Holly Madison & Benji Madden? Sure.

December 10th, 2009 // 53 Comments

Holly Madison, who I’m 98% certain had her breasts pumped up for her birthday, and Benji Madden are reportedly a couple, according to Life & Style:

“[Benji] is just someone I have a crush on…for now!” But earlier that day it looked as if the former Girls Next Door star, 29, and the Good Charlotte rocker, 30, were definitely doing more than hanging out when they stopped for coffee at a Starbucks near Benji’s DCMA office. As the two waited for their drinks, “it was obvious something was going on between them,” says an eyewitness. “Benji stood next to Holly with his arm around her. He was rubbing her lower back and the top of her butt, and she was hanging on his shoulder. They were laughing and flirting the entire time. They couldn’t take their hands off each other!”

I actually believe this, but only because it’s a step-up for both of them. Benji used to date Paris Hilton while Holly was engaged to Criss Angel after getting tired of old man balls in her face. Of course, getting mauled in the pancreas by a grizzly bear would’ve been an improvement in either case.

HOLLY: Aww. This bear isn’t wearing an 8-year-old’s charm necklace collection around its neck.
BENJI: And it doesn’t want to have sex!
BOTH: *sigh*

Photos: WENN

  1. Fuck you


  2. Rod

    FIRST you cockgobblers!

  3. Olsen

    Third. Got nothing to say me, neither!

  4. oh please

    She’s too hot for that ugly bastard

  5. potsy

    Yep, she definitley had a new boob job very recently. I wonder why? They don’t really look smaller or bigger than her previous one…? Maybe she had saline and got silicone? I dunno.

  6. pimp

    i bet she bleaches her asshole…

  7. Dr Rey

    gotta rotate the tires every 5 years or so

  8. daddy likes

    I would lick her asshole ALL DAY LONG!!!

  9. tsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    she needs a makeover, more natural makeup and haircolour

  10. Hefe

    Jesus H. I can’t believe she got the tits bigger.

    WTF was she thinkging?!

  11. Those things did not come from Mother Nature.

  12. Taz

    I’d let her blow me

  13. hateyoufornoreason

    HAHAHA- It’s his Paris substitute with new and improved boobs.

  14. God, those are the most horrible bolt-on implants I’ve ever seen. Hideous.

  15. pimp

    @8…as would i…

  16. Smarter than you

    Nice fish. You reported only three days ago that she turned 30 on her birthday. Now your news quote says that she’s 29. Either you’re not checking facts and proofreading, or your feeding old news.

  17. dont know who she is, but she looks pretty sexy!

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  19. Luis

    i think I wanna fuck her armpit

  20. Truly awesome post. I like Holly Madison.. She has very cute smile.. Really she is very beautiful.

  21. uppl

    u ppl r osers…. 20 comments and noone noticed the white panties on that other ho in that other pic

    wow i really have zilch life

  22. love her big fake boobies!

  23. bmose

    NOTHING screams DOUCHE like a Bing Crosby hat.

  24. Evel Knievel

    LOL that you’re baggin on Hef you cockgobbler.

    Day or night, you DREAM of living that guy’s life.

  25. At this point I would bet Holly Madison would bang flipper the dolphin if meant keeping her fame going.

  26. Tiffany

    Get all of Holly’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=18

  27. wowo.. beautifl boobs…

  28. Is Holly hard up? Maybe it’s that ugly hooker dress she’s wearing.

    She must’ve fucked up her boobs. They looked better back in May:

  29. lola

    Actually I think they are a good, albeit unexpected match. They are in each other’s league. Benji is a good guy so that gives him extra points and Holly is too trashy so it brings her down a few.

  30. Kris C

    If more people listen to the JASON ELLIS SHOW on Sirius/XM then this would of been news 3 weeks ago.

  31. The Dude

    #21 – I thought the same – more white panties!

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