Holly Madison introduces Criss Angel to her parents

Holly Madison had a milestone on New Year’s Day when she introduced her parents to Criss Angel. It’s the first time her folks have ever met one of her boyfriends, according to E! Online:

The couple was spotted with Madison’s parents, Steve and Patsy Madison, having dessert at Fix Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, according to a source.
They enjoyed warm brownie cake, a cappuccino milk shake and chocolate coffee cake. Angel also requested a hot chocolate from the Bellagio’s hotel bar.
The Mindfreak illusionist picked up the tab.

Things, however, turned sour when Steve Madison realized his daughter wasn’t playing a joke and was seriously going to marry “Charm Necklace Houdini over here.” When Holly refused to go back to “a respectable life juggling old man balls for cash,” he disowned her that night at Starbucks over cafe lattes, soy, no whip. Criss was also there sipping a Frappucino until Steve kicked his ass in the parking lot then promised to do this again “real soon” over Easter.

Photos: WENN