Holly Madison wins St. Patrick’s Day

March 18th, 2010 // 40 Comments

As a full-time drunk/part-time appreciator of midgets as props, I can safely say Holly Madison has completely captured the very essence of St. Patrick’s Day better than anyone puking into a shamrock hat last night. I’d almost qualify this more by revealing I’m Irish, but truthfully my grandfather was the son of a logging camp whore – not even a joke – so for all we know my family’s 3/4ths grizzly bear. *sniff sniff* Dammit, who’s menstruating again? We talked about this.

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  1. kimberly

    How obnoxious.

  2. KIKI

    Logging camp whore? Is that lucrative? I just need a job where I can be drunk by noon.

  3. Tr8cthis

    From sleeping in a mansion for free and having everything you want to working at Oshea’s sharing camera time with a fake leprechaun..That damn karma always bites ya back in the worst times…LOL!!!!!

  4. Peter O'Hanrahanhanrahan

    I’m going to cut her hair off and thatch a roof.

  5. Boogeyman King Dong

    Ma penis is looking 4 happinez!

  6. Dn

    Holly ain’t stupid. She couldn’t get her hooks in Hef, but she knows that Leprechaun has got a pot gold at the end of a rainbow. Shhhhh… let her dream.

  7. AdamG

    Are those loli pops or little people microphones?

  8. Adrienne

    the bears can smell the menstruation!

  9. Nice to see Holly, cellulite and all.

  10. Walter

    Is that a Penthouse key that she is wearing?

  11. HoHoHoLo

    Erin Go Braless

  12. Ha!

    Midgets make everything funnier!
    I wish I had one…

  13. yum yum

    yum yum ,roll of belly and glimpse of arse cheeks in pic 8 im off to crack one off

  14. Mr. Nice Guy

    Holly is soooooooooo good looking. This is what every guy would like his Girlfriend/Wife to look like.

  15. atheistgirl

    That is one happy looking dwarf.

  16. #15 amen brother…except she’s prolly a fish in the sack – just strikes me that way. Of course, her naked and spread eagle would give anyone a rager, so she can get away with it!

  17. Dn

    @ 12
    Nice. Erin Go Braless. LOL.

  18. WC

    Poor Holly. She’s had a hard time of it recently, especially with the news of Hef’s confession of past misdeeds: http://weeklycoitus.co.nz/?p=937

  19. Wow man! Holly Madison is looking like a barbi doll with that lollipop . She is dam sexy I must say . I don’t why she is wearing a clothes like she seems as porn star. In certain pictures she is looking very ugly .

  20. With her dutiful smile and artificial cheer, Holly exists to make you horny.

    She’s an honorable woman.

    Looks like her boobs recovered a bit from that silver dress party, whatever that was for.

  21. yum yum ,roll of belly and glimpse of arse cheeks in pic 8 im off to crack one off

  22. Is that a Penthouse key that she is wearing?

  23. That is one happy looking dwarf

  24. captain america


  25. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Oh……My God looking so sexy Every male want to do sex with her.

  26. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Oh my god looking so sexy ……

  27. Hef

    Oh…My God, speaking English you can’t. No Sexytime for you being.

  28. my god ,so sexy a beauty,wow

  29. Thank you for sharing out

  30. Thank you for sharing out

  31. Whatever your fashion calling is or isn’t.

  32. Thank you for your sharing.

  33. So lucky she is,and so are you.But i like her .

  34. Exploded
    Commented on this photo:

    she is trying to hide her cum….wat an ugly bitch

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