Holly Madison makes smartest decision of her life

February 26th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Seen here on Valentine’s Day, Holly Madison and Criss Angel have officially broken up, according to Us Magazine:

“All she’s doing is following Criss Angel around to all of his magic shows, with no legitimate job to speak of,” said an insider. “She’s still heartbroken and regretful about how things went down with Hef.
“Then she ran into the arms of Criss Angel,” the source told Us. “But then it’s like, ‘This is not everything I thought it would be.’”

Criss Angel’s rep claims the two are still “very close friends” which everyone knows is showbiz talk for “the roofies wore off and who knew she’d tie sheets together and climb down the balcony?”

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  1. Que

    Que s-m-r-t.

  2. Wyrm

    Yawn!!…………….who are these two tards?

  3. Mylo

    I´m happy for her. Wish she would find someone who can realize all of her dreams with. Hopefully young and that loves her so much that would want the best for her. I think she´s nice and got blindsided by a father figure in the past.

  4. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    She’d be prettier with blue eyes. Brown eyes are ugly.

  5. Ha! Chris Angel was out-manned by a 90 year old dude. Apperantly he couldn’t fill the void left by old man cock.

    How sad is Chris Angel?

  6. Cris Angel is not going to take care of you like Hef did…you snooze you loose!
    -Her chest look superb!!!

  7. Wow, no longer with Chris ‘douche bag’ Angel – she’s smarter than we all thought!

  8. She must have gotten pissed when he couldn’t make dick appear between his legs…

    #4 – Her eyes would be prettier if she were staring up at me from her knees.

  9. Max Planck

    Does he get those rings from a cereal box?

  10. Photoshop Police

    Angel performs in the city of sin.
    Do you really think he wanted to be tied down to a gold-digger has-been?

    The party is officially over, Holly.

  11. Photoshop Police


    She’s all warmed up for ya!

  12. Fluffy Butt

    Everybody makes mistakes and goes SLUMMING at some point. Then they are like “Whoa, what the fuck was I thinking!?”

    Thankfully she realized this before the douche knocked her up!

    Run Holly, RUN! And for God sakes don’t look back…

  13. Will

    That chick is hideous. Thin lips, caked in makeup, fake tits. Criss Angel can have her (too bad he’s gay).

  14. missywissy

    #4- brown eyes are ugly????? Are you serious?????

    Nice cross between her breasts. People are idiots for embellishing murder weapons and wearing them around their necks. If Christ had been hung by a noose would people hang gold and diamond nooses around their necks?????

  15. Tr8cthis

    I dont understand how ANYONE feels sorry for her. First off she was only with Hef for the cash lets be real now. Second she thought Playboy was going under faster than it was and made a play for another rich guy she could sink herself into. I dont give sob stories to gold diggers and that’s all any of those women in Hef’s life are. WAKE UP!!

  16. Jrz

    My GOD! He is so………DOUCHE! It’s mind-blowing. Cris Angel you fucking tool!!!!

    The illusion of him having balls wore off.

  17. Spoonman

    Please God, if you are there, can this be the last time I EVER have to hear this retarded magicians name?

    Unless it’s: Criss Angel raped to death by gigantic apes on stage: No one called the police during the 42 hour ordeal.

  18. #14 – That’s weird, because Massa’ wears a douche around his neck.


  19. i bet criss “hot topic” angel is out pity shopping for bracelets and necklaces right now.

    in other news: stock at claire’s went up two points today.

  20. Hahahahahahaha! That’s awesome. FUCK Criss Angel and his stupid childish magic tricks.

  21. Oops, I meant #16 – JRRRRRZ!!, but #17 is pretty fucking funny…

  22. Pesehone

    Does that mean she has to get a real job like everyone else and give up being a gold digging whore? lets face it she’s been supported by Hef for like the past five years, whoring is all she knows, she gives a bad name to women everywhere who are actually going to college and want a real career when all she has to do to be supported is spread her legs and has no intention of ever getting a real job

  23. timmy the dying boy

    Hey, Criss, I hear Siegfried and Roy have a tiger that wants to get back into show biz.

