Holly Madison turns 30 and other news

December 7th, 2009 // 71 Comments

- Alexa Ray Joel attempted suicide in case you missed it in between talks of how many women took pictures of Tiger’s penis. [PopEater]

- Chris Brown ironically gets blown by the same ABC who has night terrors about Adam Lambert. [Lainey Gossip]

- Leighton Meester performing at the Kiss FM Jingle Ball will immediately drive you to Team Blake. [Drunken Stepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Alexander Skarsgard likes to bite dudes. [Just Jared]

- Blake Lively and Rihanna party with SNL cast. [PopSugar]

- Pamela Anderson wants to break into music now. Will her breasts also sing? Because that’s the only way I see this working. [Celebslam]

- Elin Woods told the cops Tiger was drinking when he crashed. When will her unquenchable thirst for vengeance stop being a turn-on? Seriously. [The Blemish]

- Jesus Luz in his underwear. [Socialite Life]

- Christina Aguilera and her husband Hans Moleman shop for a Christmas tree. [ICYDK]

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Photos: Flynet

  1. jo


  2. josmo

    if i were that close i’d have to kiss it.

  3. Morning Woods

    Why is Tiger grabbing that girl’s breasteses?

  4. kingofbeer

    boob stretchmarks would still hit…. :)

  5. mtrman56

    first Bitches

  6. Intrepidpursuit

    First? And her boobs look nasty in those pictures.

  7. j

    Al Roker got a honk?

  8. Racist

    I beat a bitch. Where’s my 20/20 interview?

  9. Capitol of Niger is Please.

    #6, they’re plastic

  10. Canshy

    I love that she has stretch marks on her boobs yet STILL hangs them out.
    Rock on girl.

  11. Statik

    that poor kid of christina aguilera’s.. she should’ve banged tiger, kid is hideous

  12. Rough's wood never sinned!

    Poor Alexa Ray, you can be my “uptown girl”…

  13. wow

    how do her nipples not fall out? boobtastic gymnastics – I don’t know it looks like she just itched her boob and made them red for a bit – as a girl sometimes that happens – doesn’t look like stretch marks, course she does have implants

  14. ctti

    First photo…where’s her left nipple?

  15. Cash

    I thought Al Roker was married. What is he doing going after Holly’s tits in those first two photos? Did he not learn from Tiger Woods’ mistake(s)?

  16. pimp

    i’d love to make a DNA deposit in that ass…

  17. BUBBA

    It’s not Tiger Woods, that’s Veejay Singh grabbing some tittie.

  18. Rough's wood never sinned!

    hahaha Look@ homeboy mugging with the silicones and not her face…

  19. where the fuck are her nipples? in her purse??? did she leave them at home??? did they fall off into her birthday cake??? Did that dark-skinned black man steal them????

  20. dude

    That bitch is 40. True.

  21. cc

    Tiger isn’t fucking her?! Huh.

  22. stupidass

    wow, that boob is gruesome

  23. Ashley

    Implants ripple when you lean forward. They look kind of like wide stretch marks, but that’s a typical ripple from an implant.

  24. Foreign Guy

    Fake tits doesn’t matter, she looks nice.

  25. krys

    That’s a great boob job (despite the stretch marks) which can be fixed anyway.
    I doubt those marks are rippling. You usually only see that in cheap saline implants, which I doubt someone that rich and thin would be stupid enough to get.
    Whatever, she’s fucking hot.
    I just can’t get over the fact that she used to have sexual relations with the Crypt Keeper. Fucking ew.

  26. Jesus, look at the tits, odd.

  27. havoc

    She’s got the old man hanging balls breath. Fuck it, I’d still stick it in her balloon knot…….then wipe it off on her pillow and go home. I’m still a gentleman.


  28. Bad News: those aren’t stretch marks. Somebody photoshopped her nipples out using the smudge tool or something.

  29. ada

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  30. hmm

    Doesn’t look like a(n implant) ripple at ALL.

    Those are bona fide stretch marks, but who cares.

    They can’t be covered with makeup, only heavy duty camoflage stuff, so what can you do… she still looks good. Maybe it’s about time people got used to seeing it since most women have them, or will get them. Not to mention a fair amount of guys.

  31. Russian Kunt

    For a second I thought her nipples were being stretched.

  32. Holly Madison, doesn’t look by any chance that she is 30. She looks a lil more:)

  33. RasputinsLiver


    Good god almighty!


    That bitch is gross on SO many levels!!


    Please, Fish. No more pics of that grotesque excuse for womanhood ever again.


    Give us, instead, some more Nicole Bahls!


  34. focho

    i dont know about the other ones.. but in pic 6 you can for sure see some bad photoshop on her breast to cover up the nipple

  35. ^^^ they got rid of the stretch marks in that pic as well lol

    well since i’m already here…

  36. She has a fabulous body. I wonder what kind of mark on her left boob.

  37. come on, who doesn’t love stretch marks on tits?

  38. Nice post. Hey after turning in to 30 she is dam sexy man. Really pretty .. I just love her smile..

  39. Holly’s older and much too big implant stretched out her nipples something awful.

  40. IKE

    She’s ONLY 30??? Damn, I thought she was older than that.

  41. Rex

    I want to bang her like the slut she is.

  42. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

  43. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

  44. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

  45. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

  46. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

  47. pdxfacehole

    #3 HAHA.

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  49. Gary

    It looks like her lovely boob is scratched, not stretch marks.

    She is lovely.

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