So What’s The Deal With American Taliban Girl?

July 7th, 2014 // 100 Comments
Holly Fisher Holly Hobby Lobby
Speaking Of Terrorists
Russell Brand
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If you’re like me, you probably saw the above pic floating around Facebook over the weekend and wondered what the retarded backstory was behind it. Turns out it involved the perfect storm of thinking Bristol Palin has a great idea and taking American Christian conservatism to its logical extreme. You see, Holly Fisher a.k.a. “Holly Hobby Lobby“, who you’ll never guess is from West Virginia (Sorry, GW.), apparently tweets photos to troll liberals like posing in front of Hobby Lobby in a Pro-Life T-shirt while holding a Chick-Fil-a cup. Stupid shit that will be real funny someday when one of her three kids ends up being gay or knocks somebody up in high school. Except apparently her followers didn’t think she was America enough yet and prompted her to add more guns, Bibles and flags, so she posed for the above pic (sans the second terrorist) and then the Internet happened. And surprisingly without making Superman buttsex Batman or turning her into a Game of Thrones GIF. I don’t even know who you people are anymore.

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  1. Kim Kardasian is a pisspot. A fat, filthy PISSPOT.

  2. Greg

    She’s cute.,

  3. Mitch

    A cute girl with an AR-15 will be needed to protect all of the cowardly lefties when islamic jihad breaks out here in the USA.

    Personally I think it will be great fun when you start seeing posts from Fish begging for gun toting chicks to protect him from violent islamists who are trying to slit his throat for posting bikini pics.

    • Man, I’ll bet your parents are still kicking themselves for not airing all the paint fumes out of the nursery when they painted it before stashing you in there.

      • Mitch

        You seriously don’t think that islamic jihad in America isn’t a possibility? We’ve already been attacked several times since 9/11, even though the idiots in DC (repubs AND dems) are big pussies and won’t call it for what it is for fear of upsetting people.

        You just keep that head of yours buried in the sand.

      • Mitch, you need to keep your fears in check. Maybe see a shrink.

      • Mitch

        There is a big difference between fears and reality my friend.

        I don’t expect very many people posting at a celebrity gossip site to be firmly grounded in reality, and that includes you.

        Let’s face it, most people who frequent this site don’t have a clue about national current events, let alone what is happening on the other side of the world. And that’s fine with me, because it just means that there will be a large number of sheeple walking into the slaughter while I get out of the way.

      • Internet brave tough guy thinks other people are ill informed and sheeple is priceless, like most of your not to bright ilk your own hypocrisy seems lost on you.

      • Mitch

        Did I hit a little too close to home for you?

        BTW, your command of the English language leaves a lot to be desired. I wouldn’t go around throwing stones while living in that glass house.

      • Not at all jr and unlike you I would say anything I post to anyone’s face while I bet you wouldn’t say half the crap you post to anyone’s face.
        Being a coward and all like your hero Ted Nugent I am sure you would just crap and piss yourself in the face of any real danger.

      • Mitch Haase

        Listen here Sunnyd, you don’t know shit about me so you would be best not to assume. You’re the one who came out of the closet with your tough internet guy routine, not me.

        The fact of the matter is that you’re just another ignorant twat jerking off to the computer. There were a lot of people like you who thought they knew everything and were caught off guard, only to end up crying like babies when the rug was pulled out from under them.

        You can keep your pollyanna outlook, I’d rather take the other path.

      • Persistent Cat

        I like how you told Sunnyd not to act like he knew you and then you proceed to do the same to him. You’re why no one listens to trolls.

      • Wrong answer jr, if you read above you generalize about pretty much everyone who disagrees with your narrow minded view,
        So I know plenty about little want be tough guy mitchie he is just like his hero Ted Nugent and will just crap and piss himself in the face of any real danger.
        So piss off little internet tough guy, just like I said you wouldn’t say shit to anyone in real life unless you were holding a gun and even then if they confront your defense is the piss and shit yourself like the true coward you are.
        So in closing fuck off and go to a site where other dim bulbs you belong.

      • Mitch

        OMG, is that the best you can come up with?

        You’ve got some serious issues there Sunnyd, the least of which is hiding behind a corporate moniker like a coward.

