Hilary Duff still wears those dumb hats

November 21st, 2007 // 59 Comments

Hilary Duff was spotted at Club Butter early yesterday morning. I think it’s cute how she still wears those fedora hats. You know, the kind that even Britney Spears won’t wear anymore. I’m sure the designers of those hats are thrilled. “No, please, Hilary, it’s alright. Britney Spears already ruined these for everyone, so, yeah, just take it off. You’ve got gum in your hair? And some tin foil left over from a dye job? That’s still hotter. Bubbalicious, baby. It’s the new sexy. Really brings out the foil.” Then they’d give her a handful of oatmeal to wear on her head because, you know, still looks better than the hat.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. BunBoy


  2. First!!!! i love hilary duff!!!

  3. LayDeeBug

    HIlarry Duff IS a dumb hat. A dumb Ass-hat! Like posters 1 and 2

  4. laydebuzz

    FIFTH! (or maybe 6th by now)

  5. p0nk

    Club Butter? that can’t be the real name!

  6. ah

    ok there was pictures of hayden in bikini and hot rihanna today and you put hilary duff with a hat … i don´t get it

  7. LayDeeBug

    5 stop bitin on my name.

  8. VG

    Not a fedora. But I get your point about the stupid hats.

  9. yea i dunno, don’t even try to equate britney spears to hilary. hilary is so hot and wonderful and i don’t even like her poppy-ass recycled music either… she’s just a very refreshing young woman. Seems like someone on this site really has it out for her since every story ever posted about her maxe a LAME-ASS and FAILED attempt to cut her up… but nah, thanks for posting pictures of such a sexy little thang for me to see.

  10. I love Hilary, with or without those dumb hats… http://www.spymac.com/details?2295013

  11. em

    everytime i see her i just want to feed her sugar cubes and throw a saddle on her.

  12. Her paleness is haunting the picture.

  13. sal

    freddy krueger hat, only with a dumb ribbon

  14. She looks pretty even with that hat!

  15. CJ

    Let her have her hats! What’s the big deal?

  16. what’s wrong wearing whose hats. i dont see any problem

  17. what’s wrong wearing those hats. i dont see any problem

  18. andy834

    Quite pretty and attractive. I was told she is a member of the millionaire club millionairecupid.com. Someone saw her photo ablums and personal blog at that website.

  19. It’s no secret at all:

  20. Grape Ape Pees Wine On You


    You are not very bright.

    Your advertising stinks when you spell it “ablums.”

    Plus, we all know that you’re full of crap.

  21. linda

    emma, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club sugarmommymeet, by which you are seeking hot man to be your sugar baby.. bi*ch!

  22. abdomtv

    What’s your problem superficial??
    She looks damn good with or without the hat..
    she is not that stupid to be the next spears..

  23. BaconMessiah

    Awwwwww, look at the pretty horsey

  24. Kristina

    Sorry but, fedoras are still in.

  25. L.Linus

    Sure is alot spams and promotions on this site.

  26. Kingnitro

    Now that Hanna Montana has made kids think “Lizzy McGuire who”? Makes you wonder if her career is hitting the skids!

  27. shokroklove

    haha yeah she does look like a horse! god i just cant stand her.

  28. Double amputee

    Since she got those giant Chiclet teeth, she’s not Hillary Duff to me. Please, you budding celebs out there, do NOT get those fake teeth.

  29. Former Fan of Hillary Duff

    Since she got those giant Chiclet teeth, she is NOT Hillary Duff to me. Please, budding celebs out there, don’t get those fake teeth. You look better with your own!

  30. Grape Ape Pees Wine On You

    So what’s with the moron trying to trick us into clicking on her spymac site? Is anybody actually clicking on that link?

  31. she prolly fingers herself tons too, look at those fingernails… what a sexy little ass that woman has.

  32. LayDeeBug

    This is my name now! BACK OFF!

  33. granada

    She isn’t particularly attractive. Fake teeth, mediocre fashion sense, gained a bit of weight too…

  34. Joy

    she looks like she’s a little porky again.

  35. LazeeBug

    35 I would argue you for it but I just don’t have the energy. Anyway, I think Hillary looks great in that hat.

  36. blizzy

    Is she hot? I can’t decide.

  37. maranda45678

    Hilary Duff ,i have not seen u for a long time. i heard that u r a member of an onlone site sugarcupid.com, is it true?

  38. What? I like her hat!

  39. LayDeeBug

    35 – You’re a Troll, that is your name. Sorry, only one Bug here and that’s me. Now go back under your bridge and scare some Billy Goats.

  40. LayDeeBug

    35 – P.S. Everyone who knows me knows how I blog so stop trying.

  41. LayDeeBug

    38 – 35 isn’t the Real Bug (me). I guess there’s room for two bugs in here. (smiles)

  42. LazeeBug

    44 Your last comment proves to me that you are the real “Lady” bug.

    And I still think Hillary is OK looking – in an equine sort of way.

  43. LayDeeBug

    42, 43, and 44 were all me. For realsies.

    And thanks for the “Lady” comment. I’m feeling rather nice today.

  44. MID

    Looks like her shoes don’t fit too!! ahhh

  45. linda

    emma, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club sugarmommymeet, by which you are seeking hot man to be your sugar baby.. is that true?

  46. ria

    people saying she looks ‘porky’ are dumbasses. will you not be satisfied until she resembles a matchstick?


  47. pd

    well they call her porky because she did gain weight! besides that, if you guys haven’t noticed, she doesn’t have a neck at all, she always hides it, in movies, pictures, etc. and her shoulders are meaty too. she kinda looks like a refrigerator. but her face looks pretty as usual.

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