Hilary Duff’s dad gets 10 days in jail

August 28th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Hilary Duff’s father Bob Duff was sentenced to 10 days in jail yesterday during a trial over, I shit you not, who will pay for Hilary’s 21st birthday. (He was sentenced for failing to report the sale of assets, not for the birthday party.) Apparently, Hilary’s mother Susan wants to make sure Hilary gets just as much as her sister Haylie and took Bob to court over it. All this to the tune of $25,000, according to the Houston Chronicle:

The $10,000 her husband pays her in interim support each month is “not even enough to pay my own bills” and certainly not enough to afford such expensive birthday treats, Susan testified. She said she has to rely on Hilary for financial help to pay her lawyers and other bills.
In his cross-examination, Piro asked Susan if her “adult millionaire daughter” would be upset if she did not receive an expensive gift and party for her birthday.
Susan replied that her daughter “is emotionally upset by the abandonment of her father” and deserves “to have some kind of recognition for a young life well-lived.”
Piro asked her where she thought Bob would get the money, and Susan replied he could get it from the same place he got money to buy presents for his girlfriend’s sons.
“I know he’s a millionaire, and he’s got the funds,” she said.
When Bob took the stand a few minutes later, Brown asked him if he wanted Hilary to receive a comparable gift to Haylie for her 21st birthday.
“Yes,” Bob replied.
“You’re not mad at Hilary, are you?” Brown asked.
Bob hesitated, and Brown withdrew the question.
Stansbury eventually ordered Bob to pay $12,500 to Susan for Hilary’s birthday.

Jesus, let’s tie up the court system making sure Hilary Duff’s father buys her an insane birthday present. If that’s not enough, I love Hilary’s mom crying that she can’t live on $10,000 a month and has to ask Hilary for money to cover her legal fees. Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t you quit suing your husband over ridiculous shit and live on the $120 grand you make for having a functional birth canal? I know it sounds crazy, but it just might work.


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  2. Khunt

    She’s quite the average looking little trollip is she not?

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  4. Dave C

    What a whore.

    And what an idiot for a judge! He should have dismissed the entire case and slapped the whore-mother in jail for being an unlicensed bitch.

  5. Khunt

    My blowup doll is an above average looking trollip

  6. rough daddy

    hmmm looks healthy! her sister is a little bit off in the look department! i guess having kids is like making cookies not all of them come out in perfect shape….

  7. ohyeah

    i’d like to touch her boobs

  8. rough daddy

    that body’s solid! what is she 19 to 21 or something!!!

  9. No one should get $10k a month in child support!


    Will he have to share a cell with Suge?

  11. Can you show me more english sluts with huge racks?

  12. rough daddy

    i just farted

  13. First Time

    …and she is driving a Merecedes. I love this country

  14. Daddy’s gonna experience what I’ve wanted to do to Hillary since she was 15…

  15. Anon

    Why is he paying child support?

    child support is only to help cover the finances of having a child with you most of the time to cover the expense of that child

    The children here can cover their own expenses. They aren’t 6 they’re teenagers with careers.
    They make more money than all of us on here.

    Am i supposed to believe that she doesn’t feed from those two cash cows whilst feeding of him at the same time.

    They don’t need the money and if they want expensive birthdays then pay for it yourselves as you can.

    If i was rich and their age and i wanted a birthday that cost that much i would expect to pay for it myself.
    In fact my parents would probably be concerned i’m spending so much as they have always tried to teach me the correct value of money.

    Their mother is teaching them to be gold-diggers and that’s what they’ll end up as if they think money’s something to be thrown away.

    Wait til it’s gone and what will the mother do to continue living in the life she’s been accustomed to? They’ll be 18 soon and she will lose that child support.

    If she feeds of those kids too much she’ll lose that as well.

  16. Ted from LA

    Anyone who spends more than $100 on a kid’s birthday party (at any age) is a fucking moron who is raising a stupid kid who will grow up with no resiliency. Word.

  17. Frankly, I’m not shocked at all what goes on in this country in the divorce & child custody arena.

    Judges have so grossly overstepped their bounds and authority – it’s shocking if you spent the time digging around to learn the reality.

    In an intact household – no one orders parents to pay for college, pay for birthday parties, suspend groundings… but I’ve seen stories of “ordering” under penalty of JAIL due to just such issues. When you get divorced, family court (heavily tilted in favor of mothers) can order you to do pretty much whatever they want.

    If people don’t start taking these situations seriously and screaming to the four corners of the earth – this madness will continue unfettered.

