Holly Madison ‘Bowls for Boobies’ (No joke.)

Holly Madison went “Bowling for Boobies” last night at Lucky Strike Lanes to help the Busted Foundation raise money for uninsured women battling breast cancer. The event brought in over $50 grand which is awesome except at one point there was a pervert on the loose, according to LA Daily:

I sat in a bowling booth next to Playboy’s Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s ex-main squeeze of “Girls Next Door” fame. Suddenly I was informed by one of her entourage that there was some creepy dude posing as a UCLA medical professor taking pictures up Playmates’ skirts and claiming it was for some research project he was doing on behalf of the university. Nice one, dude.

Honestly, I don’t know how that didn’t work. I even had a lab coat and Batman mask just like a real doctor. What’s that? Doctors don’t wear masks? Ha ha, okay. Then who am I paying in cash only at the truck stop whenever I get sick? You can quit pulling my leg, guys. No, seriously, my doctor says it has aliens in it that know if I talk to the police.

Thanks to Erin for recognizing my deep, undying love of charity.

Photos: WENN