Hilary Duff’s stalker gets arrested

November 6th, 2006 // 57 Comments

Hilary Duff’s 18-year-old stalker was arrested last Friday at a Residence Inn after he threatened to kill her at an event she was scheduled to attend on Sunday.

I must’ve missed the last creepy stalker meeting because it seems counterproductive for a stalker to murder his subject. If this guy had any sort of experience he wouldn’t be telling people he wanted to kill Hilary Duff, he would’ve just showed up in her bed one night, gently smelling her hair and petting it as she slept. That’s what I do and you don’t see me involved in any of this “arrested” business. Plus my underground lair is impossible to find so don’t even try.


  1. Italian Stallion

    Was it Danielle?

  2. 18yo stalker? Damn, tough competition being a stalker these days.

  3. Sounds schizophrenic, maybe the neighbor’s dog told him to do it.


  4. Tha-Flash

    The stalker/murderer shot her with a tranqualiser. That’s why she has a plaster on her arm.

  5. knowhere

    “yes mister black dog, i will kill … i will killlll!!!”

  6. nico

    She’s looking really small. Maybe she confused “death threat” with “offered her a sandwich”?

  7. Hilary Duff has a stalker and your cousin doesn’t. not fair.


  8. D'oh Eyes

    Ahem. Good morning folks. May I suggest that we refrain from feeding trolls today? They only get fatter and uglier when fed. STARVE the hairy monster. Thank you. Carry on.

  9. laikiska

    …who is she???

  10. mrs.t

    She is giving much Angelina Jolie in these pics.

  11. mrs.t

    How about when the Fish decides that “too many comments have been submitted by you in a short time”? Fish, let me introduce you to the trolls, who post every fucking 2 minutes when being fed.

  12. Madrid Marriott

    You can tell all of those paparazzi photogs that you see in the background in these photos are embarassed that people now know they are on the Hillary Duff beat.

  13. When I read the article at TMZ (linked above) this paragraph caught my eye:

    “Sources tell TMZ that last Friday, a private investigator from Sunset Protective Services contacted Miakovsky at the Residence Inn and Miakovsky stated his intention of killing Duff on Sunday at an event she was scheduled to attend.”

    Why would they be contacting him and yea the guy might be a nut, but was he set up? Just couldn’t help think this when I read that part.


  14. slantingthroughdarkness

    Hilary can stop paying that guy to pretend to stalk her now. I mean seriously, how much publicity do you need?


  15. biatcho

    What is the world coming to when assless, horse-faced fucksticks have stalkers and I don’t?

  16. PrettyBaby

    #10, I must disagree strongly to you Sweetie. I think Hillary Duff is (ready?) a horse faced cunt. BUT Angelina on the other hand is a colossal hottie. If Hillary hopes to hold a candle to Angie, she needs to make out with a sibling, wear viles of blood, find herself a sex god (other than Joel Madden WTF?)

  17. Italian Stallion

    I used to follow Rachel Bison around everywhere. I think she liked it though because I kept getting sexy letters from her lawyer telling me I couldn’t come within 5 miles of her. I guess she couldn’t resist the Stallion……..

    @8 my bad, I know better……….

  18. PrettyBaby

    #15, Oh you have a stalker…

    By the way, nice TIGHT sweater you are wearing and when you pick up your paper bend over LOWER

  19. RichPort

    She makes Kate Hudson look like Pamela Anderson… back when she had the big implants… I swear we could play handball off of horse face’s front side.

  20. Now maybe she’ll get her teeth fixed.

    Oh Yeeeah, I see the sweet “Gossip Girls” are back. I thought we chased them away last week?

    Hilarious #1

  21. PrettyBaby

    #11 Fucking WORD! What the hell was going on over the weekend on these threads. Folks around here need a beatdown.

  22. NipsyHustle

    an adult female virgin who has a boyfriend of over 2 years and doesn’t live in nebraska is a rare bird indeed. no wonder she’s being stalked. i saw a one legged unicorn last week so anything is possible but i’m suspecting she’s on the brazilian plan: take it in the ass to maintain your virginity. no one is hanging around listening to her whiney music, annoying voice, and having to look at her ugly horse face sister without burying a bone SOMEWHERE.

    maybe he didn’t mean kill her. poor russian with the weak translation skills. he just wanted to “thrill her” with a mouthful of his beef stroganov.