  18. If I were just 37.5 years younger, I’d pay my day wages to sniff her butt

  19. Khunt

    Mr. #5 I never wrote that sordid statement I have a bit more class and inventiveness than that. Please refrain from using my good name tastelessly.

  20. KarlPortsmith

    Hilary Duff? but shes like, so yesterday….

  21. DAnklin24

    Jesus, $10,000 a month? Dear god, thats like poverty. You need to at least be making 30k a month. What kind of a mother are you? Get a job, bitch. Hilary needs a gold plated ferrari for her 21st birthday. You what the best for your child right? Imagine if she pulled up in front of some club in a…..*GULP*….BMW! Oh God the horror! She’s get made fun of and maybe even stoned for driving such a POS. Get on it Momma Duff. You dont want your millionare daughter washing with ordinary soap do you?

  22. Prof

    Divorce… and that’s why if you’re rich you never ever get fucking married!

  23. Holyfuck

    And people wonder why there is so much domestic violence. This bitch should be punched repeatedly about the face, neck and ribcage (OK that may be a tad extreme, a few backhands would do nicely). What a dumb cunt.

  24. ___

    Hey Hillary,

    Sweet mom. Seriously. Tell that bitch to go out and get a job. Is she a double amputee or something?

  25. mr camel

    Is that a dromedary I see in the pic #1?

  26. Bob

    Good one, #20

  27. rough daddy

    #12 ohhh we have copy cats here on this site too?

  28. rough daddy

    #12 =Haily duff?

  29. Tom

    I think the money is alimony, not child support. As it’s been said H & H are both over 18 and capable of supporting themselves, I think their mother is asking for more alimony, which has nothing to do with the children.
    What I want to know is what Hillary thinks about all this? Is she demanding a better party – or is it just her mom using this as an excuse for another fight with her ex? Is Hillary still a spoiled little girl demanding more from her mom, even though she can pay for it herself, or is she embarresed by the entire thing?

  30. ^

    #16. Exactly Ted, fuck these sick greedy assholes.

    She so fucking average and midget chubby ugh she disgusts me, her arms and legs are so short and sausagy and brush you hair for fuck sake and get some fucking eyebrows. GROSSness. Everything this girl puts on looks like it came from Wallmart and sadly even though genetically speaking that’s where she should be shopping and working her clothes are actually worth a fortune, but they don’t look it on her. Take the most expensive dress in the world put it on her and it will look like it came from the salvation army, she just looks cheap no matter what she does. Look at any picture of her and you’ll see what I mean. She may not be in the tabloids living a whores life like Parisite and Lesbihan but she’s a spoiled brat nonetheless. Useless whores with money. And does every fucking hollywood child/teen come from a sickening white trash dysfunctional home with a fame crazed mother? No wonder they’re all such losers.

  31. Chelle

    Some rich people — most rich people? — are just effing insane.

  32. Bob

    Little harsh, don’t you think? She may not be movie star (fake) gorgeous, but she’s hardly the Elephant Man.
    As for her beinf spoiled, how would we know? Like you said, she, unlike Paris (shudder) and Lohan (sad) she’s stays out of the tabloids – we don’t knwo enough about her to knwo if she’s spoiled.

  33. ^

    #32. There is endless proof on the Internet of how spoiled she is and what a horrifically materialistic life she leads.
    I never said she was elephant man, but seeig someone who is so lazy with their appearance is a real turn off. Movie star fake gorgeous? There is plenty of proof that she has had a nose job and a boob job and I never said fake gorgeous was a god thing, I think brushing one’s hair and loosing ones baby fat is a good thing and maybe trying to look a little elegant once in a while, she always looks cheap. She needs to take a page from the Emmy Rossum “how to look like a lady” book.

  34. Anon

    I’m not used to american terms so if its more alimony then shouldn’t she be looking to get a job and to support herself?

    Alimony should only be for a short time, a couple of years at best.
    How can you divorce someone but want to still be tied to them, depend on them for money?
    Shows what kind of person you are if you do that.

    Maybe the girls have wised up to her and that’s why she’s desperate for him to always keep paying for her as they wont.

    I hope she gets cut of very soon.

  35. sameshitdifferentyear

    Soccer Mom.

    Look at those hips.

  36. ^

    Now that I’ve had my angry rant, I will go dry hump my gorgeous blowup doll

  37. yea lookin nice

  38. Gina

    August, there’s no reason to bash her for being short-she cant help it- and she’s not chubby- she’s just human. i’m sure you look no better.

