Holly Madison’s Adopting A Baby

Because Hugh Hefner might die before he takes a break from banging younger runaways willing to change a diaper for a buffalo nickel, Holly Madison is in the process of adopting a baby, according to In Touch, who’s apparently going to buy all this busy theater actress talk:

Holly faults her trying schedule, which is jam-packed with events and theater roles, as the main reason she doesn’t have a bundle of joy just yet.
“I love performing in the theater [Translation: Stripping.], and you can’t really do that when you’re pregnant [outside of the South],” the former Girl Next Door star explains.

“It was when my adopted mother looked into my hungry nine-month-old eyes and said these words to me I’ll never forget, ‘No, no, those are just for decoration.’ That’s when I knew I had to carve the demons out of hitchhikers with my Holy Riding Mower of Truth.” – Christopher Hugh Angel Madison vs. City of North Las Vegas

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