Hilary Swank bikini pictures

July 10th, 2007 // 30 Comments

Hilary Swank was spotted at the hotel Regina in Italy with her agent boyfriend John Campisi, who she’s been quietly dating since late last year after divorcing her husband, actor Chad Lowe. It’s tough to comment on Hilary Swank in a bikini since she’s never been seen as a sex symbol. Heck, after Boys Don’t Cry she’s barely even been seen as a woman. As long as she doesn’t have an erection poking out of her bikini bottom I’d consider it a success.


  1. Amber

    That swim suit is just wrong, wrong, wrong on her. Why wear a bikini if no effort is made picking out the best one for your body.


  2. francesca

    #6 love you. She has big ugly Hilary Duff teeth. Ugly legs and ass too.

  3. francesca

    #9, my thoughts exactly. This is why almost every comment about Britney Sprears is negative. Nothing but overweight, non-disciptive cows writing about how fat and ugly she is. I would love to see how porkish everyone is!! Pork mouth. Love it!!

  4. francesca

    #31 I love you. Marry me. Make me laugh every night.

  5. woodhorse

    I think Hilary Swank is really close to perfect. She’s not Angelina Jolie but, then, Laura Croft is not Million Dollar Baby either.

    All you people who “threw up in my mouth a little” need to see a doctor or a psychiatrist.

  6. Hilary Swank

    I just ejaculated a little bit in woodhorse’s mouth.

  7. christophercuts

    Ive seen half empty bean bags look beter than her breast. Im not sure how she got her first acting job, but im simply amazed that this is a celebrity. Uggghhh…

  8. George

    I don’t think she’s American. She looks Filipino to me.

  9. crazy otto

    She’s doing research for “The Next Karate Kid 2″

  10. What Has Brown Done For You

    Great figure. No tats, which is refreshing. Great hair, which makes for fun in the sack. But…

    what’s with a brown bikini? Is that Army Surplus, or something? It’s turd-brown. Ewwwwwww.

  11. SickSickSick

    Good thing sh’es wearing a hat. Wouldn’t want to sun damage such a lovely face.

  12. it looks like she smelled something bad…

  13. now, I for sure for screw her with miserable bastard’s dick also. she is fine, and his dick is so much finer, big, hard throbbing up and down, oh, I want it now, forget Hilary. Bring me my hot dick, bastard.

  14. Miserable Bastard


    Kicked out of summer school too?

  15. bri_fari

    post 31…chauncey gardner ur a effin racist im half choctaw. try walking the trail of tears and see what da fug u look like after that.ide like to peel ur skin off with a dull exacto knife and dip u in cayenne pepper and lemon juice and tie u up out in the wilderness by ur ankles and wrists so the buzzards can pick ur cracker crumbs apart.

  16. FAA


  17. Wow I’m a slim girl, but thank goodness my behind isn’t flat like a piece of board, I know it’s not the biggest but gosh, no guy wants to stick it in a bony behind. lol

  18. Simone the FULL WOMAN

    98 # you said you’re a slim girl, so your just as bad your part of the problem too, what you slim girls are doing is wrong, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES BITCH

  19. Flat chest flat behind too bony to grind

    Yall check out my new mix tape i rap hard on this one

  20. Chauncey Gardner


    Goddamn! You sound like that psychotic Indian that Graham Greene plays in that movie CLEARCUT, where he skins the logging mill manager for chopping down trees. Take it easy, though. I’m sure you’re as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

  21. Where’s your ass?
    You left it in the past

  22. Someguy


  23. christy matthews

    Ummm, No. Please for the love of god, if you must show anymore girls with no butts that look like dudes, go back to showing Brook Hogan!!!

  24. mimibleet

    Didn’t she have breast implants?

    Did she have to get them removed?

  25. Dizzybenny

    i just loooove her hat…not.
    i mean come on you get millions for movies and that is the best hat you can buy?!?
    the body is alright…for a 48 year old woman.

  26. interloper5

    what happened to her boobs ? I thought she had boobs

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