Hilary Duff thinks she has boobs

March 27th, 2007 // 116 Comments

hilary-duff-18-glaad-media-awards-07-thumb.jpg hilary-duff-18-glaad-media-awards-12-thumb.jpg hilary-duff-18-glaad-media-awards-13-thumb.jpg hilary-duff-18-glaad-media-awards-14-thumb.jpg


  1. Jimbo

    HAHAHA First now I am going home

  2. ohyeahallie

    that girls is fugs. fucking horse. I can’t even take her seriously. Put up some real news!

  3. ohyeahallie

    p.s. her tits are all blotchy. yuck.

  4. Hemlock Queen

    That’s what happens when you don’t eat!

    Maybe she used those oranges to dye her skin. Your right hallie. All blotchy. Blech!

  5. babygirl5187

    oh man, that’s wierd. i’m really starting to appreciate my c’s. those kinda dresses are supposed to make it look like you have boobs. she just looks like she has extra skin.

  6. Donkey

    She looks like a little girl playing dress up. Which, now I feel a little awkward having just checked out her chest area.

  7. TJH

    Well, here’s what to do with those little titties: lie your cock in between them and then mash them together–makes your dick look sooper beeg! Hee! And, ya know what they say about little titties: usualy they have big nipples…the kind so she can scratch your back with ‘em.


  8. Manistoned

    ugly AND flat-chested. Next.

  9. anotheruselesscomment

    damn…give her a break she’s only 19 or somethin i’d do her now or in a few yrs when she grows some implants

  10. andrewthezeppo

    A horse is a horse of course of course, unless that horse has not boobs, then its just Hillary.

  11. CarnieWilson

    Aww poor hilary, will someone please hand her some toliet paper?

  12. ohyeahallie

    haha well truth be told, not even hilary duff could make your dick look big. but if you put it by her teeth, they could.

  13. Yo mamma

    WOW,she’s SERIOUSLY flat, I’m a B cup and EVEN I don’t look like THAT. I bet even look better in that dress than she does. She must like a AA cup or something. Her chest was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in my life I think I’m going to go puke now…

  14. If Hilary’s boobs start to sing I would give her a boner core, which is the equivalent to an oncore only hornier!


  15. neonpoppy

    Don’t worry peeps, give her a few months and all the press from this dress incident will have her neurotically running to get some bags of silicone strapped beneath her flesh.

    then we can all laugh at how silly they look.


  16. woodhorse

    that is the fugliest dress – looks like when I put playdoh on my Barbie. Only my Barbie had bazooms.

  17. woodhorse

    Wait a moment!! Someone give her Paris’ Miracle Bra!!(after proper disinfectant: I recommend autoclave at 1500 F)

  18. anothershityear

    Hillary Duff, is ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS

    #10 lmao

    #15 lol

    every time i state it with finality, there’s a new level attained requiring reiteration

    HD only wishes she looked like Lindsay Lohan on the worst day of her life
    (and LL has had some pretty big swings already)

    qualifies though for centerfold in Equus Bi-Quarterly

  19. schack

    when she was chubby, her big ol’ horse mouth wasn’t exploding out of her face like that

  20. Ezran

    srsly these new fish posts suck. total lack of wit, you might as well call everyone pooheads and be done with it.

  21. MrSemprini

    NIPPLE! I SEE NIPPLE! I see… oh, mole.

  22. Saera

    she couldn’t atleast gotten a nipple slip or something. and not only that, but i see a stain on her dress.

  23. Saera

    sorry to double comment, but her ears are droopingg. and i think i see nipples. and what the fuck is with those birth marks/moles?

  24. pjfan281

    she’s cute. boobs aren’t everything

  25. LilRach

    I wouldn’t exactly say she is ugly. I actually think she looks quite pretty in these pics and more grown up.

    The only thing i don’t like is the dress. That dress is made for someone who has bigger boobs. It doesn’t suit her. And what is with the dots on her??? Is it moles? It looks like someone poked her with a magic marker.

  26. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I can’t be snarky about her face, she is beautiful. I love her dental fix. She is closer to looking like she did before she fucked herself up. But the frock has to go, there are better ways to dress up mosquito bite tits.

  27. belle

    Even on someone with boobs, that dress would look FUGGGLLLLYYYY! And those earrings are going to rip off her earlobes. Other than that, cute shoes and cute makeup. Hey, after seeing Xtina’s orange skin I think she looks great! Other than the dress of course..

