Hilary Duff thinks she has boobs

March 27th, 2007 // 116 Comments

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  1. Truthseeker013

    I wonder how many of the guys who posted to this one are typing one-handed…

  2. bogglesthemind

    #55 – So, “jrzmommy?”, your screen name implies you are someone’s MOTHER!! So, instead of spending time with your child, you are online (what appears to be a fair amount judging from your frequent posts) reading The Superficial and anonymously calling people “asshole” because you got upset when a comment made you consider your own relative level of attractiveness? Wow, great parenting skills. You’re going to raise a real winner, I can feel it.

    #99 – It’s also pretty darned “hardcore” to anonymously call someone a pussy on a message board. That’s tough. Real tough. Not cowardly at all. Oh, and the mom thing, that’s really “hardcore” too. Almost as “hardcore” as jrzmommy calling me an asshole.

    You’re both very special to me. I treasure your comments.

  3. Lowlands

    I just showed the baby of a co-worker these pics and asked him if these mikbags makes his mouth water.You know what?The baby started to cry instantly.I’ve to visit another site with real milkbags now to stop his crying.I hope my employer understands this…

  4. jrzmommy♠


  5. katie_anne

    How is her skin blotchy? Granted I don’t really care for this talentless idiot, (and minus her forehead) her skin looks pretty fucking flawless. I think most of those ‘blemishes’ are due to a dirty camera lens. (Look at the last few pictures.. there appears to be a mole on her left arm.. and then in the next picture it is on her back.. and then it’s gone..)

    As for #91.. I’d say females, in general, are FAR nastier than boys about other girls’ appearances. Boys will just say she’s ugly.. girls nitpick and get fucking vicious.

  6. imran karim

    not cute

  7. crazyotto

    Duff me Marge,A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  8. Missingtexas

    She’s not bad on the eyes, far better than a lot of the others out there AND she doesn’t have a reputation of sleeping w/everyone and their dog which is appealing all in itself.

  9. well i think shes sexy but ugly..

  10. Rodney


  11. omg i HATE hilary duff:@ btw it looks like there is tatoo on her boobs if you look kinda closely

  12. Sando

    Hi Guys,(Just to let you know)

    Found some cool new videos of Hilary Duff on a film set of her latest movie
    Safety Glass movie, not sure if anyone has seen this already, credit to
    Hollywood North Insider website as I found it there, you can see them below:




  13. Danish

    YOU are ALL just SO jealous !!

    UGLY ??! May i laugh ! how can anybody call her that. her skin is perfect and theres not really anything wrong with her, my god.

    And her boobs are small so what, boobs arent everything, you can be super beautiful without them.

    Its so much easyer to find flaws on others than your self.

    Nothing wrong with her !!

    These comments is what makes people feel bad,

  14. daniel

    i don’t know i wuld still fuck the shitout of her.

  15. jayla

    Hilary is a beautiful girl! Small boobs though. In Hollywood it’s only a matter of time before a couple of energetic ,Hollywood estheticians commandeer
    Hilary to their facial room for some extensive,very girly ,beauty treatments.
    It would be so fun to see Hilary lying back in the facial chair,under a huge cloud of steam as the head beautician works her over with a full european facial and bust treatment while the second lady does a hand and arm
    massage. Hollywood starlets get this everyday…. Mmmm….make her beautiful!!! Jayla

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