Holly Madison leaves Hugh Hefner – for Criss Angel

September 12th, 2008 // 199 Comments

Holly Madison has officially left the Playboy Mansion for magician Criss Angel and his one million handcuff necklaces. Hugh Hefner, who’s now down a girlfriend, is reportedly cool with the whole thing. It’s not like he doesn’t have spares. The Dirty reports:

Holly Madison moves out of the Playboy Mansion because she is sleeping with Criss Angel…. according to inside source though Hef is totally fine with it.
Holly Madison was really working her way into everything (will) at Playboy even choosing Playmates for the magazine. Now “The Girls Next Door” Producers are scrambling on how they are going to finish the show with Holly Madison- Ex-Girl Next Door.

I guess Holly was stuck between a cock and a not hard place. Hi OH! But, in all seriousness, folks, talk to your kids about Criss Angel. Because a douche is a terrible thing to be.

The More You Know…

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  1. Deacon Jones

    Wow Jen, we’re like, uhhh, totally sorry.

  2. Cdub

    Long time reader, first time commenter, but that Hi-OH and “The More You Know” shout out made me pee my pants at work. Very well done.

  3. rumor mill

    I agree that this is a rumor.
    Just because the article says it’s “official” doesn’t mean anything.
    Who is the source?

    Also, just because Holly denies something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.
    She probably has contracts she is obligated to uphold being on a tv show, and probably can’t talk about her relationship issues if they affect viewership.

  4. cecil

    50- If you got out into the real world more, you’d see that what you are saying applies to about 3% of the population of America. Most of us marry people similar in age and actually work hard at relationships, and that’s better than being an empty misogynistic asshole.

  5. edamame

    Hey, she’s from Alaska and she loves old guys….McCain, are you listening?!
    hee hee!

    (coming from a chick who loves McCain…but I wouldn’t LOVE him!)

  6. edamame

    Oh, all of you youngsters and your myspace accounts!

    Fish, you are SO on it…excellent!

  7. ollie




  8. Lal

    She could have done better, but not a whole lot worse than Hef. Seriously, when Criss Angel is a step up from being part of the harem of an 87 year old sultan, you know your life probably hasn’t gone the way you expected. Unless this is all part of a plot

  9. That black dress is exposing all her goodies. “My goodies, my goodies, my goodies, NOT my goodies!”

  10. Bubba Gump

    wow why is Bubba Gump actually sad about this story. I love the girls next door but yay go Criss Angel he is fiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeee & so is she!

  11. Seriously? I really did check to make sure it wasn’t April fools day. WTF?

  12. Rock

    I guess it finally dawned on her that ol’ Heff is NOT going to marry her, and give her half of all his weath.

    And she realizes she’s not getting any younger. So I guess she’ll settle for Chris’ fortune instead.

  13. michele dimino

    What could be sexier than an 80 year old horny guy who has had sex with 10,000 women? If that’s not a turn-on, I don’t know what is. I can just imagine his saggy ass, flabby guts, and wrinkly skin on top of her humping away. The smell of old man sweat and cracking of his arthritic joints must drive her wild. Don’t forget the yellow old rotting teeth and receding gums giving her a wet slobbering french kiss.

  14. caljenna

    @9 it’s because you’re gay and make poor sentence structure.

  15. sameshitdifferentyear

    We do all realize that this broad ain’t really that hot, right?

    Look up Amber Heard right now, do a comparison, you’ll see what I mean.

  16. @#54: don’t blame me just because your lack of success means you are going to have to settle or have already settled for someone the same age as you, someone who will force you to “work hard” at keeping your unhappy relationship from failing, as half of all marriages do. The point isn’t about marrying someone your own age, the point is that men should just not marry, period! Be successful, avoid marriage entirely, and enjoy hot younger women even if you don’t live in the Playboy mansion!

    There is nothing “misogynist” about encouraging men to be successful and to avoid the outdated “institution” of marriage. When I see people flailing around and hurling out the term misogynist it always tells me they have no real arguments and are intellectually empty. ;-)

    See #63 for exactly the type of bitter and angry woman I was referring to earlier. No misogyny in pointing out the truth. ;-)

  17. Sara

    #66, If you do live this life you’re suggesting (which I doubt you do) I’m sure you’ll look back on your life one day and wish you had a family who genuinely cares for you, age spots and cataracts or not. The only person who will be bitter then will be you- and only at yourself.

  18. Val

    she just wants more attention then the other 2 girls

  19. Val

    she just wants more attention then the other 2 girls

  20. j

    I feel sorry for all the people that worked at palyboy that had to listen to this stupid whore because she was blowing hef

  21. Prof

    Criss Angel (that Mind Freak Asshole Right), wow, I think this is for real it proves to every man that all you need is cash and a bit of fame, and you to can have all the pussy you want! As for Hef that guy doesn’t care he’s moving on tho the next GF!

  22. BM

    somehow I dont believe this story… no way she’d do that when she’s been with Hef for 7 years and was on her way to marrying him (or so she thought).. plus she had a great future at playboy so I don’t believe this story.