  28. I had more cleavage coming out of the womb.

    Hey, they don’t call me Tits McGhee for nothing!

    When she has kids, her husband’s gonna have to breastfeed, btw.

  29. Melissa

    Those aren’t moles, it’s something on the camera lens. You can see it in the background and they’re not in every photo.

    I don’t think she’s ugly at all, she actually has a very attractive face. She just needs to wear clothes that fit her better… something that’s not going to make it so obvious she’s sportin’ less than A’s.

  30. As always, I’d it hit…

    with a penis and some blemish cream. For real.

  31. TurdFerguson

    What are those…marks on them? Say what you will about the camera, but I think someone’s been smacking them around. That outfit is scary. Jennifer Lopez, circa 1997. Only with less class, smaller boobs, and bigger teeth.

  32. bogglesthemind

    If any of you are more attractive, I invite you to post a picture of yourself. NO, wait. I DARE you. Because you all know you’re not. Or you would. In a heartbeat. And you know it.

  33. delahaye

    she’s gorgeous. doesn’t need a big chest and I hope she never gets implants

  34. Nando

    LOL!! Wow!

    Testicles look more like cleavage than that.

  35. ChairmanoftheBored

    #32-I Double-Dog dare you

  36. ChairmanoftheBored

    My man boobs are bigger and i have 0% body fat

  37. pana1718

    a man has more chest than she does… this happens when ur really athleatic…i think she used to do gymnasticks

  38. I actually think that she looks pretty. The dress wouldn’t work with someone who had a large chest. They’d look slutty. It’s a very interesting dress, and I think she pulls it off well. She looks very sweet.

  39. She doesn’t look pretty good, she looks like a fucking idiot. Why are you being nice to such a worthless untalented piece of rubbish? She looks like she was dressed by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. What an ugly skank.

  40. k naz

    this is one of the most oddest and unflattering dresses i’ve ever seen. on top of that it looks painful- how is she smiling? did she look in the mirror before she went out? does she wear a bikini in the tanning salon? what kind of bra is under that? do i see a nipple? AHHHH SO MANY QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS these pictures are torturing my eyeballs goodnight.

  41. 23apples

    #5 – I agree. I usually hate having C’s but I can appreciate them in this situation because her flat chest looks awful in that dress. And #40 – HAHA I was wondering all the same questions! That dress seems like it is so fucking painful for her to wear.. she could have done wayyyy better.

  42. AnathemaDave

    Big bones + small boobs = Neeext!

  43. dannielynn'sdaddy

    1. There is a nip slip in #11
    2. Holy Mother of Clearasil, girlfriend needs to get a deep cleaning facial mask done pronto! Fuck that, she needs a dermatologist.
    3. I think she’s starting to grow into her looks. Believe it or not, some women actually look better as they age. She’ll be better looking at 30 than she is now.
    4. Of course, she’ll have implants by then.

  44. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Oh, and #5. Those earrings are inexcusable, Hilary. You should be horsewhipped with them. (A little something for the haters)

  45. tasje

    Lizzy, what are you doing?! :S

  46. nidge


    I agree with belle — the dress is a big part of the problem; fugly color, and designed to play “peek-a-boo” with bigger breasts than she’s got. Wrong dress for her.

    I’m surprised she didn’t fall back on some version of what smaller girls have done for a long time — some version of the “close-fitting top with no bra”. A lot of guys go crazy for this because they think they’re possibly “seeing something”, but because the girl’s smaller, it’s not like her tits are wobbling all over the place, out of control.

  47. starlove

    poor girl. pretty face. but um, if you dont have it, dont flaunt it. she shouldn’t wear plunging necklines like that. that’s all. other than that, she’s ace.

  48. starlove

    btw, all u girls going on about how ugly she is are retarted. just cos her boobs are huge and flying out doesn’t mean she’s ugly. she’s got a really pretty face, im wiling to guess, much prettier than any of yours. and im not even a fan, i just think she’s a pretty girl and u are all picking on her because ur jealous. naughty naughty!

  49. kamihi

    Feel sorry for her really shes gonna end up having a boob job cos of this sort of mickey taking. Bad choice of dress though.

  50. kamihi

    @#48 – I agree but this is “the superficial” and superficiality & biatchiness is not only allowed its a requirement ;)

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