  39. Joe C

    What a plain sack of shit. She looks about as good as my secretary and my secretary is no prize. In fact, their both plain, boring and pale

  40. Effyeray

    Evidence that there really is no limit to Money-Grubbing Whoredom.

  41. Kate

    She can’t live on 120,000 a year? I hate people like her, I mean I REALLY hate people like her and wish someone should just run a bus over them. Several times to make sure. Millions of americans are foreclosing, Millions more are living on 20,000 a year, with children and this stupid, spoiled whore can’t live on 120,000? Like she even deserves it. Her husband earned it, she’s just the whore who had working reproductive parts…..

  42. Jo

    i feel sorry for hilary! people talk like its all her fault-from the reason her parents divorced to alimoni to birthday party! its hard enough for any children to know that their parent divorce, let alone being blame for whatever happen!

  43. #34: I give alimony a more accurate name: vaginamony. It’s payments a man makes for past use of his ex-wife’s vagina.

    If you rent an apartment, you pay rent while you live there. After you move out and no longer live there, you no longer pay rent to that landlord. Wouldn’t it be insane if you still had to make payments to that landlord long after you moved out?

    Or, if you lease a car, you make payments while you are using the car. After the lease is up you return the car and you no longer make payments. Would you continue to make payments long after you returned the car? Of course not, that would be outrageous!

    Ah, but in divorce, a woman can demand and get money from her ex-husband long after they are no longer married (usually 1 year of payments for every two years of marriage. In many states it if the divorce occurs after 10 years of marriage the payments can go on indefinitely). It’s insane!

    Child support laws are no better. Payments are based on a percentage of the man’s (usually) income, and are paid to the mother (usually) to do with as she pleases. She doesn’t have to account for how the money is spent. The payments have nothing to do with the cost of raising the child and are simply calculated on the non-custodial parent’s income (the man usually), as if McDonald’s charges more for a Happy Meal if the kid’s dad is rich. It’s insane!

    There is no reason for men to voluntarily participate in this madness. Men should boycott and avoid marriage until the laws are changed. Men who marry American women in today’s legal climate, with a 50% chance of divorce, are SUCKERS!

  44. Anon

    “Ah, but in divorce, a woman can demand and get money from her ex-husband long after they are no longer married (usually 1 year of payments for every two years of marriage. In many states it if the divorce occurs after 10 years of marriage the payments can go on indefinitely). It’s insane!”

    I don’t have a problem with vaginamony as long as when the roles are reversed which is happening more and more men get the same treatment. It’s called equality and its what women have been fighting for so they should be for it.
    But that doesn’t happen. The 10yrs thing is bull.

    If you think getting married is bad in america then you should come to britain. Men have little to no rights here. I think feminist have looked at mens rights and used that as a template when they’re telling you what womens rights were like in the past.

    Men have no rights here.
    If a man wants a dna test he has to have her permission or the courts but a woman can get a test done without him even knowing. Women can withold access to a child (isn’t the most despicable thing a person can do is take a child from a parent?) even though he has access granted by the court. It’s the only court order that can be broken without any consequences.
    The courts wont throw these women in jail for witholding access as it’s wrong to separate a child from a parent (which is what shes doing) but will if she doesn’t pay her parking fines!?!

    Assets aren’t split 50-50 its his assets. Until maybe 5 yrs ago a man was only judged on on what income he bought into the house. House husbands were deemed not to have contributed at all and had to get a job, lost everything and despite being the primary carer for the children got no access until they started paying.

    Britain is very sexist at least men have some rights in america.

    Men should not get married but then over here you live with her for 6months and when you split up she has the same rights as if you were married (you dont) and gets your stuff.
    If you aren’t married and have kids a man has almost zero rights to his own child so men are trapped. Dont marry as you get screwed but if you have a kid you have to marry just to stand a chance to see your kid once in a blue moon.

    There is something which is happening more and more now which is when the kid is 18 they seek out there fathers and learn the truth so so many mothers are ending up being the ones losing their children due to their own actions.

  45. …………………….SHE IS “HIS” DAUGHTER!!
    (now we know her family, THANKS.)

  46. I know hilary IS very embarrassed about this. and she’s no where near fat. people like you cause eating disorders

  47. booboo

    she’s so fucking nasty. inarticulate, uneducated, stupid high-pitched voice.. little dumb blonde troll.

  48. Narcissist

    Looks slightly doughy in these pics, but I like her better than all those other Disney chics.

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