Holly Madison ‘Bowls for Boobies’ (No joke.)

October 14th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Holly Madison went “Bowling for Boobies” last night at Lucky Strike Lanes to help the Busted Foundation raise money for uninsured women battling breast cancer. The event brought in over $50 grand which is awesome except at one point there was a pervert on the loose, according to LA Daily:

I sat in a bowling booth next to Playboy’s Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s ex-main squeeze of “Girls Next Door” fame. Suddenly I was informed by one of her entourage that there was some creepy dude posing as a UCLA medical professor taking pictures up Playmates’ skirts and claiming it was for some research project he was doing on behalf of the university. Nice one, dude.

Honestly, I don’t know how that didn’t work. I even had a lab coat and Batman mask just like a real doctor. What’s that? Doctors don’t wear masks? Ha ha, okay. Then who am I paying in cash only at the truck stop whenever I get sick? You can quit pulling my leg, guys. No, seriously, my doctor says it has aliens in it that know if I talk to the police.

Thanks to Erin for recognizing my deep, undying love of charity.

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  1. I give her 6 months TOPS

  2. B

    OMG, it’s like the bowling balls are her breasts! Ha, I didn’t get it at first, but that’s soo funny! And she did it again! That never gets old! And again! And, again. And…again…

    Are we sure this isn’t Heidi Montag in disguise? I know I have the same urge to beat her to death with a bowling pin.

  3. Be thankful she didn’t feel obliged to felate the pins.

  4. i read my moms playboy

    2nd !!!!!!!1!11!!!!!!!!1

  5. mamadough

    pretty sure i went to a frat social in college with the same name. jimbo, what the hell were you doing there? i thought you were barred away from the children’s nights as well.

  6. sameshitdifferentyear

    Should I be the first to say it?

    She ain’t even that hot.

    Why is Playboy falling apart? No more Dorothy Stratten’s.

  7. K

    The one w/ the black hair looks a hot mess. Who wears Uggs to a bowling ally??

  8. i read my moms playboy

    @7 dont no dont care but i would leave my hot mess in her anal cave

  9. EuroNeckPain

    “Charity for uninsured women battling breast cancer” ??? What kind of a country lets its citizen go broke and die when they get sick ? That’s awful.

  10. Hannibal King

    Bowling for boobies… well, at least it’s nice to know there taking breast cancer awareness seriously.

  11. Hannibal King

    Bowling for boobies… well, at least it’s nice to know they’re taking breast cancer awareness seriously.

  12. Hannibal King

    I suppose we could count that double post as a pair of breasts, this on the other hand is just me wasting space.

  13. OUCH


    +1. DO NOT WANT

  14. mike

    Jimbo’s thinking “if I really relaxed…maybe…if she went slow…”

  15. ex-patriot

    #9- What kind of country lets their citizens go broke and die when they get cancer? America, that’s who.

    Such a shame.

  16. I'm fucking your mom

    Mikes thinking. Wait, no he isn’t..

  17. 8675309

    @8 no/ know

    I see you are as smart as an “anal cave”

  18. me

    @#9 The same country that’s killing hundreds of our loved ones everyday for NOTHING.

  19. me

    @17…Jenny? Is that you?

  20. 8675309

    20- I’m your best friends girlfriend.

  21. #17 that took me a minute. (your name, I mean) I’m slow today :(

  22. veggi

    Who’s Keith FRIST?? Want me to spike his tab with drain-o??

  23. Now I’m craving fruit pies… mmmmmmmmm big cherry fruit pies!

  24. me

    @21..I hope not. Her boyfriend wouldn’t like that very much. :) Great name, by the way. Gotta love the oldies. They sure do not make them like they used to.

  25. OMG

    Those facial expressions remind me too much of Heidi Montag …I just can’t stand to look at her

  26. Hussein

    She looks too old to be wearing that schoolgirl outfit. She looks more like the teacher. Anyway, her 15 minutes are over and she needs to go back to that stripper gig in Jersey.

