Holly Madison confirms she’s done with Hugh Hefner

October 7th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Holly Madison confirmed to TMZ yesterday that the rumors are true: she’s no longer dating Hugh Hefner. A cameraman asked if she could get him into the Halloween party at Playboy Mansion to which Holly responded:

“I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren’t together.”

And there you have it: Holly Madison has officially set an age limit on her Johns. But, unfortunately, not an asshat limit. (See: Criss Angel.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Ross


  2. bellsnyc

    Hef’s got on foot on a bananna peel!!

  3. Ted from LA

    I repeat, she looks like a Barbie Doll who got stuck in the plastic tits portion of the conveyor belt too long.

  4. bellsnyc

    Hef’s got on e foot on a bananna peel!!

  5. Bells


  6. Bells


  7. Bells


  8. yep…. now she is just another dumb blonde again.

  9. Douche

    Because dating grandfatherly men in bathrobes is way too normal… Couldn’t she have stepped her way down the age bracket and started off with Bob Saget?

  10. Oh Please

    But she looooooves Hef for him, right? Didn’t she profess that how many times in interviews? You mean, that was a lie?!?! Oh, Holly… too bad you couldn’t fool everyone with that. Wonder how much cash this dumb gold digging bitch walked away with. No matter – her and the other two talentless brainless whores give an entirely new meaning to “sloppy seconds.”

    Hey Holly… my 90 year old grandfather’s single.. want to hook up? Or is he too young for you?

  11. Jumpin_J

    That sound you heard was Holly’s gravy train slamming on the breaks. Holly, I think you hear me knocking and and I’m bringing my Colt45 malts with me. Oh hell yeah!

  12. Mike Litoris

    I’d be surprised if she ever touched those wrinkly balls in leather rucksack

  13. Hugh Hefner

    You’re gonna miss my big, white, wrinkly body on you with my loose skin and old balls.

    Angel’s a fuckin douche.

  14. supersex

    the smartest thing on that bitch is her watch

  15. Bubba

    @10 – Why would she get any cash? She was just a girlfriend, she was not married to him and not entitled to any money. If anything, she will lose money now that she is not in the public spotlight and in demand by anyone. She got her 15+ minutes of fame and will now disappear into obscurity…

  16. steve

    She didn’t set an age limit on her johns. Playboy is going broke. Like all bitches, she’s trying to set a limit for how wealthy a guy has to be for her to pretend to be into him.

  17. Run n Gun

    Ah, Hi Holly!

    What every woman should strive to be, a piece of arm candy with 3 holes to accept a dick at anytime. And they should come with a remote control with a giant “Mute” button on it whenever they start talking.

  18. bakinmycake

    Pauly Shore will have that sooon after that Peter North will introduce her to the world of adult cinema.

  19. Needledick The Bug Fucker

    this gold-diggin whore must have found someone younger with enough money for her upkeep – she’s way to high-maintenence. I can’t even decipher where the woman ends and the plastic begins …. she looks totally plastic

  20. Great girl if you can get em,,,her motto is “No hole barred”!

  21. Miss Colombia

    Stop hating, maybe she’s had a lot of work done, but at least she’s beautiful, way more beautiful than the other 2! She worked it and now she’s moving on. Y’all just wish you could do the same.

  22. Cindy

    I hope she gets a TON of his money. She totally deserves it. The old man smell is bad enough, but he’s such a perv that I bet he made her put his shriveled varicose-veined urine-stinking gherkin in her mouth until he smiled in triumph as a couple of drops of 9:1 pee:semen came out. She deserves so much money. I hope she has a great lawyer.

  23. Jackson

    She has the same gap between her breast implants like that lying no talent bitch Kim Kardaskank.

  24. chris

    Cindy…. you probably a dumba ss blond as well.

    Friggen idiot. She was a girlfriend not a wife.

    Nice try lesbo.

    girlfriends get kicked to the curb. I hope he dropped a load on he chest first. She got what she deserved.


  25. longcock

    cool now she can fade into obscurity, go away vapid women go do play…oh wait. nvm just go away

  26. james.

    Funnny thing is…every guy in here that said she was arm candy, ugly, barbie, would gladly trade in there fat, homewrecking piece of nothing wife, for 5 mins with her in bed. You can lie and say you wouldnt, but you would. So go ahead and be jealous. Holly is gorgeous. And Hef is the king. Reason he got rid of her. He found better. Ive seen his new chick god damn.