  24. teddy

    yes brown eyes are borin’ and r not sexy in the least…or ever

    you also can’t trust brown eyed ppl thier full of shit…that’s the majority of the population and you can say it’s not a safer assumption than throwing trust to the wind !

  25. Frankly Speaking

    Maybe she could get into insurance sales?

  26. I’d hit it.

    Not Angel. The other one.

  27. teddy

    can’t **

  28. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Yeah I think brown eyes are ugly. What do you care? Wanna go out with me but since I don’t like eyes the color of tree bark you don’t have a chance? Didn’t think so.
    Her breasts are lovely, & I love her tiny little waist.

  29. kels

    re: darkwing duck – hush up. i bet your eyes are super dark and u are just self-hating. everyone knows darker are more soulful. go take off your colored contacts and eat my s**8.

  30. linda

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  31. Chris Brown

    She has good boobs.

  32. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    It’s nice of you to assume you know what I look like but you don’t. Feel free to discuss this amongst yourself. It’s nice because I can say that the only good brown eye is the one in your big fat ass. That way no one has to look at your pancake tits & fat face. See, isn’t assuming things fun?

  33. All she’s doing is following Criss Angel around to all of his magic shows, with no legitimate job to speak of,

    That’s so sad! Whatever happened to the job she held while in the Mansion? Remember? She was working as a… Working at a…


  34. Chris Brown

    I’d hit her

  35. havoc

    She’ll fucking end up with David Spade. The skinny little bastard gets more ass than a toilet seat….


  36. TJ

    So, she was exposed as a vapid whore with fake tits and bottle blond hair.

    I’d sodomize her.

  37. Drunkman

    Look at the bright side. If a douche bag like him has a shot with her all us schmucks do.

  38. Hugh Hefner

    WHO IS SHE?????

  39. oh oh oh

    oh oh oh look up Hugh Hefner doesn’t even remember her haha

  40. jrz

    Hey, guess what….I got my promotion finally!!!!

  41. Dumb Bitch

    “All she’s doing is following Criss Angel around to all of his magic shows, with no legitimate job to speak of”

    She, like many so called celebrities (i.e. Paris Hilton, Hills stars), don’t know what its like to have a real job and work hard for things. Holly will end up with another celebrity because she won’t know what to do without the money and lifestyle he provides her.

    As for the other so called celebrities, they think getting paid to go to clubs and design fashion lines is hard work, but they didn’t have to do any of the tough work that actually get normal people to that point. They’re fake and losers.

  42. Amy

    Think Two and a Half Men Theme Music:

    douche douche douche Da douche Da douche douche douche,

    douche douche douche douche da doosh

    doo DA doo doo doo doo douche

    aaaaa doooooooooooouche…..

  43. Photoshop Police

    She can always come back to Hooters. It’s got to one of the few places still hiring people.

  44. Darth

    Big boobs,blond hair and an arched back aren’t a guarantee for a long term relationship anymore folks.It’s pretty handy although.

  45. Diego

    I guess whe realized Chris Angel is a giganctic DOUCHE BAG.

    I think this is what they called karma. Even though considering a future that included children with Hef unrealistic, you just don’t end a relationship like she did and not earn a few bad karma points.

  46. #40 – Congrats Jrz! Does that give you the power to beat Cris Angel to death with Cisco Adler’s balls?

  47. Jrz

    It allows me to beat ACW with Cris Angel’s gay chain AND Cisco Adler’s balls.

  48. lola

    Apparently honkers aren’t indicative of penis size.

  49. davidlee

    lol…really? I found a place that many players are hoo king up with h ot mo dels, seems the club called: __T all mingle Co M___, do you hear this before?

  50. Danklin24

    Hold the fuck on!!

    She had a real job to speak of before she met this assbag?

    what was it? Oh thats right, she changed Hue’s diapers. My bad

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