How to Accept a Marriage Proposal

February 23rd, 2010 // 237 Comments


Why I Keep a Bag Full of Cubic Zirconia Rings in My Glove Box.


  1. Tucker Jay

    what…what is…she..doing…in that last picture..

  2. Bosco

    At least he got a BJ out of it……….

  3. Almie


  4. poopsmith

    hahaa fucking great, congrats slut

  5. poopsmith

    hahaa fucking great, congrats slut

  6. NoBJacceptance

    Looks like my husband shouldof gotten me a bigger diamond…

  7. moller


  8. Doc Schweinstrudel


  9. me

    CHUG THAT COCK WHORE… That will be the first and last blowie he gets.

  10. McFeely Smackup

    She’s happy to do it because it’s the last one.

  11. Meat


    First and last blowie he gets.

  12. Luz

    How is she a whore/slut for sucking off her now fiance?

  13. That is one CLASSY dame.

  14. ha

    Keep gargling, whore

  15. Meat

    Cause dey all Beez whores looking for a buck and a baby…. No disrezpekt.

  16. Meat

    +1 #14

  17. snank

    She’s not giving him a BJ, she’s just leaning over and hugging him.

  18. The Lord

    Blowjobs make the world go round. If not for blowjobs how would anyone in Hollywood know who to hire? What incentive would a man have to propose? What reason would a man have to ever leave his PS3?

    So sayeth the lord.

  19. Patrick Meighan

    From Family Guy, Season A-Long-Time-Ago:

    Patrick Meighan
    Culver City, CA

  20. NoBJacceptance

    The smile on his face, says it’s not a hug.

  21. hooha

    Best post ever.

  22. y3n0

    Pulitzer-worthy photo essay!

  23. BJ’s are indeed the bomb, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sucking a little cock to celebrate your engagement. Though I might choose a more private place to do it.
    All that being said, She’s clearly got her hands up his shirt and is kissing his stomach. I’m sure the BJ came later.
    Still an awesome series of pictures. hahaha

  24. Congrats horseface!

    I just printed out the photo of you sucking that dudes cock and blew a load all over it.

    Giggedy giggedy goo! Oh yeah. Time to clean up my cock is dripping all over the floor.



  25. I’d suck off a hockey player – without the fucking ring. Fuck. Yeah!

  26. Samuel Horwitz van der Lubb

    you people are fucking degenerates…

    (except for #17: props to you)

    besides, this was probably staged. you people do realize that this entire pre/during/post proposal bit very conveniently took place in front of a window, right? with paps around? and it’s hilary duff we’re talking about: she’s a fine person, but not exactly on the a-list (no offense, #17)


  27. Lisa

    America’s Sweetheart

  28. mr. t

    what kind of food makes a woman stop giving blow jobs?
    Wedding cake

  29. Boogeyman King Dong

    I guess the only answer on that would be yesss!

  30. Hefe

    LOL sucker!

    Enjoy the last BJ you’ll ever receive from your wife-to-be.

  31. Jen

    let her suck the man’s dick. who gives a shit.

  32. Danklin

    How exactly does a girl giving her fiancé head make her a whore or slut? That’s make you look retarded

  33. #1 dick suka

    To all of you married men out there, I am so sorry if your wife doesn’t suck your cock, but rest assured, she’s sucking someone’s cock.

    I sucked my husband’s cock for getting me a spa package for valentines day.
    But then again, I am the #1 dick sucka!

  34. Darth

    Is that dude a famous blogger or something?!

  35. AnnaDraconida

    They’re obviously just acting for the paparazzi. No one would do the real thing in front of a huge window. The whole thing’s a set-up.

  36. Bmurphy72

    Close that deal girl!!!

  37. tim

    is she wearing a toboggan on her back?

  38. joseph

    best superficial EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. terry

    every one of us guys would like to be on the receiving end of that one!

  40. Cindy

    Can’t anyone of you tell that the BJ picture is a total fake. You never see her face do you? This is just weird PR stuff, and it is obviously a man giving him head. What a couple of queers.

  41. Irene Barcelo

    What I find revolting is the camera person for showing this picture in the first place. Every human being should deserve privacy and respect.

  42. datroof

    The problem is the young man is reinforcing a bad dynamic.

    He’s giving her a gift, then getting the BJ. But there’s no guarantee of the BJ with a gift given in advance. If the woman is not sastisfied with the worth of the gift, or is perhaps eyeing a different gift (and expected the man to just know this through the power of psychic mind-reading), his BJ is likely not forthcoming. He is then put into the position of having to spend more of his hard earned income upon the young lady with only the hope that she will provide the BJ in return.

    The young man must realise that the BJ’s (yes, plural) must materialize FIRST. Then, when enough have accumulated, a gift is bestowed upon the young lady. Thus, the proper dynamic is established: Young man has committed only the potential of a limited amount of his income upon the young lady, predicated upon the young lady providing him with a regular supply of BJ’s (which she likes to do anyway cause all chicks love worshipping the all mighty cock anyway).

    Thus the proper relationship is established. Or to put it another way: get straight with your chick right away that regular blowjobs are for her benefit too, or get ready to pony up a friggin diamond everytime you want some head.

  43. Allison

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  44. SashasGirl

    Oh please she is not giving him a BJ unless his penis grows out of his belly button. And seriously, she went out on the balcony to “admire her ring” right in front of the paps. This is for them, no BJ here people, keep moving.

  45. SATAN

    years ago, this fine website taught me that Hilary Duff had a rectangular body and ever since then i’ve continued to not find her attractive.

  46. Galtacticus

    Don’t know what she’s doing there.But it doesn’t look like a back rub for sure!

  47. Nero

    Is she changing his diapers?!

  48. malberry

    ahaahha way to be hilarious today superfish. thank you.

  49. Mark Murphy

    Anyone else think it’s disgusting that this was somehow caught on camera?

  50. woowiddywoo

    that. is. awesome.

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