      • Sorry my chickenshit to English dictionary is broken all I got from your reply was admission that you are a cowardly ignorant little dipshit not even bright enough to realize your own hypocrisy.
        Now go fuck off and visit a site where other dimbulbs like you post.

      • Somethought

        How many civilians were killed in your last “foray” into Iraq … ??? Which started with “Shock and Awe” and attempt to scare the hell out the of Iraqis so they just gave up (the basic definition of terrorism) …

      • ‘I don’t expect very many people posting at a celebrity gossip site to be firmly grounded in reality’

        Of course. You’re the Superficial exception, along with all those who agree with you, right? The rest of us here must just be ill-informed ungulates, skipping deludedly along with masks and earplugs.

        Not egocentric at all.

      • Father Dougal

        “There is a big difference between fears and reality my friend”

        Fer feck’s sakes! That’s exactly the point!! Learn to recognize that difference, son!

      • Scruffer

        The US is under attack from Christianists, if anything…..
        Extreme religionists, be they Christians, Islamists or Judiaists are waging war based on beliefs only.
        No extremes come to any good in general.
        Extremes are generated by poverty and feelings of powerlessness.
        People need to get together around the above issues, not let organized religion pretend to make things right. They won’t. At any top-level of any organized religion, the top is doing very very well. They use and abuse the suckers who actually believe in the good.
        No matter where. It’s the same all over.
        People need to stand up for themselves and against the riches/powers/conmen.
        After all, most of us want a decent and honest life. A family. Work a decent and honest job to support our families.
        It’s the corrupt few that ruin it for all of us.

    • You’re a dumb person.

    • Sulianto

      had she been born in a different place in the world with a different religion she would proudly be standing up for Islam and not Christianity. Fundamentalism knows no national borders. See, we aren’t so different after all – even in our extremism.

    • j/k

      What video game do you live in?

    • I bet you got rock hard when you wrote “. . . slit his throat for posting bikini pics.”

  4. Whats wrong with America, see above.

    American Taliban.

    Please you trolls who are going to defend her enlighten me to the difference between her extreme ideology and theirs…..

    • Jesus and Muhammad are both viewing these 2 photos from on-high whilst shaking their heads, but Muhammad is muttering “…jesus, what a couple of idiots…” while Jesus is muttering “…muhammed, what a couple of idiots…”

    • Brandon

      Holly isn’t interested in slaughtering people she considers heretics, heathens and infidels.

    • Ted

      The jihadi on the right wants to kill all jews, gays and non-muslims. She would happily stone a woman to death for adultery or if she disobeyed her father, or went out dressed like the girl on the left. If given the opportunity, she would use her rifle to mow down as many of the above as possible.

      Other than that, I guess no real difference. You nailed it!

    • Why do you even ask the difference?
      If you can’t see the difference between American patiriotism and what the Islamists/Taliban/moslem Brotherhood/ISIS/Al Qaeda are doing, you probably voted for 0bama.

  5. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Is it me or are those 2 different girls? Face is completely different.

    • Click the ‘internet happened’ link. They are two different girls.

    • Fish’s point, and it’s an incredibly stupid one, is that the two women are equal. No way an American girl willing to fight for her country is any better than some Islamist broad willing to kill schoolchildren and shopkeepers and farmers for her religion. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the state the idiot left are in these days.

      I’m not sure if Fish is putting us on, or is having some SERIOUS drug abuse issues.

  6. JimBB

    They’re both kind of cute. I’m thinking it’s God’s will for me to unite them in my household–a Holy Summit to be held in my bedroom, where we can all discuss God’s plan and how monogamy and abstinence are not the True Will of The Lord.

    • Brandon

      Muslims don’t believe in monogamy and there’s a difference between abstinence and chastity. Also, it’s likely both are married, so abstinence isn’t an issue.

  7. “tweets photos to troll liberals”

  8. ‘tweets photos to troll liberals’

    Do these fucking idiots seriously have nothing better to do than intentionally stir up shit?

    Fuck, I hate people.

    • An even better question might be, What level of arrogance do you need to have to imagine that this girl’s twit pics are really about you….?

      But assuming it is, since you can’t control the actions of others, maybe it’s best to examine your own response to other’s actions…

      Do these fucking idiots seriously have nothing better to do than get trolled?

