Hilary Duff still wears those dumb hats


Hilary Duff was spotted at Club Butter early yesterday morning. I think it’s cute how she still wears those fedora hats. You know, the kind that even Britney Spears won’t wear anymore. I’m sure the designers of those hats are thrilled. “No, please, Hilary, it’s alright. Britney Spears already ruined these for everyone, so, yeah, just take it off. You’ve got gum in your hair? And some tin foil left over from a dye job? That’s still hotter. Bubbalicious, baby. It’s the new sexy. Really brings out the foil.” Then they’d give her a handful of oatmeal to wear on her head because, you know, still looks better than the hat.

Photos: INFdaily.com
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