Holly Madison: Bikini Enthusiast

May 15th, 2009 // 119 Comments

Here’s Holly Madison hosting two bikini-centric festivities in Vegas yesterday: The World’s Largest Pool Party and The World’s Largest Bikini Parade which literally broke a Guinness World Record. I’m no Constitutional scholar, but doesn’t that mean she’s the president now? I’m pretty sure that’s how that works. So, who wants to tell Obama? NOT IT!

Photos: Mavrix, WENN

  1. Gando

    She looks great in a bikini.Did anybody tell her this before?

  2. Insatiable Peter a.k.a. Sprinkler

    I’d water her garden: POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH tttttt ttttttt tttttt tttttt ttttt tttttt tttttt POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH POOSH

  3. Darth

    I first thought she recieved her swimming certificate but now i see it’s a Guiness Book of Records certificate!

  4. Joe

    Might be a tranny —calf muscle, need for a huge implant gives it away. Now add add huge hands and feet !

  5. Meg

    Wow, totally fits how she wears a necklace with a crucifix on it. She and her fake rack are so holy…

  6. LPB

    I like that bikini much better than that last she had on from Ed von Dutchy or whoever,

  7. craig

    she’s hot, but i really can’t tell her apart from any other pamela anderson wannabe that hollywood is so saturated with.

  8. craig

    she’s hot, but i really can’t tell her apart from any other pamela anderson wannabe that hollywood is so saturated with.

  9. Bob Frapples

    “Ahh, I miss my ex. Her body was just like that, except olive toned, shorter, and she was Philipino”

    Phllipinos are some ugly looking people. Like little Asian monkeys!

  10. no fashion sense

    isn’t that handbag *so* 2003? come on get with the program, it’s 2009, no one carries those anymore. that said, i think she looks the best here than i’ve ever seen her.

  11. ManiacFive

    well she looks better than she did recently where she had massive dark roots and was sweaty looking but still. she needs to stop being the bleached blonde hef loves, or stop painting her nails black if she insists on being blonde and it highlights the differnce between her eyebrowws and her hair, and just play being a hot bodied lass.

  12. I don’t think she is very attractive at all. I wouldn’t touch her if she paid me. Ok, I’m full of it, nice bikini.

  13. a stylist

    she’s pretty. maybe typical, but her pre- nose job face was not as attractive.

    awfulplasticsurgery.com has her pre-op pics.

    Fake tits? God, who gives a shit? She also has botox going on in her forehead, I dont hear anything about that.

    for a dime a dozen chick she’s done okay.

  14. So that’s what an old gold digger looks like when exposed to the sunlight. Those wrinkles will only get deeper and more numerous Holly. Fame is fleeting when your only talent is having sex with an 80 year old geezer and letting him drool all over the implants he bought you. Keep an eye over your sholder Holly, there’s always another prettier, smarter, more talented hottie coming along to replace ya.

  15. Beastman AIDS

    Hey did you guys hear about Holly Madison? Somebody told me she goes down to Home Depot and pays the migrant workers to go to her house and choke her in the shower.

  16. be honest: WHAT “ELSE” IS THERE, folks?

  17. Miss Australia

    OMG look at the girl standing behind Holly’s right in the yellow bottoms! I don’t want to be mean but she looks a bit out of place doesn’t she?!

  18. Yeah, she will definitely make a nice edition to ANY parade in the USA, or the world for that matter!!

  19. RtSS

    I wanna see camel-toe… Give me camel-toe, or give me death. To camel-toe, or not to camel-toe, that is the question. Four score, and seven camel-toes, our fore fathers set forth to create… Ask not what your camel-toe can do for you, but what you can do for your camel-toe.

  20. Looks great in bikini

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  21. Wow!she’s so sexy on her bikini.

  22. Boogeyman King Dong


  23. john smallcock

    i’d love to be her bikini bottom!!!!

  24. Awsome Body. Nice smile.

  25. ashleigh

    I like her wicked attractive varicose veins on her legs.

  26. ashleigh

    pic #1 her armpit looks like a vagina

  27. Sentient Yeast Infection

    Nothing nastier than a fake blonde with a big stinky thick black bush. Yeah the dark eyebrows make sense. Whore for letting that nasty old perverted fuck wip his limp dick out on her. I bet she had to suck it (piss odor and all) for a loooooong time to get him to come his feeble drops.