  23. sva1994

    Well, DUH. That relationship wasn’t never going anywhere. She wants marriage and kids, which he doesn’t want, and carved a nice little niche fucking an octogenarian for his money and a position at his mag, while he got a fuck a blonde hottie. A map and a slide rule wasn’t exactly necessary to see that this wasn’t heading for any silver anniversaries.

    What I love is this line:

    Holly Madison was really working her way into everything (will) at Playboy even choosing Playmates for the magazine.

    Someone actually put “(will)” into that, supposedly to clarify the sentence, and ended up having the opposite effect. I love it.

  24. venomhed


    Some are just smarter than others.

    GUYS, DO NOT GET MARRIED EVER! Name ONE advantage marriage brings to a man?

    Still waiting……..

  25. @#67, Sara, getting married and having kids doesn’t guarantee you anything. Just ask all the senior citizens languishing in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities who have children, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren who rarely or never visit them.

    Suffer through decades of marriage misery (50% end in divorce, many of the rest are miserable but stay together for the kids, etc.) in the prime of life just for the slight chance that you might have some visitors or caretakers in your last few years of senility? No thanks! Just more scare tactics of the type that women use to pressure men into “commitment”.

  26. geo

    She finally figured out like all the rest before her that Hef was never going to settle down.

    Wasn’t it just 3 or 4 weeks ago that the story came out she was pissed at hef for inviting a new girl into the crew?

  27. Sarah

    It’s not true people. Check out her myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=29472248

    It’s completely fabricated.

  28. Anonymous

    Hell, everyone knew this skank was nothing but a prostitute living in a nicer place than most.

  29. Poor, poor Hef! I also heard his daughter is shutting down his Playboy Mansion parties as a cost savings measure. Talk about neutering dear old dad.

  30. missywissy

    she’d look a lot better as a brunette.

  31. Mac

    LMAO Imagine the choice she was faced with…

    A creepy, old cryptkeeper or a young fart-snorting douchebag?

    Just the thought of it could bring out suicidal tendencies in people with the strongest of wills. And I’m not referring to a legal/probate will.

    Get this chick on suicide watch, stat!

  32. Flip

    She’s got great fake tits.

  33. Trover

    She is not the brightest bulb in the box. Let’s check this out:

    1- moves in with Hef and is his #1 play thing. All while only like 23 years old.
    2-Lives rent free, with a job, with unlimited spending. Just has to sleep with the wrinkly dude who is dead in 5 or less. ie. then set for life.
    3-Has sex with Criss Angel. Which is bad enough. But then thinks it is love.
    4-Moves out of the Playboy mansion to be with a guy she will no longer be with in 3 months.
    5-Did I mention that the guy is the worst illusionist on the planet and his show is a disaster and not even that interesting? That hotel stunt he pulled was pathetic. Hello video recorder.
    6- In 4 months, Holly will be begging for her place back in the mansion. Guaranteed.

  34. Doc Kok

    “I guess Holly was stuck between a cock and a not hard place.”

    More like stuck between an inchworm fueled by 4 Viagras and Chris Angelfairys diseased wart covered little pencildick.

    This young lady will be scarred forever. Holly, if you’re reading this, report to my office immediately for, um, treatment. Yes, that’s it, treatment.

  35. #74 first of all please at least have respect for the Nuns, and secondly that’s not true at all. I’ll never consider myself as being in the category of any other woman, and especially whores. I believe that people should be with only one person in their lifetime. Im sticking to that, and that’s how Im living. Good women just don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve these days. Geez. I’d rather be considered even a neeger anyday, before considered a whore. On the other hand though if anyone ever called me a whore they’d just be lying to themselves. I think that even dating more than one guy at a time is disguisting. Not all women just give their goodies to any and everyone. Some of us actually prefer saving themselves for their future husband like myself.

  36. hmm

    ok. Hef is STILL MARRIED to another woman — doesn’t anybody remember that?????

  37. @85, SueMe, a whore is a prostitute. A prostitute is a woman who expects to be paid — given something of value — in exchange for sex. Professional whores want payment in cash. Amateur whores expect payment in a certain number of “dates”: dinners, entertainment events, trips, etc. Some can be bought for just a few drinks. Some, like you, demand marriage, which legally entitles them to half of a man’s assets and continuing payments (alimony) long after the end of the marriage, which makes it the most expensive vagina of all. The women who “give their goodies to any and everyone” without expecting payment are the ones who are NOT whores. :-)

  38. meee

    “the dirty”? what the fuck kind of source is that?

    you guys are retarded. this is not true.

  39. @87 in my book a whore is any woman who sleeps around, and it has nothing to do with money in general. They may not be selling their bodies for money, but they’re still selling their souls due to sin. Im no whore, and I already make more money than my future husband so it’s not a matter of me wanting his money trust me. I’ll be a nurse someday, and that’s enough income for me. You’re right, it’s wrong when women expect money out of a marriage, but that’s not me. All the money in the world wouldn’t mean a thing to me if I couldn’t be with him. Im not whore material believe me. I must reiterate that women who sleep around rather for something in return, or just for free are whores. Even God feels that way.

