Hilary Swank not divorced yet

January 18th, 2006 // 11 Comments

swank-lowe.jpgHilary Swank says she’s still trying to save her marriage to Chad Lowe, even though they just recently announced their separation. She told Access Hollywood during the Golden Globes: “We’re still trying to save it. It’s not over, we’re not divorced. We’ve been together for over 13 years, and there’s a lot of love there. We’re still married.”

It’s nice to see that not all Hollywood couples give up on their marriage at the first sign of trouble. I think the secret is to stay as far away from Angelina Jolie as humanly possible. I read in a scientific magazine that just being within 100 feet of her causes men to murder their wives and throw themselves at her feet. And that’s usually pretty bad for marriages.



  1. HollyJ

    Hell, I’m a straight married WOMAN, and I’D probably throw myself at her feet. She’s gorgeous.

  2. SuperSpence

    You know, I never really stopped to notice Chad Lowe before, a behavior which I’m told is quite common humans, including Mr Lowe’s wife. Now that I have stopped to notice Mr Lowe, I sort of wish I hadn’t. Someone should have told me he’s a plain, fading, doofus with a forehead so hideously large that I could scrawl the names of all of Paris Hilton’s sex partners in Arabic upon it and still have room punch Mr Lowe in the skull without getting any ink on my knuckles. I’m pretty sure the only reason Ms Swank is trying to reconcile with her husband is that she knows she looks a hell of a lot better standing next to him than standing by herself.

  3. Jayne

    I have nothing against Swank and Lowe…for some odd reason.
    Neither are attractive but by golly..they look good together.
    Here’s hoping they get their shit together.

  4. More Cowbell? Thats right I am saying it again. Hilary Swank vs B.T. girl. Drop kicked in round 1, B.T. walks away with the gold.

    Puppet face left behind with Lowe. What a sad looking couple.

  5. Tink

    yawn yawn… Hilary Skank, I mean Swank is Boring!! She’s not even pretty.

  6. Soon after this interview Hillary was overheard to say “You! Non-Person, Get me a beer!. And when it took Chad more than 30 seconds she ran up to him and started hitting him with one of her two Oscars while at the same time urinating on his certificate of being nominated for an emmy 10 years ago. Then she challanged him to a contest to see who’s balls were bigger. Although on the bright side, Chad did get called back for a second interview at Applebees for one of their bartending positions.

  7. MandySmurf

    Well, congratulations to the both of them. We now devote our complete attention back to Brangelina, K-Fed and Brit (if they even have a blended nickname) and any other mildly interesting couples.

  8. HeeHaw

    I liked the original comment that the editor dude had. He swapped it out for something about Angelina. The other was funnier.

  9. Captain Awesome

    She’s a hottie and she “can” act, unlike the cum-banks that get displayed here on this site


  10. kman

    well said capt. awesome two oscars says alot about her ability and she looked pretty buffed in the movie

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