Hillary Duff DGAF About a Parking Ticket

Hillary Duff found herself cock blocking the long dick of the law recently when she was spotted getting a ticket from a motorcycle patrolman. She took the ticket in stride and the cop was lucky that he didn’t have to call for backup. It seemed she was parked in a loading zone outside a hair salon, which is the most badass crime you can commit next to robbing a bank to score a little extra meth money.

My sources at the Baskin Robins tell me she resisted every urge to crank up Kid Rock’s “Bawitdaba” and challenge the cop’s authority with some civil protest… Duff style. Most cops that give Hillary Duff a ticket suffer from years of PTSD and never walk away from the vehicle without that blank, thousand mile stare that you can only get when you get up close and personal with her badass boobage.

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