Hilary Duff reminds me of that time she blew a guy after he proposed

April 13th, 2010 // 59 Comments

Really not much else to say after that.

Hilary Duff Blowing a Guy After He Proposed – 2.23.2010

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Dweezel

    Indeed. Nice legs, tho.

  2. Parker

    I’ll propose to her if that’s what it takes to get her cheeks wrapped around my weiner. Her butt cheeks, that is.

  3. xylus

    She’s boring, may as well pose a bar of Ivory soap on the red carpet….

  4. Valerie

    Fat! Haha, nah, just kidding, she looked great. : )

  5. Valerie

    But the nude-colored shoes suck and seriously have GOT to go out of style!!!

  6. PD

    It’s amazing how she and her fugly sister came from the same gene pool.

  7. LeaC

    Who is she wearing? The dress is stunning!

  8. bleh

    Why is she relevant again? Disney dropped her and no one notices until the BJ. Real talent here

    I’d still do her tho…

  9. TekMoney

    For whatever reason I’ve always liked her… not in a OMG new Hilary pics FAP FAP FAP kind of way. I just think she’s kind of cute…

  10. dude

    @9 i’ll openly admit i’ve fapped to more than a few images of her, but bleargh that dress makes her look like a fat old matron. wtf

  11. ughhh for the umpteenth time… she isn’t sucking his dick, idiots.

  12. SomeGuy

    She does not look like she is giving the guy head in those proposal pictures. If she were to have been then there would be a lot more pictures available. Not just one picture that has her in a position where she can do the deed. But it’s not like she didn’t at some point that day.

  13. She's a whore

    All hollywood actresses are whores. She’s just open about it…

  14. small asian penis

    Has anyone seen the rock on her finger? A blow job seems very appropriate, that would be my knee-jerk reaction.

  15. Anon

    She looks beautiful here… Very hot!

  16. terry

    It would be a privilege to get a blow job from her!

  17. cc

    My wife didn’t do that for me. What a rip off.

  18. James

    She could be Leslie Mann’s little ugly sister :)

  19. neptune

    She looks beautiful! So mature, too. Much better than she used to. I can relate; I’m 22 and progressively looking a lot hotter than I did as a teenager.

  20. Anonymous

    Looks pretty hot to me.

    She aging better than some of the other poptarts in her generation like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.

  21. small asian penis

    #19 you sound like a creepy dude

  22. Fati87


    Aging? 22 is “aging” to you? You are so fucked up.

  23. the front of her head looks hot as well!

  24. Just sayin

    If by “some guy” you mean her fiance and by “blew a guy” you mean didn’t at all go down on her fiance in public, although you think its hilarious to keep saying that, then yes this is Hilary Duff looking much more attractive than her sister ever will at some random Hollywood event.

  25. hanmeng

    Sorry, too pouty.

  26. Man everyone has fake cans today.

    Look at the massive change from flat at 20 to fake rock hard melons at 21.

    At least they have settled a little.

    Before and after fakeness:

  27. See Alice

    She is beautiful !

  28. JDM

    I think she looks gorgeous! Love the dress.

  29. The blowing part is very nice.

  30. I like to look at her.

  31. kelly

    LeaC: She’s wearing Vera Wang.

  32. Gueibor

    @19 No shit? What a coincidence – I’m 41 and progressively looking more and more like a cross between Emperor Palpatine and Boy George’s left testicle.

    That said, Her Duffness looks remarkably hrwaablwaah* on these.
    (*Drooling sounds)

  33. gen

    She’s gorgeous. She’s way up there in terms of beautiful bone structure/face with Rachel McAdams and Natalie Portman. So unfair.

  34. blarg

    give her some slack…all those jizzle facials really make for a glowing complexion…

  35. Hilary is gorgeous I must say but she is looking little bit old and scary . Don’t know it is due to heavy make up or wrong make up but in above pics she is looking some what different .

  36. v-tard

    wow…when did she get attractive?

  37. captain america

    in Iraq alot of proposols are “Blown-Up”, folks!!

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  39. in Iraq alot of proposols

  40. never old to share fashion

  41. Man everyone has fake cans today.

    Look at the massive change from flat at 20 to fake rock hard melons at 21.

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