      Fuck, I hate people.

      • Tweets for the sole purpose of stirring up shit don’t have to be about you in order for them to be irritating as fuck. Replace ‘liberals’ with ‘conservatives’, or ‘Christians’, Atheists’, ‘vegans’, ‘pro-lifers’ ‘Bieber fans’, or any other group of people on the planet, and it’s the same thing. There are enough problems in this world without needing dickholes intentionally causing strife because they have nothing better to do, *especially* about issues where both sides are already at each others’ throats.

        Not being able to control the actions of others doesn’t mean you have to sanction idiotic behaviour, Trolls are fucking annoying, period.

      • I seem to remember a whole post dedicated to dudes kissing dudes in front of chik fil a.

        I suppose its a fine line between celebrating what you believe in and just purposefully pissing people off.

        I’m of the opinion that you should just ignore what pisses you off. Otherwise you’re just another jackass that jerks off to their own anger.

  9. I really don’t understand the point here… really what the fuck is wrong with this girl’s twitter account? That she buys into the whole skygod thing and poses with fairy tale books and guns and shit?

    Srsly, brah. Who gives a fuck?

    As dumbfuck as I find skygods and pro-lifers, that’s their fucking business. And if they have some sort of moral objection to paying for Plan B, then whatever. You’d flip shit, and rightly so, if you were forced by law to support some sort of Jesus shit. I really don’t see the difference.

    Also, fundamentally, you’re feigned outrage really needs to be directed at the USSC, who made the ruling you didn’t like.

    • We are forced by law to support “Jesus shit”.

      Christian churches don’t pay taxes in the US.

      Somebody has to pay the share they aren’t paying.

      So we are subsidizing religion.

      End tax exemptions for ALL organised religion NOW.

      “How much money does the U.S. government forgo by not taxing religious institutions? According to a University of Tampa professor, perhaps as much as $71 billion a year.
      Ryan Cragun, an assistant professor of sociology, and two students examined U.S. tax laws to estimate the total cost of tax exemptions for religious institutions — on property, donations, business enterprises, capital gains and “parsonage allowances,” which permit clergy to deduct housing costs.”

      • I’m with you on businesses paying corporate taxes, Steven. But there are logic fails in your comparison.

      • The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is presently building a $1.5 BILLION mega mall in Utah. They are for it with tithing from their members.

        That’s no longer religion, it’s retail sales.

      • Brandon

        The churches will just shut down and become “home churches” wherein they don’t have to worry about taxes, except those they pay as individual citizens and they can also then say whatever they want about politics during service.

      • Mitch Haase

        At the rate things are going around the world, you won’t have to worry about there being any churches left to pay any taxes. Actually, the only taxes being paid will be those paid by the infidels who refuse to convert to islam.

        Better start saving your tax dollars for allah.

      • I am astounded. I never knew that Eeyore could type. BTW, Mitch, do you have the inside line on who really shot JFK?

  10. Bryan

    I can’t think of a single possible rebuttal to the point made by the Muslim girl in her photo. Well done.

    • I want to put all the believers in the Sky God(s) in one place and let them fight to the death. God will make sure the Chosen People are triumphant.

      Meanwhile, lots more parking for the rest of us! It’s win-win.

    • Mike Walker

      Tell terrorist girl to put on a tank top and take it from there.

      • She’s a terrorist because a moron such as yourself says she is? Your a scared little prick! F U!

      • Ya know Bob M, calling someone a moron and using the wrong version of ‘your’ (should be ‘you’re’) is really a sloppy move. No one will ever take you seriously until you get those minor things straight in your alleged mind.

    • Brandon

      Holly’s picture was a response to someone stating she forgot three things in her first picture, so she took it and posted it as a comedic response to said reply to the original picture that started the whole thing. The terrorist’s intentions behind the pic are radically different.

  11. Wally's Beaver

    My hobby is to stick my knobby in her lobby.

  12. Has anyone told Miss Fundamentalist Christian of 2014 that she has the fucking American flag hung wrong? The Stars go on the left.

    • Brandon

      The flag is hanging on a flagpole outside her home. It is hanging properly because the field of blue is against the pole and at the top. It doesn’t matter on which side she stands for photographs.

