Holly Madison in a Bikini

July 6th, 2010 // 74 Comments

Here’s Holly Madison hosting Wet Republic’s 4th of July party over the weekend and I think it’s time we allow this act of patriotism to make up for the fact she dated Criss Angel. I mean, for all we know he hypnotized her and made her shoplift charm necklaces to prove her love which is almost exactly like the Revolutionary War. Or I could just be reaching for an excuse to insert my penis into this equation (Holly) by referring to it as Paul Revere. *looks down* One if by land, two if by sea but what’s three? Zeppelin?

NOTE: Added pics of Holly’s assistant Angel Porrino. Ben Franklin would want it that way.

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  1. polkadots


  2. justme

    chris angel hit that? how? oh…and when you find out…email me. hasta pronto

  3. I would tap that with anything but Randal’s dick..

  4. Lenny
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    (Angel Porrino>Holly Madison)*10

  5. soyjizzm

    I just jerked off to this

  6. Neen
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    I like Holly, she’s rad

  7. GUY

    bomb bitch. But who the fuck is the other chick? That’s not holly!
    FIRST mother-bitches!!!!!!

  8. soyjizzm
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    I take that back I hate when toes hang off the end of shoes. get back in there jizzm

  9. ToeJam
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    I hate her white hair, it makes her look like an old hag. Stop bleaching your hair!

  10. ToeJam

    I hate her white hair. It makes her look like an old hag. Stop bleaching your hair!!!

  11. Drundel
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    Did no-one tell her not to have an assistant who is better looking than she its? Cuter face, real tits, win.

  12. RatsAss

    Hi cunt.

  13. Deacon Jones' Liver

    No ass shots, wonderful.

    And when does Kendra’s sex tape come out?

    (crawls back into toilet, closes lid)

  14. Gene

    I’d do her. Hell, it’s been six months. I’d do Rosie O’Donnell.

    Ummm…on second thought, disregard that last.

  15. Racer X

    She sucked grand-daddy dick for a living.


    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Who cares, they all sucked somebody you would hate. God knows I have eaten some I don’t brag about.
      What is important is how well a women sucks ME; and tastes.

  16. Turd Ferguson
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    wow the assistant is hot!

    • Anon

      I believe the Angel girl was in an episode of The Girls Next Door. She went in for a testing, but didn’t make it. Looks like she got a boob job, because on the show she was an A cup.
      So much for her ‘religious’ upbringing.

  17. lalalalalaaa
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    she has a decent body but her face just.. sucks. she had a nose job and her nose still looks goofy as hell!

  18. Taz


  19. yayo


  20. PoohEater

    I would chew on her diarrhea-stained underwear like it was a stick of Wrigley’s.

  21. Mike Iksard
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    DING! Sorry Maam, your fifteen minutes is up, May I escort you to the Hardcore porn bus now?

  22. Hefe
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    Holly is so friggin hot.

    Ladies, take note.

  23. jake
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    her body has nice features that i’m sure cost a pretty penny but her face sucks and doesn’t go with everything else, even though i’m sure she/someone paid a lot to get her face to where it is today. To me, she’s a stack of shit.

  24. stevebeagle

    shame she feels the need to run around with that obnoxious twink on that show of hers

  25. Armando

    ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS y are there never ASS shots?

  26. Sharkey

    Someone needs to tell Heidi Montag that this bitch has a better body and tits so she goes and gets more surgery. Maybe she’ll finally die on the table or suffer horrible rejections.

  27. Al
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    This gallery needs an ass shot.

  28. Ego

    Hiedi Montag vs. Holly Madison…. FIGHT!

  29. mfb

    She is so friggin hot….the measuring stick of what all other women should be held to!!!!!

  30. Dominick
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    The thumbnail carousel sucks. Really. Please scrap that thing and just show us all the thumbs all the time.



  31. jimbeam

    Ew. Wet Republic has gone so ghetto. I saw her in person last year and her hair is so bleached, she photographs much better than she looks.

  32. bitingontinfoil

    Still a ditzy *superficial* (nudge nudge) fake assed no-talent blond, but a MUCH better body than that square-assed tranny you had up for July 4th – good recover!

  33. EatCake

    Who the fuck is Holly Madison that she needs AN ASSISTANT!?!?! To help her do what?!?!

  34. barroom hero

    I always thought all three of them looked like total trailer trash…I’d still bop it.


  35. Some Girl

    She shares my birthday, is so pretty, and I love her personality! Go Holly.

  36. Commented on this photo:

    Holly is awesome. I wanna know her secret to a bomb body.

  37. bridget
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  38. Commented on this photo:

    i will tounge punch her fart box, before all is said and done.whatever that means it will go down or i will then she will. i heard she loves white rappers.

  39. Charity
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    my little sister used to model with Angel, before Angel went to the Playboy casting for hooker of the year or whatever it was. Apparently Angel is as sweet and adorable as she appears on the show, and every bit as dumb. But it works for her, as long as my sister knew her she was always a likeable girl. As much as I want to kick her for her baby voice, i can’t hate her. she’s like that maltese puppy you bought from the pet store that is the cutest thing in the world but can’t be left alone with a water bowl or it’ll drown itself.

  40. captain america

    …………..she must like me.

  41. jimbeam

    ya I saw them all in vegas on hef’s bday, kendra is really not that attractive, none of them are beautiful by any means, but like i said they photograph very well. madison was the best looking. she doesnt need an assistant it is pr to make her seem more successful than she is

  42. Kaz

    Breast breast so big

  43. Necrotic Erotic

    This whore had quasi sex with a semi cadaver for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Ahhhhhh our modern world is truly evolutionary isn’t it?

    • Russell B Wood

      All Women have sex for $$$$’s. Some call it commitment, but it’s $$$$.
      Always been that way, always will.
      We men pay for Sex every time.
      Who cares, she looks like you get your $$$ worth. Now my ex wife, that was a ripoff,

  44. An old ho

    Joshie Joshie Joshie

  45. Darth

    Her belly looks sticky.

  46. jenna

    Holly seems like a lost child since she left Hef. She is beautiful with or without make up. I love her work ethic, its a shame she sometimes has to call Hef for help landing a gig though. But he comes through for her… good man.

    Bridget seems to be the only one that has done well all by herself since leaving the mansion. She is a gorgous woman that was smart and earned her college degrees while with Hef so she could make it on her own. And she is a good friend to the girls and Hef.

    Kendra, well, I have a love/dislike for her. She was just barely 18 when she became Hef’s girlfriend. Yes, I know she had her wicked fun in her teen years and I still feel her sex tape was made before she was 18. Seems she had her “girls” done at 18 and if you look at the video she is no where as busty. Yet I understand her wildside, and I understand she’s grown up in a lot of ways and loves her husband and son. I wish all of them and Hef a wonderful fulfilling life!!!!

  47. Cardinal Fang

    The whole bleach look …ah never mind. I’d tag it.

  48. Dev T.

    How long did it take for you to find a bikini that looks as soft as you?

    If it was 45 min to 1 hr, that is what I think is applicable.

    white satin…. bikini

    I like seeing your free to ware a bikini in public without illegal restrictions of contract.

  49. Ned
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    Despite the fake boobs I’d still bang her doggy style.

  50. kit

    hot body, weird face is the only thing i can think of when i see her…

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