Holly Madison & Kendra Wilkinson in bikinis

May 24th, 2009 // 109 Comments

Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson kicked off the Memorial Day weekend at the Wet Republic pool in Vegas, and to keep that spirit alive, I’ll be taking off tomorrow to drunkenly remember those who served so I can post bikini pictures on the Internet. Your death was not in vain, soldier.

Back on Tuesday.

- The Superficial

Photos: Flynet, Retna Digital, WENN

  1. Marie


  2. GG1000

    Call the Guiness Book; it’s a new record for silicon per square inch in the “together” shots.

  3. Jesse

    “You might be able to get away with that shit behind a computer screen, on sites like this but I would bet you are not walking up to anyone saying shit.”

    I’d walk up to a black man and say that shit, but I don’t live near any prisons.

  4. cyberstalker

    i’ll admit it’s really messed up how these two both had simultaneous sexual relationships with a rotting corpse, but i have to admit that both of them are pretty easy on the eyes. btw, what’s up with foot fetishes? that has to be creepier than banging old dudes for fame.

  5. vito

    What a fucking joke! The main thing these two bimbos are famous for is TITS…and they’re not even real.

    How the fuck does that work?

  6. Dread not

    While together with, Hef, Holly failed in her attempts to get knocked up. While Hugh was huffin and “puffin’”, get it, Puffin? Holly’s pet name for, Hugh. While Hugh huffed and puffed his way to what HE called climax. In reality it was something that probably resembled a Viagra inspired grand mal seizure, which ended in him passed out after ejaculating his dried out sea monkeys. It probably never registered with Holly. Partly because she had to be liquored up, because she was so disgusted by having a guy who looks like an albino elephants pulsating ball sack draped over her and insde her. She thought Hugh didn’t want to get her pregnant. Truth is, Hugh COULDN’T get her pregnant. Will she EVER get back together with Hugh? Hope. Just hope, and pray a little. If her greedy lust to nab some of his fortune is strong enough, it could happen. Reruns of Holly in a bikini will only suffice for so long. Gotta have updated stuff of her at the Mansion during the Halloween parties and A Mid Summers Night parties, along with the other hotties runnin’ around. And, Kendra, someone who once mistook a mannequin for an actual person? Well, she’s every guys dream, isn’t she? The only thing missing is the flat head to rest your beer and pizza on. But if you could Tool Time up something cool that was tray-like and tell her it’s a hat. “All the cool, sports loving chicks are wearing them, Kendra!” That solves that problem. Kendra is married now, of course. But if Holly gets back with Hugh, it could mean frequent visits to the mansion. Fingers are crossed.

  7. Tasha

    It’s interesting how NOT attractive these women are on a regular day.

  8. Hey 44? your views on women’s bodies are distorted sonny, since when hips was a bad trait? even though im attracted to all body type but gimme hips every time!

  9. Meg

    @Jesse # 53- Thanks for proving my point!!!!!!

  10. Meg

    @Jesse # 53- Thanks for proving my point!!!!!!

  11. Can’t believe Hef gave these girls up. Oh wait, yes I can.

  12. Amy

    I wonder what Hank Baskets team mates think about him dating a whore? didn’t she bang Hef ? he’s like the creep keeper

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  13. missywissy

    Hey Kendra, say “No!” to putting on your eyebrows with a Sharpie marker.

    Holly would look waaaaay better as a brunette.

    @55- I wonder the same thing. Do men really like hard tits that could malfunction if squeezed too tightly? I have a relative with a leaky one and she’s going back to get a redo. She’s sick from it and numb on one side of her body, but her boyfriend apparantly likes feeling big hard breasts instead of soft smaller ones.

  14. Can someone please confirm that looks like Holly Madsen has six toes on her left foot?? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE… THAT’S JUST WEEEEIRD!!

  15. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’m thinking about to start an army of good and obedient girls.Their genetics have to be checked through and through.They are going to reign the world.

  16. Jesse

    You’re welcome, Meg. Now go back to your “forbidden fruit” Denzel fantasy.

  17. Galtacticus

    We will give these girls Super Powers.Where’s ma sweetie?

  18. dirk

    Plump your tits out. Stick your ass out. But for God’s sake, don’t paint your toes black to call attention to those gross snausages. Puke.

  19. Nero

    Any drill sergeant needed? A new order will rise.

  20. Galtacticus

    With one of our secret inventions we will extend their life with another 50 years.Remaining in great health and beauty.

  21. His Huge Greatness Himself

    These Super Girls will have their own harem of men and district.They remain under my command but only one Super Girl will be at my side.