  40. @89, SueMe, “your book” must not be a dictionary. A whore is a prostitute, a woman who receives payment in exchange for sex. Look it up. If you demand that a man sign a contract (marriage) that legally entitles you to half of his money before you let him use your vagina, guess what that makes you. :-)

  41. Brandon

    Bridget is the ugly one.

  42. Hey first of all Tom, not that it’s your business or anything, but Im no longer a virgin since I met the love of my life. Second of all when I said I was saving myself for him that’s exactly what I meant. No other man will be allowed by my consent to touch my body but him. 3rd of all the dictionary is man made, and my definitions come from the bible. Im sorry for anyone who doesn’t believe in God, but God’s view of a whore is a woman who sleeps around period. I wasn’t even really suppose to go there with him until marriage, but I already consider him my husband. That makes me a very rare lady thank you very much. After 5 years together he’s still the only one I’ve ever been with, and the only one that I’ll ever want to be with. A prostitute is just a type of whore, but free whores run around everyday. Im no saint, but I just don’t believe in being with more than one man period. Like I said before… I make more money than he does so if by chance we got divorced one day, I pray we never will, he’ s the one who would get half of my money. Don’t you get it? Im not ashamed to say that Im the bread winner in this relationship. I love him for who he is. Otherwise I’d be with some jackass with lots of money if I cared that much about money. Money doesn’t make anyone happy at all. Im also not ashamed to admit that I grew up poor so even if I didn’t have a career right now I’d be use to not having extra cash. Hey having that big house with the green grass, and the best vehicle isn’t something to brag about if it’s not your own money. You can think what you want to think, but there is no guy out there that’s quite like my guy. He’s rich at HEART, and that’s what I care about. You look at too much television or something.

  43. SueMe, if you are marrying a guy who makes less money than you, you must not be very attractive. Make sure you get a pre-nup! ;-)

  44. noob

    @90, never posted on here before, but wow, dude, you really are a douche… you do realize that, right? I mean you give guys a bad name. And furthermore, stop picking on that SueMe chick, she’s obviously religious so your point is lost. She wouldn’t be a ‘whore’ in any sense since marriage for her is a pact with God, so all your ideas of her ‘selling her vagina’ for marriage contract is ridiculous. As to your earlier post, why can’t a man be successful AND be married? A guy can have a fulfilling and lucrative career and still be married. This way he experiences monetary success but gets to be committed to someone he truly cares about and will stay with him (presumably) even if he loses all his money. Don’t take it out on everyone else just because you’ve never been in love, have no faith in humanity, and no trust in anyone but yourself. Just hang out alone with your cash and wait to die, since there’s obviously nothing you find truly good in this world.

  45. lainey wilson

    speaking of trash, check out the tara reid story at celebrityprayerlist.com

  46. lainey wilson

    speaking of trash, check out the tara reid story at celebrityprayerlist.com

  47. daisy

    not true..check her myspace

  48. @94 thank you so much for taking up for me and my beliefs. If you’re a guy, and if you’re married she’s a luck lady whom Im sure has class. If you aren’t then you deserve a good faithful woman. I mean that vice versa also if you’re a woman. @ Tom #93 he’s right you are a douche, because even this Superficial website can’t be as superficial as you. I happen to think of myself as at least fairly attractive, and my man thinks Im very attractive. All that matters when it comes to my looks is his and my opinions. Anyhow #94 you’re proof that decent people do still exist in this mixed up world. It’s people like us who understand that real love isn’t dead. Maybe many marriages are based off other things, and that may be the reason why so many of them fail especially in the hollywood scene.

  49. @94, completely appropriate name by the way, it’s possible for a man to be successful and married, it just makes it a lot harder to be successful. Women can be dream-killers. They take your eye off the ball. Being successful often means working long hours. Women start to complain “you’re not home enough”, “you’re not spending enough time with me and the kids”, blah blah blah. Not to mention their spending habits. Just ask Ed McMahon.

    If you know anything about the world, you know that monopolies do not provide the best services. Why should they, there is no competition! By getting married, a man signs a contract giving a woman a monopoly for providing sexual services. If she provides poor service, or none at all, or lets herself go like Pierce Brosnan’s wife, what can he do? He can cheat, as many do, or he can get out, as many do, and lose much of his wealth in the process. Just ask Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, etc. etc.

    There just are no good reasons for a man to get MARRIED in the USA in 2008. With the 50% divorce rate and the laws being what they are, it’s just a bad move in many ways for a man. You can be in love and all that without being married. If a woman really loves you she won’t care about that piece of paper. And not having a legal monopoly for sexual services will keep her on her toes so you will be a happy customer. But if she starts stamping her feet and demanding that you sign the contract that gives her the rights to half of your wealth, just say no. If she leaves, how much did she really “love” you?

  50. mytwocents

    Go Holly, I mean he’s a few years from passing away and she left all she “could have had”. I honestly think he would leave her 1 mil that’s it and give it to his bro and his son!

    but now she won’t even get that 1 mil
    i mean on the show it looks like they are father and daughter all of them he just takes care of them there is no attraction by the girls they are like yea ok they hardly see him in their day!

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