  27. Karen

    lol@all the mentions of Heidi Montag. You losers just caint quit her. When Fish posts her again, don’t you dare bitch and moan.

  28. PunkA

    Lets see. Holly and Hef are over, yet she still hasn’t moved out of the PB mansion. Hmmm, wonder what is up with that? Sounds an awful lot like the whole Vern Troyer deal where his sex tape got leaked, he complained about it, but still lived in the same house with the bitch that punked him. Can you say bogus relationships just to make some money. And to think that Hef is in on this makes him look pathetic. At 82, chicks use him for fame, and these days, they don’t even have to sleep with him anymore. Easy money from grandpa.

  29. Hugh Hefner

    Someone stick a penis in her, because she is done….. 2 mos, 30 days abd counting down…

  30. meee

    i definitely have the skirt holly is wearing. weird.

  31. #18 “The same country that’s killing hundreds of our loved ones everyday for NOTHING.” Are freaking kidding me? Hundreds everyday? So last month we lost at least 3,000? Unless you are talking about the abortions that obama thinks are a Constitutional right, you are a total idiot. no wonder this Country is about to elect a socialist.

  32. Hey Veggi? where are the myspace pic?

  33. Damn, I thought the headline said Boweling for Boobies….now that would a been hawt!!

  34. dude

    Do the words “skanky whore whose pussy smells like last week’s tuna left rotting in the sun and is so stanky-stinky it makes the homeless puke and sucked an octogenarian’s dick” have any meaning here?

  35. Maria

    #9 yes, unlike Europe we don’t provide high quality health care to everyone. Then again, I am sure Europe doesn’t give have as much immigrants. US is a country who takes in everyone with a “survival of the fittest” approach.

  36. frankis

    Which is why our country has less spoiled, whining losers who look to the government for our every need. Thank God we aren’t Europe.

  37. dragon43078

    Notice that the girls with her are not the ones from The Girls Next Door?
    The threesome is over. Wa wa wa.

  38. dragon43078

    Notice that the girls with her are not the ones from The Girls Next Door?
    The threesome is over. Wa wa wa.

  39. Pure Evil Rules

    Yes we hate the poor here. And we hate communists, nazis, terrorists (define please), Arabs obviously, blacks, you name it. Oh and each other.
    This place is crumbling and the interconnected will pick up all the pieces and put em back together again only we won’t have a say so and it will no longer be ours.
    Go ahead dumb fuck republicans, feel as though you are in control. I laugh and spit at you and your ignorance.

  40. SIN

    Hey #40, in 2006, when the Republicans controled the house AND senate, gas was $2.09 a gallon. That November the Democrats won the majority in both. Now look at the mess we are in. The President is an idiot, but the controling party, the DEMOCRATS, are to blame for the countries financial issues. They could have voted NO to all of the stupid bill, but they did not. They are just as bad as the Republicans you hate. Face it, they are politicians. They ALL lie, steal and cheat. Some just do it better than others.

  41. palinator

    clearly holly madison has the same pr rep as heidi montag: spencer pratt. (see heidi at the grocery store).

  42. whatever

    @ 28. Karen – October 14, 2008 3:38 PM
    “lol@all the mentions of Heidi Montag. You losers just caint quit her. When Fish posts her again, don’t you dare bitch and moan.”

    Mentioning that some playmate makes the same facial expressions as Heidi Montag is a FAR cry from liking Montag, reading about her or putting her on ones #1 most favorite celebrities list. Please get over yourself.

  43. Vince Lombardi

    Leading representatives of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation announced Wednesday that the month of October would officially be known as Holly Madison Awareness Month, and commemorated the occasion by donating $80 million of their funds to promote the early detection and ultimate eradication of the previously unknown vapid so-call celebrity with no known skills or talent.

  44. ‘Billy’ Durant was a true bowling-fanatic although his CAR-IDEAS were better, folks!!

  45. malicious

    last shot should be called: ‘anorexic’s with plastic tits’

  46. moi

    What are those red marks all over her stomach? Scratches?

  47. fumanchu

    I think she looks alot like Salma Hayek ………..nuff sed

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