Holly Madison leaves Hugh Hefner – for Criss Angel

September 12th, 2008 // 199 Comments

Holly Madison has officially left the Playboy Mansion for magician Criss Angel and his one million handcuff necklaces. Hugh Hefner, who’s now down a girlfriend, is reportedly cool with the whole thing. It’s not like he doesn’t have spares. The Dirty reports:

Holly Madison moves out of the Playboy Mansion because she is sleeping with Criss Angel…. according to inside source though Hef is totally fine with it.
Holly Madison was really working her way into everything (will) at Playboy even choosing Playmates for the magazine. Now “The Girls Next Door” Producers are scrambling on how they are going to finish the show with Holly Madison- Ex-Girl Next Door.

I guess Holly was stuck between a cock and a not hard place. Hi OH! But, in all seriousness, folks, talk to your kids about Criss Angel. Because a douche is a terrible thing to be.

The More You Know…

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  1. EWWWW….Criss Angel is such a man ho

  2. Melissa


  3. LL

    Man, she’s got shitty taste in men. From her great grandpa to the biggest douche in all the land.

  4. lucia

    her booobs in the first picture! WTF!

  5. Mia

    I think he is an improvement from Hef. Hef may be rich but it seems like she was not getting much from Hef because he controlled all the money. I’m sure she is glad to not have to look into Hef’s prune face anymore or wait for the Viagra to kick in.

  6. dragon43078

    I always thought she was the ugly one of the 3. She looks too old to still be associated with Playboy. She wanted to marry Hef and wait for him to die to get all the money. I guess she would not wait to get her hands on some cash.
    When you watch The Girls Next Door, you can see she is a coniving bitch who wants it all for herself.

  7. havoc

    Wow, a goldigger moves from one rich guy to another.



  8. simplicity

    I always thought she was the prettiest
    The other two look like trailer trash

  9. elmer the fudd

    Fish – great line ” stuck between a cock and a NOT hard place”. Also, what money- Playboy is busted.

  10. Dancer

    No way… she is leaving the old wrinkley guy for a young supple one.

    I never saw this coming.

  11. Al Bundy

    She must be pretty tight considering she hasn’t had a hard cock in some time.

  12. ME

    Sorry Holly…..Criss can’t make all those wild nights with the old man and Viagra dissapear….

  13. Valtrex Exec

    Seriously Criss Angel? Of course I’m sure she will fit in nicely with that douchebag. I’m so sad Girls Next Door is worried about what to do, it really was top notch TV. :(

  14. john

    I guess she got tired of waiting for the old guy to die

  15. haroof

    I can’t believe the amount of high quality poon Angel accumulates.


  16. ph7

    Hef just steps out of his bedroom and says “NEXT!”

  17. It’s not like Hef will miss the sex. There are plenty of young vaginas lineing up to sleep with him.

  18. a reader

    so if Hef dies, who gets his money?

  19. she went from old loser to young loser.

  20. runnergal

    Wow. First she’s having sex with a man old enough to be her grandpa and now she is having sex with a guy who probably has a lot of sexual diseases. She is not too wise with the men.

  21. Guess her contract ran out.

  22. venomhed

    I love how AMERICAN WOMEN always act like men exploit women. Whether its in porno, Victoria Secret ads, or marriage.

    Case in point, this article. For any woman, or man, to think that Heff exploited this American Cunt is an asshole. Women exploit men more than the other way around, and women exploit women.

    Take a look at all these model mags. Look at who the photographer is, the editor, WOMEN!

    So fuck all women. Don’t get married, its a death trap that favors women. Also when you get married, women stop trying. Date forever, use them.

  23. shanana

    Hugh Hefner is the most disgusting, reptilian, decrepit, and downright pitiful specimen of humanity that I have ever seen on tv.

    That show is beyond creepy and he is taking advantage of those girls’ desire for fame. He picks girls that are from dysfunctional backgrounds (look at the whorish way their mothers and grandmothers fawn over Hefner) and molds them into what he wants them to be.

