Hold My Beer, Josh Duggar Thinks His Privacy Was Breached

Seems like Josh Duggar is no stranger to hypocrisy. This is the same guy who took time out of his extramarital vagina rampages on OK Cupid to talk about how gays threaten the sanctity of marriage. He’s also the same guy who admittedly molested his underage family members and then turned around to chair an organization that saw transgendered people as a ‘threat to children’. Don’t worry about that last one though, God told him everything was chill.

Now his lawyers are claiming that it’s the court’s fault that everyone found out he actually has the piety of a truck stop janitor who uses regurgitated gas station burritos as lube. From PageSix:

Lawyers for reality TV personality Josh Duggar say he faced “unwarranted public scrutiny” after his sisters were revealed to have told police they’d been molested by him.

Duggar’s lawyers made the comment in a complaint in which he’s seeking to join his sisters’ breach-of-privacy lawsuit. They’re suing the city of Springdale and Washington County, Arkansas, and publishers of InTouch Weekly, which first revealed their identities.

His sisters might have a legit case as they were victims (as well as minors) and were fucking sexually molested by their brother, but I can’t see a judge telling Josh and his lawyers, “hey bro, our bad for telling everyone you molested your sisters and a babysitter after you were already an established public figure (albeit grade-D). Maybe if that never happened you could still be giving talks to terrified and misinformed Arkansas children about how being gay will make your penis fall off. Praise God.”

Then again Josh struck a deal with the Dark Lord that allows him to continue his life of being a misogynistic fame whore whose sole purpose is to spawn more followers for His coming… Side note, his wife had another kid with him after she found out he molested children and banged one (probably two) strippers in Washington DC. Hail Satan!