  13. I’m with Fish on a lot of things, but, when it comes to the concept of God, I could not disagree with him more. No doubt about it, God exists, and this particular story is a clear example of his presence – in essence: stories like this one are total proof that some deity is fucking with us, so it can laugh at how dumb humanity is in general.

    Put it to you this way: you got a guy amusing himself by repeatedly dropping shoes around cockroaches, running everywhere for their live to not be crunch by them. Well, the guy is God; the cockroaches, humanity; and the shoes, religions. And God has been having a hell of a time with this little game for about five millenniums now…

  14. I like that they both chose the same gun.

  15. j/k

    I would like to know the odds of someone accidentally shooting themselves with a gun vs the odds of them actually using that gun to defend their family against a home invasion.

  16. Someone needs to tell her that the thing liberals hate the most is topless photos.

  17. Bringbackbabalu

    Copy and pasted from the last 3 times I posted it=P

    Just because you are a useless waste of life with no morals or common sense, doesn’t mean you need to be emo and offended about everything. So if she has stupid kids, and is a bad parent, and her son/daughter is not responsible and has a kid, they should punish the kid and kill it because of that? The problem is, all the people like Fish that weren’t aborted grew up and being the mistakes they were, they are bitter and hateful and jealous of everyone else so they want to kill kill kill.

    So what, if they have a kid and it turns out to be a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a fag, or you name it…it is a free world. Even conservatives have broken families, and life isn’t perfect. But at least we aren’t like the Muslim barbarians, or the tony and cosmopolitan liberals that didn’t care about slavery, or human rights, womans rights…they still don’t. The hypocrisy of people like fish is the biggest problem with our world. These losers have no morals, yet they try to act like they do. Act all superior, and try to control what everyone thinks and feels. What is honestly wrong with you people? What is your excuse for being such a failure of a person, Fish? Of personifying everything that is wrong with the human race, and trying to fight everything that is good and right? Gay people all suck, they have terrible attitudes and personalities and they are a blight on this planet. Any other species that has homosexual members GO AGAINST NATURE. If you were born one race, and you want to be another…kill yourself or just get over it. Any species that could condone homosexuality goes against nature itself. We were created a certain way.

    IF WE WERE MEANT TO NOT BE STRAIGHT THEN OUR RACE WOULD BE ASEXUAL AND WE WOULDN’T HAVE DIFFERENT ORGANS ON THE MALES AND FEMALES! We were created by god, or aliens, or reptile people. or yetis, or who really knows…but our whole reason to be alive is to live. And mostly, to love. Anyone who feels otherwise is just a mistake of nature. Just like people born with retardation, or maimed or so many different things…we don’t kill blind people! However, we don’t allow them to fire a gun, or treat them exactly the same as someone that can see. This is not because they are lesser people, but they are simply missing something.

    I say let them do as they wish, but when it comes to something that is for straight people…they can seriously drop dead. They don’t deserve special treatment, just like a blind person isn’t going to become a pilot. Or a sniper. Or maybe a few other jobs that require your eyesight. Something like marriage is by definition a union between a man, and woman. Not a man and goat, not a man and dog, not a man and man, not a child and man…every arguement is totally in vain and lame. If you condone a freak show marriage like this, then you also condone bigomy, inter species relationships, pedophilia, etc etc…The sad thing is, deep down…everyone of them know it is right. Or, they are just too out of touch with their humanity to know.

    The girl on the left could be a lot of things. But, if she is a radical Muslim, she is an evil, mindless, murdering brainwashed spawn of age old society full of NOTHING but hate, rape, theft, and murder.

    1000 years ago, Europe was full of barbarians…and the Muslims had math, science, medicine, perfume, etc…etc…they were 1000 years ahead of the barbarians…yet, in a few short centuries the Muslims were STILL killing and murdering each other, as they had done for 1000s of years, and made no progress. Has ANYTHING changed? Females are living in the dark ages there. Rape. murder, theft, religious persecution…it all runs rampant in places like Iran. The ONLY reason the elites and leaders have money and power and small armies, is oil…look at the UAE! They have oil, but they also are open minded. They have at least made a small amount of progress.