  23. commissioner

    I had a stalker once. About two years ago. The police chief told me all I needed to do was fuck the guy and he’d leave me alone. I told the chief I intended to fuck him until he started stalking me. Leaving greasy face prints on one’s front door is a turn off.

    True story.

  24. dan**lle

    Stalking Hilary Duff is like stalking a half- eaten tuna fish sandwich, it just gets boring after a few bites.

  25. PrettyBaby

    Actually this chic used to be somewhat cute. And then… I don’t know. Weightloss, some shitty oral surgery and suddenly she is horrendously ugly. Everyone knows it, yet she acts like she thinks she’s a superstar. She needs to get ass-fucked by Collin Farrel. Or maybe I need that, either way.

  26. no one you know

    Meh. I’ve stalked better.

  27. PrettyBaby

    I am sorry, but I have so many critisms/advice for this bitch. Here we go: Instead of making you teeth larger, try to “biggen” up your flat pancakes. That would help.

    #23, I also have had a stalker. True Story. I didn’t report it and he may have gotten what he wanted out of it. Pesky Bastard.

  28. 86

    What’s the point of stalking Hilary Duff?

  29. BigJim

    The guy should plead insanity. His lawyer could make that fly just by showing the jury a picture of old horseface.

  30. How you kill (or “put down” I guess) a horse?


  31. Equalparts

    Sooo, what’s that little round band-aid on her arm? I’ll tell you what it is–that’s the sign of just having received a Depo-Provera shot. That is birth control, folks. ya, like Joel Madden is gonna hang with her if she ain’t putting out? uh huh. Ya riiiite.

  32. PrettyBaby

    She needs less Depo- Provera and more hay and oats.

  33. PapaHotNuts

    Guilty as charged.

  34. no one you know

    @13…Are you seriously showing sympathy for the stalker? The only sympathy he should be shown is for being mentally ill enough to become obsessed with Mrs. Ed. Sweetness and concern have no place in this environment.

  35. RichPort

    I mean I used to jerk off to Lizzie McGuire too, but that’s because I at least THOUGHT she’d buy some tits…

  36. Pagan Queen

    I, too had a stalker. Really freaky – we were friends, then next thing I know one day he is knocking on my door at 6am. I dont answer my door at 6 to anyone. Then this guy starts crying and banging on the door. It just got worse from there.

  37. PrettyBaby

    #37 That sucks. At least if you are unfortunate enough to have a stalker, he could at least be sexy. Not crying like a baby outside your fucking door. Not attractive at all :(

  38. I must be a stalker, too, since I’m on MySpace.

  39. Pagan Queen

    We would just chit chat when we saw each other – nothing serious. He thought that since we were from the same area in TX that it was fate. I ended up moving faaaaaaar away. 10 years later he looked up my parents number and called them every hour for 2 days until he got ahold of them. My dad had to threaten him with the police. I dont understand that type of behavior at all. Scary as hell!

  40. And maybe she’s wearing grunging clothing to scare off her stalker?


  41. Elusive Spork

    I am really confused the article is about a stalker who threatens to kill her Sunday night and they have not only one but a series of DAYTIME pictures as she: gets out of a car, walks in a building, rides an escalator, and pretends to look interested in whatever is going on. WOW! I think she’s really working out for the Special Olympics spokesperson… If Hillary can do it… SO CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!

  42. Elusive Spork

    PLUS: Hillary dressed herself this morning!!!!
    *round of applause*

  43. whofuckincares

    Pagan Queen ^^^^

  44. Pagan Queen

    She is looking really skinny. I guess we are going to start seeing more of these “stars” starving themselves to death. So sad because she is (was) so pretty

  45. Sho'Nuff

    The fact that I am 45th since 9:00 AM this morning goes to show that nobody really cares that much about Hillary Duff. More LOHAN!!!

  46. MyOwnSuperficialAccount

    stalker my ass. She wishes she had a stalker. No one stalks horses.

  47. becca11

    this one always seems skinny or chubby, but never a happy medium

  48. jazzmine

    Why does she look so horribly out of proportion?

  49. jrzmommy

    c’mon…she hired him to stalk her.

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