Holly Madison introduces Criss Angel to her parents

January 4th, 2009 // 48 Comments

Holly Madison had a milestone on New Year’s Day when she introduced her parents to Criss Angel. It’s the first time her folks have ever met one of her boyfriends, according to E! Online:

The couple was spotted with Madison’s parents, Steve and Patsy Madison, having dessert at Fix Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, according to a source.
They enjoyed warm brownie cake, a cappuccino milk shake and chocolate coffee cake. Angel also requested a hot chocolate from the Bellagio’s hotel bar.
The Mindfreak illusionist picked up the tab.

Things, however, turned sour when Steve Madison realized his daughter wasn’t playing a joke and was seriously going to marry “Charm Necklace Houdini over here.” When Holly refused to go back to “a respectable life juggling old man balls for cash,” he disowned her that night at Starbucks over cafe lattes, soy, no whip. Criss was also there sipping a Frappucino until Steve kicked his ass in the parking lot then promised to do this again “real soon” over Easter.

Photos: WENN

  1. Josette


  2. Josette


  3. NipTuck

    Ha. Good luck to them..

  4. meee

    that’s not true…her parents met hef. they were on several episodes of the girls next door.

  5. *cough* wankers

    Why do wankers have to write that they are first? Would you like a medal or a chest to pin it on??
    As for the topic of discussion, I think they are both wankers too!!!

  6. PattiAnn

    I think she is a winnie bitch, Criss just wanted to see if he could get her away from Hef. It won’t last !!

  7. bimbos unite

    this whole thing is just absolutely hilarious.

    is anyone even taking this seriously!?

  8. PostmortemG

    “A respectable life juggling old man balls for cash.” That’s funny. =D

    I’ve never seen this lady’s T.V. show, but i can’t say she’s completely unattractive. I don’t know a damn thing about Criss Angel, besides the fact that he performs ‘magic tricks’. Well, i doubt there’s much more to know about the guy anyway. Whatever.

  9. loved`

    :O shyt …… she looks happier and lest sluter! gud luck w/ dat parent

  10. tgr

    criss angel is a known magician and stuntman, like david blaine.

  11. Ummm...yeah...

    Who the fuck cares??? for real???God! The bitch was fucking Hugh Hefner for Christs sake…she is a pure slut….so who the fuck cares???????

  12. Acheron

    Holly’s real name is Cullen, and they were on The Girls Next Door. Either this story is bullshit, or it’s just really shittily researched/written.

  13. Lea

    what i’m wondering about is : what kind of parents are those people ?! seriously !

  14. boo

    Between Mr. Hair Product above and the WAAAAY too much makeup Bret Michaels ad, this Jessie Pavelka is looking pretty studly. Wait, don’t tell me, he’s gay, right? Fuck.

  15. PatheticNewGuy

    This douche wears his watch ON his jacket sleeve. I hate you.

  16. Cash

    If my daughter brought a piece of shit like that to my dinner table, he’d better hope his love for the girl was enough to carry him because his fractured-in-multiple-places legs sure as hell wouldn’t be doing him any good.

  17. This Poster

    Anyone posting after This Poster sucks on Criss Angel’s nutsack

  18. VictoriaAwesomesauce

    The hoodie she’s wearing in the last pic is from Hot Topic.

    Christmas present from Criss? /swoon

  19. Fat Ange

    #18 Why do you think everything she wears is a gift from him? I’m sure she had some clothes before she met him.

  20. If I had given birth to either one of these trash bags I would have my labia sewn together.

  21. missy

    he is ugly & not talented so WTF i dont get it???

  22. Igor

    It’s better than licking balls coated with Ben-Gay

  23. Has she been cleared of hugh’s pubes?

  24. wtF

    HAHAHAHA. He is SO hardcore. Skulls on the hat, watches over his jacket sleeve, curtain rings on all fingers. That’s uber badass. DOUCHE.


  26. Ada

    seems i seen her photos at tallkiss.com

  27. Scrodo

    Man, that handcuff necklace thing is so rad.

  28. grobpilot

    I wonder how many of those rings he’s lost in that gaping snatch? And, again, what the fuck is with celebrities and the fucking peace sign? Or, maybe his fingertips are indicating how wide her cooch is.

  29. morga

    Tricks are what a whore does for money.

  30. RaraAvis

    I’ll bet when her parents made their New Year’s resolutions they didn’t mean “have Holly find a nice dick” to be taken quite so literally.

  31. Cartman

    She went from a grizzled old sausage link to a dirty cocktail weinie. I got a fine polish sausage for her.

    Eventually this Holly golddigger will find someone to marry, divorce, and take all their shit.

  32. annie

    her parents last name is CULLEN fuckshit

    look at wiki

  33. Janine

    Her parents were on The Girls Next Door, so I know she introduced them to Hef.

  34. Jade

    His believe show SUCKED. He’s not funny, full of himself, and btw his show sucked.

    Need to yank his ass from vegas.

  35. J

    It’s so lame how the girls who go out with these ‘rock’ guys get all goth and they think it looks so ‘edgy’ lol
    paris did it with benji. black nails. black hoodie.
    you’re blonde, put on a fuckin pink party dress and stop trying so hard!

  36. Uncle Eccoli

    It is a rather tradition-bound whore who brings her johns home to meet the parents. Can you imagine the scene at that table, everybody desperately trying to keep up appearances?

  37. Julie Ann

    This makes me sad…he is such an ass..and I adored her when she was with Hef. Good thing she’s pretty because she’s got shit for brains!

  38. me

    he is so gay. i had no idea what he looked like without his usual oversized hat on, covering half his face. this photo shows his face.

    cover it back up!!

    she is so pretty, but … good god! what a history! its too bad.

  39. Dixie

    In an interview with Larry King, Chris said he was surprised that Holly was attracted to him because of the way he looks, but he should not be surprised because Holly’s last boyfriend was 80 year old Hef.

  40. M-

    all she sees is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  41. Mia

    I personally think Holly is cute, waye better looking than Hef’s other girlfriends and hey as long as their happy!

  42. Jimmy Jim

    criss angel is the dane cook of magic tricks.

  43. V

    LOL…she is such a whore….sleeping with an 80+ year old man for money and perks…Read JillAnn Spaulding’s book and see what Holly’s job was…also recommend Bunny Tales by Izabelle St. James. I”m sure that Holly brings real class to the Sarantakos family. Criss’ dad must be rolling over in his grave. You both deserve tickets to the Free Clinic and a lifetime prescription of Valtrex.

  44. Shae

    All three girls that were on THe Girls Next Door all used Hef for Boobs New faces and for money. They are all talentless women who I hope don’t go far in life.

  45. Jacq

    I bet when Hef came in her face it was like getting hit with a handfull of baby powder.

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  48. LOL … That such a 80 + year old man for money and allowances … Spaulding is read with a prostitute …. JillAnn Holly’s book and see what work was sleeping … Bunny Tales by Izabelle also recommend St. James. I’m sure Holly Sarantakos family brings real class. Criss father would be rolling in his grave. You two free tickets to the clinic is worth a lifetime prescription of Valtrex.

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