Holly Madison will appear pretty much anywhere for cash

September 20th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Here’s Holly Madison making an appearance at The Sugar Factory in Vegas yesterday, and like any sane person, I’m instantly wary of any candy store that uses a Playmate to reel in “customers.”

OWNER: So, listen, just use your fake breasts to lure young boys down here to the licorice dungeon, and we’ll cut you a check. Simple as that.
HOLLY: No touching old balls?
OWNER: No touching old man balls.
HOLLY: SOLD! Wait, isn’t this illegal?
OWNER: Not according to this bag of gum drops.
HOLLY: I’ll go wax my jugs.

Photos: WENN

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  12. I live in Vegas and this makes me Not want to go the Sugar Factory. And don’t tease us men by pretending that lollipop is a penis. I’m pretty sure you scream and run crying into the bathroom when one actually gets near your mouth.

  13. Skeletor

    Looks like her knees have been putting in some work outside of the sugar factory…

  14. amanda

    whats up with her eyes?
    she looks more like bridget than herself in some of these..

  15. Sanford

    Who da fuck is paying her to show up?

  16. Nothing classier then an upskirt in a candy store…

  17. Photoshop Police

    Holly was never a playmate.

  18. Kamakazi Kunt

    Megan Fox in two years.

  19. Dread not

    Yeah, good idea. Holly Madison in a friggen candy shop. Don’t know how many children will be there. But parents are going to have their hands full with any young boys. First, they get hopped up on sugar, like tweaking crack addicts. Then, they get the embarrassment of spontaneous erections, courtesy of, Holly Madison. Talk about some weird twisted boyhood memories! Good thing that, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. No, Mom & Dad! No pictures!

  20. jimbob

    Lose the platinum hair. It really sucks the life out of your look.

  21. Pilatunes

    How much would you get paid for a gig like this? Probably not enough to pay your cable bill for a month. Holy fucking disappearing off the face of the earth.

  22. Pilatunes

    Her panties match her runners…is that a new trend?

  23. JFK

    Panty flash on image 3?

  24. Stephanie

    Good body, hair wayyy too blond. While she’s getting paid to simply show up and look good,I hope she’s saving her $$…what is she going to have once her looks go? That tank top is so cute.

  25. missywissy

    okay 2 things

    1. She would look georgeous as a brunette.

    2. The whole “watch me dress like a little girl and suck on this lollipop like it’s a penis” is kind of whorish especially in a shop for children. It’s deranged. Like a female Michael Jackson.

  26. bot

    clay, kill yourself.

  27. Lucky Breaks

    She needs to stop dressing like she’s 16. Not just here but a lot of places. Knee high socks? Come on aleady, she’s like 30 something.

  28. Darth

    That looks like a candy store.

  29. Boogeyman King Dong

    Mmm! Sweet candies!

  30. Rhialto

    I’m still looking for that ‘Hansel and Gretel’-like candy store.But this looks satisfying enough.

  31. Ranish

    She’s had some serious face work done. Mostly around the eyes. She doesn’t even look like herself anymore, but that ain’t sayin much.

  32. joe

    would love to eat her snatch and taste her asshole…

  33. MIke

    . She really needs to act a little more grown up. No one is interested in a 30 year old woman who thinks she’s 15. She can be sexy in a sophisticated way and probably get more work that way.
    Borderline looser.

  34. Pete

    This woman is very bland. Albeit slender, I have never understood the allure to her body. IMO she has no figure-wide waist and torso, shapeless legs and bolt, oddly shaped hips that hint of a possible FUP and bolt ons that belong to a woman much larger. Not to mention cotton candy hair that is all wrong for her complexion and eye color. I would not kick her out of bed but she is the human equivalent of mash potatoes…blah. Plain as they come.

    Also nothing more sad than a woman in her upper 20′s early 30′s dressing like a teenage sex bomb. It is very aging.

  35. Girly

    Her face looks different in these pics. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. She must have had some work done.

  36. Oh Hollin Sue, you poor old failure. Those lines, wrinkles and bags just keep getting bigger and you don’t have an 83-year-old man to fall back on. Man, there’s a lot of younger, prettier, more talented girls all around you in Vegas. You better hope you catch some old geezer tourist’s eye before it’s too late. Tick Tock, tick tock.

  37. Esol Esek

    her clock is ticking, but she still thinks her grade D existence deserves and a-list guy, which, hef was, even if he was yesterday’s underpants. She’s not gonna take just any dude, and any dude of quality and wealth will not touh her for more than a week or so. In a way, I thought she was the hottest of the three, because Kendra is so damn stupid, and this one had the sassy class, but that’s gone away. THe other one’s doing nude travel shows, so that makes her the hottest of the three. However, I see hotter women walking down the street, so this girl has less time than she imagines. I seriously think noone will publish anything about her anymore within six months. Of course, she does have some boneable looks to sell, but to whom? Prob a predator.

  38. Just one word i want to say about her “SEXY”.. She had a perfect figure with big boobs and she is really looking dashing in all of this pics..

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