  28. I’m not a fan but that’s a great-looking bikini.

  29. BUffon fan

    LOL….Really not sure about that! She used to be good! and all my hot and sincere friends on ” ___ Tall mingle . C O M ___ ” loved her! and she’s popular on the site; so, what happened?

  30. Valerie

    She looks great–but yeah, that hair…..it’s really shitty looking and I FUCKING HATE CROSS NECKLACES!!! Fuckin’ take that shit off, bitch, you ain’t no Christian!

  31. PostmortemG

    “It’s chicks like this that make me determined to raise the $12,000 I need to have a night of sin and escorts.”

    You don’t need $12,000, man. If you can afford a plane ticket to a 3rd world country, you wouldn’t be able to spend $1,000 in one night on strong booze and hot hookers. The ladies you’d have would even be more fuckable than Ms. Madison here. Just be sure you have a solid grasp of the local language, or you’ll be spotted as an obvious foreigner, and be cheated out of some ca$h. And be sure to wear a rubber.

  32. b

    I love it when cheap whores wear crosses around their necks. My favorite is the porn whores that wear their cross while they are fucking 4 guys and get nut all over their face and neck.

  33. Eat Me

    “Fuckin’ take that shit off, bitch, you ain’t no Christian!”


  34. Nero

    Who’s this greasy blonde?

  35. Meg

    “Fuckin’ take that shit off, bitch, you ain’t no Christian!”

    …I love that so much. and I agree.

  36. Boogeyman King Dong

    Doesn’t she know that crab louse can be treated?

  37. Big Daddy10

    Are you blind? she is one ugly bitch.

  38. cathy smith

    WoW…. Maybe U don’t know, some guys are ho-oking up with those se-xy models on the interesting club ____See king Tall @C o M___ , whatever U are fans or not, just have a try. You will find much fun

  39. asscrack

    I would get the GUINESS record fro the most jizz expelled on one woman,,mmmmmm!!

  40. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So my friend ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor come over. For a while we discuss danger Jackie Chan continuwally go thru – doing own stunts. WATCH IT JACKIE ! That Chinese guy know Kung Fu !! Then we have…a little bit of popcorn.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Hi everybody, I’m over at Knee’s. He’s on 17 – I’m down on 16 – (good view of the street.)
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Right. So ‘Frank’ – I understwand you pen this link storwee here for New York Times.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Errr. Right. What your point here Knee?
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : So. ‘Frank’. When you say at the end there :
    “But the 9/11 investigation did illuminate how, a month after Bush received an intelligence brief titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.,” 3,000 Americans were slaughtered on his and Cheney’s watch. If the Obama administration really wants to move on from the dark Bush era, it will need a new commission, backed up by serious law enforcement, to shed light on where every body is buried.”
    I just wondering ‘Frank’ – What you twying to say here exactwee?
    Inside job ?

  41. 59 You racist pig-fucker…………oh, shit…….my BAD! I totally agree.

    Ya’ll know what I don’t like about this lady? She is attractive. But, she is also someone that I (lil ol me) could pick up in a bar.

    nuff sed

  42. mel

    Why hasn’t there been any updates in such a long time???

    I’m tired of looking at Holly

  43. Gando

    Photo 4 shows that her ass cheeks are getting a bit flappy.

  44. Rachell

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but this chick has some really short legs.

  45. Rasputins Liver


    ….she’s pretty slutty lookin’, what with her gutter whore bleach blonde hair, the cellulite, the unflattering ‘kini and those really shitty lookin’ high heels.

    She reminds me of the Saturday night hookers on a hot August night yellin’ out “only twennie-fi’ dolluhs, hunnee an’ y’all can have all dis!”

    She looks like sexual diseases for the rest of one’s life.



  46. Yes she looks like the slut she really is. These ads are stupid.
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  47. She blew me last night & she swallows!

    She’s one hot piece of ass; I’d do her…

  48. boogermeister

    Shouldn’t she peeking out of a water tower on the side of the tracks in some po-dunk town?

  49. mrmr

    woah. im just surprised she has a BOOTY!

    shes like a mini serena… ya kno… thats white.

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