    He is beyond repulsive, and good for Holly to get out.

  24. hootie

    It’s funny how these sluts can call men pigs when they go around screwing guys for money. Hugh Hefner is like 100 years old and looks like a wet towel. The old dude probably wears diapers and needs a double dose of viagra just to get that shriveled old worm to wake up.

  25. ally

    I think out of Hugh and Angel, I’d have to pick Hugh…he’s the less creepy one…and I never thought I could say that about the Hef…

  26. Damn that talentless douchy douche is doing damage, didnt he knock up minie driver?

  27. JM

    Holly posted a message on her official myspace page saying it is not true!
    You can read about it here: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=29472248&blogID=430179645

  28. Dar

    Way to go, Holly! Keep this up, and after a while when people talk about the “Playmate with the hot bod and empty head who f**ked up her life”, they’ll mean you instead of Anna Nicole!

  29. Dar

    JM — Thanks for the link. I retract my previous comment (#30).

    I’m so relieved Holly’s staying with her 80YO pimp instead of shacking up with some freaky douchebag who wears more makeup and jewelry than she does. It’s like a fairy tale ending! *sniff*

  30. Flip

    Man, if those two lovebirds can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us? I weep for the future.

  31. 4green20

    OmG!!! Chris Angel is evil! I can’t even stand to look at him he is so dirty!

  32. Can’t tell if she’s pretty or ugly, depends on the angle.
    I bet Criss Angel would be a wild ride.
    I gotta get off these meds..

  33. dude

    Hef always has the nicest women that money can buy.

    Notice I didn’t call them ladies.

    Cuz they’re vapid whores. ZING!

  34. minerva

    EW gross… I much rather sit at the Playboy Mansion pretending to have sex with Hugh Heffner than having to blow Criss angel…

  35. observant.as.hell

    Spectacularly hideous breasts…really.

  36. aschleigh

    Good for her, who wants a 70 year old lech with 5 other girlfriends? Hugh will just replace her . She seems to have ambition, maybe she wants to actually be loved and not used .

  37. Stroker

    No doubt she saw that internet pic of Angel’s 12′ long ball sack and has to have some.

  38. pistolita

    i totally agree with #24!!

    everytime i see her face, i wonder “what’s missing?”… it’s her dead eyes.

  39. pistolita

    PLUS, her eyebrows point straight DOWN after the arch… looks weird…

  40. bakinmycake

    her face has more craters than the moon…..gobs of spackle and some toner and voila!!! a model…..i might hump her face

  41. Mick

    This can’t be true.

  42. CAnton4

    Anything to not get a fucking job!!!

  43. Deacon Jones

    I give them 3 months top, if that.

    As much as I hate Cris Angel, he’s been fucking his brains out all over Vegas. Once he realizes what a lifeless fuck she is, on top of her being high maintenance, she’s fucking gone.

  44. @ # 30 : Holly was never a Playmate. She was a Cyber Girl for about 10 minutes before they took her pics down.

    I’m just wondering of she’s going to keep her West Coast Photo Editor gig.

  45. Jen

    This is a rumor, check her myspace. It took me an entire 2 seconds of fact checking to find that out. You should try it sometime.

  46. SATAN

    i would giddily drown myself in all of her juices, even the slight oil slick on her forehead in the first pic

  47. Racer X

    No talent slore.

  48. Bitter and angry women hate Hef because he proves that a successful man can always get hot young women, no matter how old and “prune face” he is. Hef is living proof that the “marry me or you’ll end up old and alone” scare tactics that women use on their boyfriends are a bunch of crap. It’s the women who are afraid of ending up old and alone, and no wonder, but men don’t have to worry as much. Men should just avoid marriage and concentrate on becoming successful, and the Hollys and Bridgets and Kendras of the world will continue to offer their services.

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