forward to this, sort of. her has isn’t that nice and her hips and face aren’t that great. these pictures are pure false advertising. just like myspace.

  10. R. P McMurphy

    Body by Genetics. Quality by Photoshop.

  11. Nice body, hate her face.

  12. spot

    What part of her body do you think Hugh dumped his Viagra riddled man paste on?

    Do you think he would of given her a delicious facial or perhaps landed his nut juice allover her back after giving it to her doggie style?

  13. FUck this shitty site that gets lamer and stupider everyday!

  14. Phil

    Isn’t this girl’s career centered around being a Playboy bunny? Take off your fucking clothes.

  15. uh

    How can you insult her face? She’s way prettier than any other Playboy bunny I’ve seen.

  16. i love how she doesnt have a single mole on her body..or extra wrinkle, i guess when you edit a photo you might as well go for it all?!

  17. .............salty

    “…that’s not a salt lick” -> love it. “but it could be”

  18. No more douches please

    1thru 16 with these exceptions—–2, 3 and possibly15
    It’s obvious the rest of you are complete fags and ugly bitches.
    You’d never get looked at or even considered by someone who looks like this(myself included). Yeah I’d have too see an old fuck like Hef doing this to believe it(gouge out my eyes), but you never see her writing shit about your lame asses. Also her 15 minutes are nearly up, but I’d eat that for days!

  19. Holly looked so diff before her surgery,,,,,, not ugly though she needn’t of done it!!

    not enough butt.


  20. Megan

    Holy shit, that Photoshop blur tool is so fucking hot right now.

  21. LoverT

    GORGEOUS. Just amazing. I love her, she’s my favorite from, ‘The Girls of the Playboy Mansion’. Love her hair, her eyes and she has the prettiest face. LOVE the 1st pic!

    • gurlygirl

      she was always my favorite. she so pretty, and not air headed like some of the others. and for being so “fake” she sure does make the “money” so shes got “something”

  22. uh Uh UH! Yeah

    I love people who address the person in the picture like #2. Do you really think a girl like that spends her time reading this site? Or can read?

  23. kitty_kat

    She’s pretty, but in a very generic sense. That’s usually the case with Playboy models, though.

  24. tc

    I wonder how many times that ass has had an 80-year-old cock shooting dried up grey carcinogenic jism into it.

  25. Jeff

    So the new swimsuit style is “too small so she can show off her asscrack”…?

  26. Taz

    as a real man, id fuck the shit out of her. if you say otherwise you are crazy!

  27. beelzebub

    “As a real man I would fuck the shit out of her.”

    Real man huh?
    Gay much, bro?

  28. Adolf Oliverbush

    She has such lovely, natural blonde hair, so I don’t understand why she dyes her eyebrows and roots dark?

  29. Randal's stalker

    Dear Holly,

    I know that the rumors about you eating Kendra and Bridget’s assholes are not true; you are much to classy for that kind of nonsense. As far as you making love to Hugh Hefner, why not? You two were in love, anyone could see that. Statistically speaking, May/December romances usually last relatively long, so it’s somewhat surprising that yours didn’t, because you are such a gorgeous girl with an awesome personality. I have supreme confidence that, with your God-given good looks, sparkling personality, and intelligence you will go far. You know, Oprah has to retire sometime, and I see no reason why you couldn’t step into her shoes.


    Randal’s stalker

    Now that’s sarcasm!

  30. Pat Bateman

    I like to dissect girls; did you know I’m utterly insane?

  31. Boogeyman King Dong

    If that’s Jane then i’m Tarzan.

  32. Darth

    @33 Indeed a delightful looking creature on these pics.Perfect ass and perfect bronzed skin.

  33. ecci

    she just doesnt look as sexy without hefs ancient dick in her hand.

  34. Still think she has a great body but an odd looking face.

  35. The perfect woman… great ass and dumber than a bag full of hair…

  36. cavy

    Retouching or not, Holly is a gorgeous woman!

  37. what?

    30. Adolf Oliverbush

    Here’s a newsflash…most girls (and shocker, some guys) dye their hair – picking on Holly for dying her hair is lame.

  38. usually she is not that good looking…photoshoppppppppppppppppp

  39. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  40. Holly Madisons your so hot ^_^ thanks for the post

  41. Melissa

    I’m with #11. Except her fake ass tits. I hate fake tits…

  42. WWF

    Who wants to look at this whore everyday. I got a free WWF 2010 calendar in the mail yesterday and it’s a lot better with cute little baby animals on each page.

  43. The Jerk

    I’m not interested in women who suck off geriatric peen just to get noticed by millions of people to keep her “fame” going. These photos look like she took them all within the range of a casino in vegas since that’s all she does nowadays by being a promoter to 20 yr olds trying to party and remind them “Hey if you can spread your legs, you can get anything you want!”


  44. What a tempting ass! I almost took everything bad i said about her…almost!

  45. hot

    i don’t care what anyone thinks, she looks fucking hot.

  46. Rachell

    I’m sure this is photoshopped, but I think her face looks very pretty in this pic. I’m not sure what I think about that bikini bottom. Why pay extra for a wedgie?

  47. e-rock

    HAHAHAHA!!! “but thats not a salt lick” I LOVE IT!! I thought I lost you to the dark side Fish, so thanks for bringing the humor back!!
    As for Holly, I think she looks HOT. I met her, along with all the other girls, and she was by far the sweetest. Kendra, ASSHOLE. But Holly was very nice, and really pretty in person. I was asked to be in PB, but not my thing. Anyway, anyone saying she isn’t hot needs their heads checked!! She could lay off a little bit of the makeup though…

  48. Zoe

    She so reminds me of that Bonnie Lee Blakely that got killed by Robert Blake awhile back. White trash.

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