  22. Meg

    LOL Jesse there is no “forbidden fruit” Denzel fantasy(quite happy with my bf), funny tho! I just don’t think a white girl is a whore for dating a black guy, or see any need to make fun of it. Welcome to 2009 where rednecks are called out on their racial comments!

  23. Sounds like a good use of your time…lol!

  24. nikki

    Is everyone on here 14? Racism and misogyny… or is everybody perhaps from the South? Maybe you’re all typing from countryfest?
    Redneck retards. Enjoy your canned Busch Light, trash.

  25. nikki

    Is everyone on here 14? Racism and misogyny… or is everybody perhaps from the South? Maybe you’re all typing from countryfest?
    Redneck retards. Enjoy your canned Busch Light, trash.

  26. Yes. Everyone on here is 14.

  27. sexyyy babbbyy thanxx :)

  28. vergisst

    let me guess meg, you are a fking nigg3r?

  29. no comments


    especially boring.
    and plastic.

  30. no comments

    plastic and BOOOORING

    the most uninteresting type of women

  31. Jo

    Um…so what if she happens to like black men? Why does that somehow make her more of a whore? You guys are retarded.

  32. How about some sexy Bikinis? Jeez!
    You’d tink they work for Disney!

  33. Nik

    That guy is old….scrawny…hairy…and looks poor.

    Smart move…kendra.

  34. Kendra and Holly look Great!

  35. Dr McNasty

    Busch Light is the best beer ever. President Bush (George W. Bush) was the best president ever.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  36. Must See!! NSFW ;)



  37. Must See!! NSFW ;)



  38. Nat

    11. Jim – May 24, 2009 8:07 PM
    I know they’re whores and everything and it goes with the job, but that negro really should take his hands of her.

    24. devilsrain – May 24, 2009 10:33 PM
    Is kendras head gigantic in that first pic or what, must be an illusion. Whats not an illusion is that ugly black guy. What is wrong with women these days (thats rhetorical)

    31. peter popoff – May 25, 2009 2:26 AM
    kendra man aka hank is a fucken gorilla!
    hairy ass beast.

    46. Jesse – May 25, 2009 11:14 AM
    Kendra’s singing career is going well, at least while she’s with her boyfriend…”Hey hey, we’re the monkeys!”

    78. vergisst – May 25, 2009 5:56 PM
    let me guess meg, you are a fking nigg3r?

    Attention all intelligent open minded people: Please see above, It’s proof that white men are losing and can no longer take it. I can imagine how red their faces were when they say these pictures. Also proves why our ancestors called them blue eyed devils. They just open their mouths and prove it. Simple as that! One of them even admitted it and called himself a devil. If these women were in pictures minus the black fiance, every Gomer Pyle and Archie Bunker that writes on this board would be drooling over them. The bottom line pale devils…..you are losing!!!

  39. dull statistics

    “It’s proof that white men are losing and can no longer take it.”

    Actually in America blacks have made the least gains in terms of income and education over the past 20 years, compared to all other groups.

  40. Meg

    @ 78vergisst Actually I’m white you sack of shit!!! Not that it makes a difference…. I just don’t judge ppl on the color of their skin and I have a problem with people who do. As I said welcome to 2009 redneck!

    @dull statistics, it would be a perfect world if all of America was open to free thinking and equality but that is not the reality. Obviously if you read the above comments you would notice that racism is alive and thriving which creates only negativity and regression for the country as a whole, not just one group of people.
    Sadly it is the group of people receiving the discrimination who have a much harder task of over coming other peoples judgements in jobs, school and society in general.

  41. Nat

    “Actually in America blacks have made the least gains in terms of income”

    Well, obvioulsy as this is still a very racist and oppresive society. But in terms of attracting and pleasing white women, you are losing! Just look at the comments….anger out of desperation and hopelessness!

  42. alisa

    are you kidding me……………..her toes are bent up….3 of the toes are off the ground. if you’re lame enough to even notice someone’s toes then look extra close before you talk shit on TOES of all things….so lameee
    how about you look down at your foot and try to move your toes up, but not the big toe. can you do it? does it look like holly’s toes do? yep. you all are morons.

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  44. yecch

    #56 bwaaaahahaha you made me want to barf and laugh at the same time…

    Holly’s face looks like that of a little old woman to me, except with tight skin. And Kendra still reminds me of Elizabeth Berkley of Showgirls “fame”…

    Why are these two in the news so often? My mind is slowly souring…

  45. Take off those silly-ass glasses. Not flattering.

  46. joshesmama

    They look a lot better than the girls with the boyish figure. I think the ribs protruding on the side of the tummy and the fat in the middle is definately unattractive.

  47. Cat


  48. Joe

    Kendra you disgust me! I never knew you were a nigger lover.

  49. hussy

    All the ugly people are commenting again.

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