Holly Madison in a bikini

May 10th, 2009 // 164 Comments

Here’s Holly Madison at the Flamingo GO pool in Vegas this weekend, and I love how she’s so natural, toned, glistening – wait, I was looking at my forearms. Who are we talking about again? Holly Madison? Yeah, she’s okay.

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  1. cate

    holy fuck, she looks awful without makeup.

  2. fee

    she looks great without the make up.

  3. mother lover

    Bet your forearms aren’t the only things glistening, heh. As for Holly…meh, she doesn’t do it for me.

  4. Stud

    She’s gorgeous people. That’s natural beauty right there folks.

  5. DJ

    I wish she would go natural with her hair she looks so trashy with her roots, she looks like she is wearing a wig.

  6. Yikes!!!!! who told her to venture without make up? Do i hate implants or the fact that I can detect one 5 blocks away? still debating…

  7. Gando

    holly is looking allright,so i heard the old man is missing her.

  8. Kelley

    Holly and Heidi Montag should have a beer together … they both have identical sets of cheesy fake tits.

  9. darth vaderr

    she looks really good.

  10. devan newman

    Holly is hot without makeup! Her skin is awesome! A great skin care line to achieve healthy and radiant skin is RIVERSOL. It was created by celebrity dermatoligist dr.jason rivers. It is GREAT! check it out!! http://www.riversol.com

  11. Its crazy how a little spray tan a hours of photoshop by Playboy mag can change a person…she look so different….still hot…but different

  12. Sierra

    wow, if she could just dye her hair a natural color and undo the boobs, she’d be perfect.

  13. Sawitfirstonperez

    Looks like she gave all her diamonds back to Heff… Look at those cheap metal things shes been sporting recenlty!

  14. She’s so uglay and stupid. What is she famous for? I bet mom’s really proud. She is a FAKE… and not even a good one.


  15. yo

    shes kinda fug. i think its that peroxide blonde color that kills it for me. like if she had some nice brunette hair, which is what it is naturally, shed look hot. i dont like implants either. women dont need to do all the extra shit they think they do. just be who you are. u should see the pics of her before plastic surgery. she looks like a complete diff person.

  16. Tonto

    Drapes no match carpet

  17. She looks cute, but that ridiculous Ed Hardy crap bikini is so 2001.

  18. She looks like Mickey Rooney without makeup.

  19. Pilatunes

    Sorry but anyone of Hef’s present and former girlfriends are, by defnition, repulsive.

  20. I used to love Dolly Madison Zingers. Now they’re just Twinkies with frosting. Curse you Hostess! You are the Darth Vader of the snack cake industry.

    Hey, I wonder if Dolly Madison is Holly’s mom. If so, happy mothers day Dolly. Tell your daughter if she gives me a call I’ll be happy to stuff her happy little face full of Zingers and her sweet little ass full of penis then send her home cream-filled at both ends, like one of your luscious snack cakes.

  21. sin

    I think she actually looks younger without the make up. She needed it. When The Girls Next Door 1st aired, i thought she was the oldest.

  22. Darth

    How about Holly Madison and Heidi Montag together in the Playboy?

  23. yeahright

    what she’s beautiful? and a natural beauty? natural beauty urself ppl…no offense there..but what are those orange spots on her bod? is that just me..or does anyone else think they look disgusting?

  24. Meh

    Peroxide, implants, blahh.

  25. jim

    Well, unless the definition of natural has recently changed and in that case I apologize, implants are not natural to me.

  26. Galtacticus

    Blond and brown eyes,that’s a real blondine.

  27. Darth

    How about Holly Madison,Brooke Hogan and Heidi Montag doing all together a Playboy special?

  28. Nero

    @28 I bet Brooke Hogan’s penis is going to make some overtime with these two bitches.

  29. Watch

    id ruin that ass for sure!

  30. Beastman AIDS

    she looks way hotter here than she does on Girls of the Playboy Mansion. Her hair colour is trash though.

  31. Mama Pinkus


  32. mercedes

    she looks so much younger! she looks like 25 or something, with that makeup in the tv show she looked like 35!

  33. laurente

    oh please
    she looks like every brunette in Hollywood who has died her hair bleached cheesy fried blonde with a typical nose job lip job boob job short legs and no hips
    boy body
    so average so dime a dozen
    did you see how she moved on DANCING WITH THE STARS
    absolute cold fish
    couldn’t walk or move her hips to save her life
    about as sexy as a dead fish
    boring gal

  34. Zee Brat

    Wow she looks a lot better without make up. Go Holly.

  35. Carolyn

    Big, fake, ugly boobies to make big, classless, dumb-ass men happy.

  36. RaraAvis

    Six words: get your roots done, trailer trash.

  37. Amy

    I hate fake tits

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  38. Wall wart world

    She looks like a wal-mart shopper

  39. blehhh

    light makeup and breast implants does not equal natural!!

  40. Holly Madison in a bikini looks awesome.
    i like her
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  41. meee

    thank you #8. do people seriously think that looks normal? like, half of a bowling ball glued to a set of ribs? eww. YOU PAID FOR THAT?!?!?!?!

  42. meee

    & #4 are you fucking stupid? NATURAL beauty? you must be blind. she’s admitted to having eye/nose work done, plus her upper lip, & a more-than-obvious boob job.

    yeah..that’s natural. you’re a fucking idiot.

  43. Nathiest

    I love this girl out of makeup she is such a natural beauty.

  44. the MAKE UP went “FISHING”, folks?

  45. devilsrain

    The people on here that say shes a natural beauty are morons. How are fake tits natural or the so blonde its white hair? you fucking idiots

  46. Dennis

    She almost looks F,,,able,,,,

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  48. Rhialto


  49. palaylay

    Boy is she ever pale and boring to look at.

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