Hugh Hefner will eventually stop soliciting Holly Madison’s services

September 23rd, 2008 // 56 Comments

Hugh Hefner is still knocking down rumors that Holly Madison ditched him for Criss Angel. Of course, it doesn’t help that Holly and Criss were spotted in Vegas together over the weekend, but Hugh acknowledges there’s a transition in place, Us Magazine reports:

“She is still my girlfriend,” he tells in a new interview. “Now will that last? I don’t think anything lasts forever.
“I love her very much, but you know, she wants very much to get married and have children. That isn’t very much in the cards for me,” he adds. “So there has to be a certain reality there. And I’m sure the time will come when she’ll be dating others. That’s part of the transition.”

Translation: Soon, Holly Madison’s next crumpled up wad of bills won’t be sitting next to a bottle of Viagra, but by a pile of handcuff necklaces, Hot Topic receipts and, I’m calling it, Douche Bronzer.

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  1. julie

    uh huh hugh is in denial

  2. Why does her name constantly remind me of snack cakes??

  3. Misses Lazer Wang Talk

    Hey Fish, tell us a story involving the lazer wang.

  4. Wonder how many time Hefner play “what a drag getting old” by the rolling stones…

  5. supersex

    she’s so hot i’d fuck her in the ear.

  6. Ive finally sees Frist page,,,,hey first ? didnt know you were a fire bush

  7. Droopy Ball Sack

    Wow, I guess after fucking an 80-year-old man on reality TV, Cris Angel really doesn’t seem very disgusting at all.

  8. Spanky

    He is letting the best one get away. But Crris Angel. Ewe. She could have me. A fat overworked accountant. Go figure women.

  9. Ted from LA

    Holly Madison? Shouldn’t he be dating Dolly Madison?

  10. nipolian

    See Elizabeth Edwards…………You have nothing to be upset about…….Rielle Hunter was just helping John go through a transition for the past two or three years.

  11. mmmmm…. if she were Dolly Madison I would eat her. But only the fruit pies. Those rock.

  12. Fumus

    who cares?

    FISH let’s get back to trashing Kim and Heidi please!!

  13. forrest hump

    Chicks like her are a dime a dozen in any big city or place with warm weather. The only difference is that she’s willing to go spread eagle for an 80 year-old man to gain 15 minutes of fame

  14. Fake or not, she has some nice ones.

  15. See??? I’m not the only one!!

  16. I think the smell of ben gay on Hef are repelling these girls…

  17. like hef cares? he has a cash cow of pussy in that damn magazine. her eye has wandered? no problem.. send in the next whore!

  18. dude

    Hilarious comments fish.

  19. Bunnie

    Hef is a sexual revolution icon, before she was even born, he is a business genius, she can’t spell genius, he can just replace her. Im just glad she moved on to someone who understands her depth as a person, appreciates her intellect and uses just as much self-tanner as her.
    Ps. Since he is the most annoying human being next to maybe Holly I hope, or actually one can only pray, he dies during one of his stunts perhaps the one where he is hung upside down… him falling and crashing into concrete NOW thats a magic trick id LOVE to see.

  20. Jackie

    Hef can easily find a silcone blonde bimbo to take her place.

  21. Harry

    She is fugly squared. Old and dried up. She almost looked right with Hef.

  22. forrest hump

    #19 Playboy is bankrupt. They are screwed

  23. on golden blonde

    I’d drill and pump that well until it’s dry

  24. hendero

    What’s the key round her neck for? Clearly not a chastity belt.


    shes my favorite out of the girls next door.
    i’m not crazy about this chris guy though

  26. Slut

    Chris Angel is a man freak!

  27. “…a pile of handcuff necklaces, Hot Topic receipts and, I’m calling it, Douche Bronzer…”

    My day is made. That was funny as hell.

  28. #22

    You’ve been watching too much Wall Street. Playboy is very far from broke. There will be pervs long after businessmen. Kind of like cockroaches.

  29. Ethnic

    What nationality or ethnic type is Hefner? He really is a very dirty and disgusting human being in my opinion even as a young man I thought.

  30. on golden blonde

    Playboy is too softcore these days. Their customers are zit-faced teenage boys

  31. PunkA

    Playboy owns loads of ventures, including online hardcore. The magazine is ther front to teir brand, but that empire is big. Whoever says they are broke does not understand their business and what that mansion means to Hollyowwd partgoers. It is easy sex central.

    Having said that, Holly is a never was used up dish rag. I mean, the Hef’s swimmers have died a million deaths in her skanky canal. So a move to Criss Angel is a lateral move. Except that dude is not exactly husband and father material, is he.

  32. mike rackhabbit

    how about some new pics of this limp prick penetration chamber.

  33. jt

    her boobs are awesome

  34. juniper

    and now hot kendra is leaving the stable for a black guy!!

  35. Proof positive

    Proof positive that any mediocre brunette can have a bit of fame with the wrong color Clairol bleach/dye kit from Walgreens (please tell me thats a home color job) and $4,000 bucks of silicone.

  36. This chic is plain as hell

    #31 Punk A-Well said

    #19 Bunnie-Some may argue he was at the right place at the right time. Bringing smut to a sexually represssed 1950′s soceity. Genius? Maybe. I would argue more of an opportunist. I don’t think I would trust old Hef to get my rocket to the moon.

  37. Turd Ferguson

    nah … gimme a girl with a brain, non-bleached hair, real knockers any day. I’m not sayin’ I wouldn’t take an hour with her….ok, maybe 4 minutes is all it would take.
    I think I’d be looking for the nearest hammer to knock my brains out if I had to spend much time with one of these bimbos.

  38. #37 here I am!!

  39. TJ

    Wow…talk about perky fake tits…these are eyeball pokin’ madness!!!

  40. MB

    Maybe Heff is dying or something…

  41. MB

    Maybe Heff is dying or something…

  42. Freddo

    Well gee, Hugh very much sounds very much sincere when he talks very much.

  43. HorribleJudgment

    Why does Hugh Hefner insist on perpetuating he myth that he actually has sex with these women? Or that he lives this dream life fucking all of these blonde women he employs/pays? The truth is that even viagra isn’t enough to get his dead corpse like member up. And even if it was enough, none of those women would be willing to have sex with him no matter how much he paid them. Doesn’t he realize that no one envies him? He is a sad, wrinkled, shriveled, old, perverted, raisinette of a man, who can barely walk, and who was probably a pedophile when he was younger. Maybe he still is? What a sad, sad life. Poor Hugh. He’s got all that money, but he’s gonna be dead soon. Not much time to enjoy it…Oh, that poor shriveled raisinette. Don’t leave him Holly!

  44. Lmaolos

    #33 Yes i agree! that’s really awesome!!
    Many wealthy men are seeking young beautiful girls like her
    @ MatchRich.CoM__, I found so many “fish” there

  45. ……………….I CAN HIRE HER?

  46. lloyd johnson

    Can’t wait until TheSuperficial breaks the story that Kendra Wilson is dating a black football player named Hank Baskett. I hope Hef isn’t sick and passing off his hoes before he goes.

  47. AirMail

    She has a lot of sadness in her eyes; I hope she finds joy.

  48. troy

    hugh can adopt me any day

  49. VV

    The contract is up.

  50. aryriucyi

    Hello, I post few shots from video and cut scene from tape

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