    If (why does it insist on correcting my capital I and making it lower case?) If everyone was gay, no one would be here. The world would be empty. Nature would have fixed our race and we would be extinct, and every animal species that we torture and murder and maim, would be thriving. Until, by whatever means another intelligent creature sprouts up and they would thrive and survive, until they started ignoring common sense, and what they know was right…and started thinking that ideas and thoughts and “the social flavor of the day” was more important than life and nature? It is not. Gays our wrong, and we would be better off if we didn’t try to pander to everyone that ever has been offended because political correct idiots with no morals want to feel important.

    I love it, the same people who speak up for gay rights now…they are racist. If this was 100 or 150 years ago, they would be the same ones going on about slavery, or civil rights, or native american rights…or you name it. WHICH ARE GREAT THINGS! Voltaire and Locke and all those that wrote enlightened philosophy that let to the ideas that formed this nation…they truly believed what they said. They didn’t want to just act like they cared to make themselves feel better, when they know they have the moral compass of a NAZI death camp guard.

    A lot of these same people that speak out for gays, would easily be the people in the next camps pulling the switch to murder mass whites, or catholics, or jews, or blacks…pick your scapegoat…that is the fucking truth. Do you think all of these useless liberals in CA and NY and the big cities in between give a fuck about anyone but themselves? They are talk, talk talk…but if it EVER came to making a sacrifice, they would not be the ones to stand up. I hate you fish. I hate you and everyone like you. Close minded, bigot that sits here and insults and judges everyone else…

    In closing, I have 2 points. 1. Why is the girl on the right, who is speaking up for what she believes in! Religion, guns, and speaking out for what you think is right doesn’t make someone a bad person. The girl on the left, in her country if you were gay they would kill you or stone you. If that girl didn’t do as her father told her, and she married outside of her religion, SHE WOULD BE DEAD.


    Yet a girl who stands up for exactly what America stands for is evil, and demonized…what is wrong with you Fish, just please tell us!

    So simple that if the girl on the right had her world, her way…it would be like the US at its best. Say WHATEVER you want about our country, it was more the leaders than the people. Leaders go against the will of the people, like Chairman Barry…and then the world condemns us for them…who started Vietnam? Korea? Old alliances, politics…did anyone really believe the domino theory? You read it in history books, but the truth is that almost 100% of the US people thought that it was all a joke. Maybe Iraq was a mistake, but to save people from a murdering madman dictator with endless bank account and no common sense was something that needed to be done. If the UN wasn’t corrupt, we would have taken care of the world long ago and it would be a much better place…Russia, Iran, China, North Korea…we should have neutered all of them like we did to Japan and Germany.

    Funny, we had the power to take over the world, and we spent our money instead on rebullding…WW2 is what started our countries debt…if we were smart, we would have weakened the rest of the world and strengthened ourselves…like any other country would, but we were the protectors of freedom and democracy…

    We get like all of our oil from US, Canada, South America…when we invaded Iraq this was true…..

    2. Gays are wrong, from the start our souls were made in pairs. If you ever want to find your soulmate, or to follow the reason you were created……..

  18. turdblossom

    Well the one glaring difference to anybody with a brain and access to google is that the woman on the right is a suicide bomber who murdered 4 people, and the one on the left took a picture to piss off some liberals.

    • Mitch Haase

      Most liberals have never learned how to properly use their brains.

      If your not a liberal at age 20, you don’t have a heart. If your not a conservative at age 40, you don’t have a brain.

      • Persistent Cat

        If you are going to call people dumb, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

      • If you haven’t figured out by age 12 that the Democratic & Republican parties are the same entity pretending to be two to divide and rule you have an IQ below 100 and should have your voting rights removed.

  19. If there is an outbreak of terrorism in the USA, it will be from the so-called “Christian Right” and not Islamists.

    Not that I care much for either version of the God botherers.

    • Mitch Haase

      I know what you mean. All of those violent christians around the middle east, slitting peoples throats and mowing them down with suicide bombs.

      And trying to shift the blame on those poor, peaceful islamists! They should be ashamed of themselves.

      Goddamn, you are a clueless twat.

    • Like the Occupy bomb plotters in Ohio, or the Family Research Council shooter? Or did you mean Hassan Nidal the first Fort Hood Shooter?