  27. Cindy

    #24 – who said anything about being a wife? All she has to do is threaten to do a tell-all book that reveals how disgusting Hefner has become and how all the Playboy employees laugh at him. Then the remaining pimpled masturbators (for example: you) who worship Playboy will cry, this time because their idol has been shamed and not because Mom won’t tell what the TV lockout code is for the movie channels (oh well, back to the fitness channels and desperate hopes for a riding-up leotard). One way or the other, she’ll get paid, and she deserves every cent.

    Do you need a tissue to dry your tears? Oh, I see you have plenty…but why are they all stuck together?

  28. Harry

    I hear she’s moving onto John McCain.

  29. Cant they arrest her and the others of elderly neglect & mental anguish?

  30. Chip

    Holly was paid for her services as a whore and will not get additionally money from Hef.

  31. mamadough

    i hate stupid pieces of uneducated shit that can’t tell the difference between there, their, and they’re. see #26.

  32. Hef’s got one foot in his coffin. He’s losing his money. And now his women are abandoning him. It was bad enough that they had to vomit every time they were forced to look at his raisiny ass and face. Now he’s going to die alone.

    The sad thing about Hef is that he truly believes that he is envied by people, when the true fact is that he laughed at. He is a joke. A pervy old infirm who can barely walk, who limps around in a tattered old red robe with cellulite ridden blonde whores at his side, holding back their nausea at having to touch his papery flesh. The one thing he had going for him was his money, and now that’s eking away. Now all the blond whores will leave. Poor Hugh…

  33. jason

    TCB???? Taking care of Business?? Any idea anyone?

  34. Ted from LA

    Bachman Turner Overdrive.

  35. PunkA

    Final proof that all the viagra in the world can’t get Hef’s unit up anymore, since it has turned to dust, just like the value of Playboy stock and his portfolio. How long will it be before he sells of the mansion to pay off his debts?

    And #26, Hef has no new chick. Dude is too broke to be anyone’s Sugar Daddy. And too limp to be their grandpa lover. His gig is up.

  36. Thighhighs

    Can’t anyone just admit that maybe the two are no longer together because Holly wanted to get married and Hugh didn’t? Despite the age difference (who cares) maybe that was the downfall. People break up.

  37. hmmmm


    oh please, there isn’t a man alive who doesn’t wish he could be 80 and banging 20 something whores, regardless of how much it costs. why do you think men crave money anyway? it’s a pussy magnet. if women only wanted potatoes, every man alive would be trying to be a farmer.

  38. lame

    what’s up with this site today?

  39. packinwood

    I guess she’ll be working at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada next.

  40. PostmortemG

    #22 & #32 – damn, you two are funny. =D

  41. Ryan

    Now that she isnt on this tv show, why would anyone possibly care that she exists?

  42. RaraAvis

    She’s no longer “dating” Hugh Hefner? Don’t you mean she’s no longer “f*cking” Hugh Hefner? I don’t think what they did qualifies as dating.

  43. BM

    #37- Just because you want to do that in your 80s does not mean all guys would. An 80 year old having “sex” is not really sex.. esp. when it’s a fake viagra erection. And unlike you, some of us here would still like to retain our reputation even at 80, and have a happy life where we are loved as a person and not for our money.

  44. hi

    so sad :( :(

    love you hollyy

  45. wtf

    A reporter should ask her what it’s like to suck on an 82 year old cock

  46. haggardtrish

    Cindy –

    One of Hef’s other ex girlfriends, Izabella St. James, already wrote a “tell all” book about Hef and the mansion and the girlfriends. Basically no one cared what she had to say, and she faded into obscurity, except now shes not even welcome at the mansion like Hef’s other ex’s are…

    There isnt anything Holly could say that people dont already know/assume.

  47. Cindy is Fucking Funny

    That’s all I gotta say.

    I wont be fake and say I sprayed coffee all over my keyboard, or lmao or anything lame and retarded like Sarah Palin’s chromosomally challenged defect.

  48. Holly Lover

    I don’t care what anyone says….I LOVE HOLLY. I also loved them as a couple, just because other people don’t understand it, it doesn’t make it wrong.

  49. …………………………JUST GOOD FRIENDS?

  50. LULU


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