Holly Madison & Kendra Wilkinson in bikinis

May 24th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson kicked off the Memorial Day weekend at the Wet Republic pool in Vegas, and to keep that spirit alive, I’ll be taking off tomorrow to drunkenly remember those who served so I can post bikini pictures on the Internet. Your death was not in vain, soldier.

Back on Tuesday.

- The Superficial

Photos: Flynet, Retna Digital, WENN

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  3. Dorris

    mayn look at all these haters , ibet if you’s were qivinq a chnce to swap shoes wid holly and kendra uu’s wudnt wnah swap bak 2 ur own shoes . who cares wat uu’s fink , uu’s live ur lives and let dem live dea’s . qawsh mayn wts up wid da niqqa talk , stop fiqhtinq wid ur keyboard cos wen ur confrontd by wun ul b runninq . stop bein racist .

  4. Numbr wun

    all the haters must be gay and stupid . jealous shits i agree with dorris you’s will probubly think twice abwt them if you’s stepped into their shoes . why talk smack abwt them ? lets see all you haters in a bikini , post it up and we’l commnt on it . dumbarse’s



  6. I’m rushing to catch a plane back to Indy this morning so I can’t go into too much detail

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  8. Bailey
    Commented on this photo:

    What is so special about them being in bikinis? At least these two whores are wearing clothes. Seriously, it sickens me that people idolize these two for making a living off of showing their parts. I have no problem with artistic nudity because the human body is beautiful, but playboy objectifies women, and perpetuates the stereotype of women as sex objects. Funny, I remember when being a slut was a bad thing. Now it lands you your own tv show.

  9. connor Brennan

    Hi Holly and Kendra This connor I want to be a play mate or on the playboy maginzine i would like to be model for my career I am turning 21 on december 24th Thanks can you tell me what i can.

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