      • Mitch

        First off, the Occupy groups were nothing more than a bunch of lazy junkies who had nothing better to do than do drugs and defecate in public.

        Secondly, the family research council shooter I’ve never heard of but I will assume by the name it was some anti-abortion fanatic. Blaming an entire group or religion by the act of a few nutcases is just ignorance. That’s akin to saying that all blacks are murderous thugs after last weekends black violence in Chicago.

        Third, yes, Nidal is one of the terrorist attacks I would be referring to. There will be many more to come in the future. Denying that fact is absurd.

      • “Blaming an entire group or religion by the act of a few nutcases is just ignorance.”

        I’m guessing the rest of that sentence should have read “unless I’m the one making the blanket statements” because these are some of Mitch’s other thoughts about painting with a broad brush:

        “A cute girl with an AR-15 will be needed to protect all of the cowardly lefties when islamic jihad breaks out here in the USA.
        Personally I think it will be great fun when you start seeing posts from Fish begging for gun toting chicks to protect him from violent islamists who are trying to slit his throat for posting bikini pics”

        “Actually, the only taxes being paid will be those paid by the infidels who refuse to convert to islam.
        Better start saving your tax dollars for allah.”

        “Most liberals have never learned how to properly use their brains.”

      • let'sgetstonedanddrunkASfuck

        “Blaming an entire group or religion by the act of a few nutcases is just ignorance.”

        Says the guy who’s positive Muslims are going to take over the U.S.

      • Mitch

        In case you haven’t been paying attention, violent muslim jihadists have been taking over a very large chunk of the middle east over the last year, and they’ve been taking it away from people who have been fighting tooth and nail to keep it from them.

        In order for violent muslim jihadists to take over the USA, all they would need to do is walk on in. This country has been pussified to the point that there would very little resistance.

  20. Mitch, for some strange reason, you seem to believe that the method of slaughter is the real concern, rather than its purpose or scale, and this somehow allows you to perceive “clean” technological approaches to killing as somehow better than the more coarse, manual methods. A suicide bomber uses the coarsest delivery mechanism, one which requires the ultimate risk. The drone uses a more accurate delivery mechanism with almost no risk. Other than that, explosions are explosions, deaths are deaths, and their civilian slaughter is our “collateral damage.” The penetration of Islamic jihadist assault into U.S. territory peaked on 9/11, over a decade ago, using a plane…OUR plane…as a delivery mechanism. They couldn’t even develop a delivery mechanism capable of attacking U.S. soil on their own. It simply demonstrates how illogically fearful you are that you would believe such an event to be a fundamental and on-going threat to the very foundation of our nation. A quick review of the scale of death in the Iraq and Afghan wars demonstrates that we are far more efficient killing machines than those Islamic jihadists that you fear are hiding under your bed at night. And it might be worth mentioning that the vast majority of carnage has been perpetrated on their soil, not ours, so the idea that they are “coming for us” seems rather ludicrous.

    The fact that you decide to conclude your paranoid conclusions with a denigration of a woman based on her sex simply further demonstrates how little difference there is between Christian and Islamic jihadists. Thank whatever god you choose that technology is on our side.

  21. There’s an upside to traditional conservative girls: they have to obey. “Woman, take out the garbage. Hey don’t blame me McRib, it’s gods will. And make sure you wash up afterwards, I want you clean for my evening blowjob, amen hallelujah.”

  22. nowon_yuno

    Yep thats just as dumb as telling a women to piss herself so a guy will stop raping her. Ignorance and bad ideas have no politcal affiliation

  23. If your religion inspires you to pick up a gun to show how much you love your god, you might be misinterpreting your particular holy tomes.

    • cory

      The American woman doesn’t have the gun because of her religion, unlike the Islamist where revenge and slaughter is a central tenant of the religion. Second amendment gun rights and Christian fundamentalism are two very different things. The reason she is using the Flag, Bible, and AK, in the picture is strictly to say “fuck you” to 3 different liberal sacred cows.

      She’s getting the exact reaction from the Left that she was intending.

  24. Darling

    I find it funny that the largest number of entitlement recipients are from West Virginia… same goes for social security disability. All anti-Obama, god and country, but refuse to update skills outside of factory level work. Obviously they can’t work because who else is going to troll the internet all day.

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