Holly Madison leaves Hugh Hefner – for Criss Angel

Holly Madison has officially left the Playboy Mansion for magician Criss Angel and his one million handcuff necklaces. Hugh Hefner, who’s now down a girlfriend, is reportedly cool with the whole thing. It’s not like he doesn’t have spares. The Dirty reports:

Holly Madison moves out of the Playboy Mansion because she is sleeping with Criss Angel…. according to inside source though Hef is totally fine with it.
Holly Madison was really working her way into everything (will) at Playboy even choosing Playmates for the magazine. Now “The Girls Next Door” Producers are scrambling on how they are going to finish the show with Holly Madison- Ex-Girl Next Door.

I guess Holly was stuck between a cock and a not hard place. Hi OH! But, in all seriousness, folks, talk to your kids about Criss Angel. Because a douche is a terrible thing to be.

The More You Know…

Photos: Splash News