Hilary Duff really likes scorpions, I mean really

April 7th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Hilary Duff plays Yonica Babyyeah in the new movie War, Inc.. In this clip, Yonica apparently likes sticking scorpions down her pants and having Middle Eastern dudes retrieve it while John Cusack watches. Neat. All that aside, even with a venomous insect in her crotch, Hilary Duff’s vagina is still safer than Paris Hilton’s. Like 100 times safer. In fact, I’m surprised someone hasn’t built a playground there for children yet.

NOTE: Full trailer for War, Inc. on our sister site IWatchStuff.com.


  1. Binky

    Anything to improve her dancing I suppose…

  2. Fat Tabby

    Her teeth fell out at me :(

  3. Seriously, how stupid is that clip?

  4. What is it about all this Disney bitches? they all turned into lame wannabe hoes.
    i feel bad for the mechanical scorpion; i hope it’d break and electrify that fuckin pussy.

  5. Dee

    Great. Now all the scared little boys who try to butch up by posting critical comments here will be even more afraid of the prospect of getting a hand down a girl’s pants. (key word here: “prospect”)

  6. luna

    now this is news

    i think ….

    and to think i used to like cusack, now i will just call him ball sack

  7. havoc



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  9. sharpeidude

    That was sorta hot….I guess?

  10. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    scorpions like dry, sandy environments.

  11. jane

    you’ve got to love john cusack’s sad face.

  12. Grunion

    Why is she famous again? This chick has the charisma of a loaf of bread, and not the good kind either, more like that whole wheat shit with the grains in it.

  13. jane

    the only thing that’s missing is kathy bates coming out of nowhere and whacking her in the head with a 2×4. now i’d pay to see that.

  14. John Cusack

    What the hell? I don’t get it…

  15. Bigheadmike

    Odd, very odd.

  16. Andy

    The thing is, when those dudes go to sleep, their nightmares won’t be about scorpions, they’ll be about giant teeth.

  17. havoc

    Now if she had done that and then pulled the scorpion out of her mouth, then I would have been impressed……


  18. Groucho

    Great, now we’ll see her on all the talk shows yapping about how much she has in common with the character, how great it was to work with John Cusack, and that it really isn’t a real scorpion (no, really, it’s not, giggle-giggle tee hee)!

  19. juli

    #18. LOL

    if it would have come out of john cusacks mouth that would have been even better.

  20. squash

    wow. that was the most awkward and contrived attempt at sexiness i have seen in a long long time. i think i need a shower now.

  21. Trover

    What’s the big deal? Anorexic blow ups dolls don’t have a vaj. It just a smotth surface between the wickets with no genitalia, sort of like Michael Jackson.

  22. Anon

    What’s up DEE.
    Are so many guys put off by the prospect of having to put their hands down your pants that your desperate to make everyone, especially yourself, believe it’s because oft hem and not you.

    oh dear.

  23. eye-dish lass

    WOW! Leeezzie Maquire Le Tempress makes meedle-aged Jon Ballsack sweat. Can U not just imagine her waiting to hear about how “versatile” an actress she is and how she shed her tween status?! I am EMBARRASSED for her. BEYOND embarrassed. More embarrassing than….well, nothing.

  24. Randal

    What a great actress/singer and all around great person. Love what you’re doing these days on the big screen Hilary! xoxo


  25. PunkA

    #25 Randal.

    Your overall gayness and sunshine just make me happy. Whatever pills you take, Fish needs some. Just keep sharing the love Randal.

  26. Ted from LA

    Scorpions? I’ve had crabs down my pants, but never scorpions.

  27. Spazz

    Horrible acting in that scene but I’d still do her. After some middle easterner grabs the fucking Scorp first.

  28. Wow

    Your parents are gonna kill you when they see this, Lizzie!

  29. Cat

    Why was she cast in this role….he is not sexy. Why can’t girls just embrace their cuteness without overcompensating for it by being hoes? Guys like cute better anyway (even if they won’t admit it).

  30. Kimberly

    That was…uh…well, that was….

    Gudrueat akusentu, Hilahrrry…

  31. Kimberly

    That was…uh…well, that was….

    Gudrueat akusentu, Hilahrrry…(Great accent, Hilary)

  32. Kimberly

    Sorry for the double post! I didn’t know I did that.

    What happened to you Cusack? You used to be a semi-respectable actor!

  33. PC

    Meh…theres a lot worse shit out there…shes pretty hot, so i dont know what everyones bitching about

  34. FCS

    Is there anything more akward than this chick trying to be sexy? ….shudder…..

  35. Drake

    OMG Lizzie Mcguire is so naughty!!!! Is she still a virgin?

  36. granada

    She has a horrible block-waist. And was that supposed to be an attempt at an accent??

  37. mEh

    I’d still hit that! cept without the scorpion…

  38. lori

    That was just about the lamest, unsexiest clip I’ve ever been subjected to. Why are all these middle-aged and senior citizen, once well-regarded actors teaming up with untalented trailer park Disney whores?? When has a scorpion down the pants ever been sexy?? My faith in humanity is almost completely gone now.

  39. silencio

    What’s going on Cusack? You have the same face than in 1408 when a ghost was making you have hallucinations of your daughter in a room that you ultimately set on fire because you were insane! And now what? Lizzie Maguire? I didn’t know you liked to date breastless young horses… who can’t dance nor sing. Lame Cusack, lame.

  40. silencio

    And if you wanna convince me that Lizzie Maguire is a scary person – it will never work. Ever. Even if she spits fire and mashed peas and start screaming that she wants Cusack to fuck her. Hey, that’s maybe what she does to date guys.

  41. NastyBedazzler

    Yeah that clip was fairly lame.

  42. michy

    i think her pussy stinks

  43. Rosie

    Her hat makes me sick.
    She always wear ugly mother fucking hats.
    You have to be pretty cool to pull off a hat, at cool she aint.



  44. Bobeyo

    The scorpion was hot.

  45. Ju

    Is that clip real, or did someone slip something silly in my tea?

    Lizzie McGuire, what is that?

  46. Bunnie

    Seriously, what the hell is up with these ex-child stars trying to break away from their cutesy images anyway? Like Daniel Radcliff off having sex with horses, the Olsens with their eating disorders and coke addictions (don’t remember which one, don’t care either), and Lohan with.. well.. you know. And they’re just three in a long, long string.

    I know that as a child actor you’d have to know that it’s change how the public, the media, and the film makers see you, or face a long stretch of film-related unemployment after about 25, but why do they feel it such a necessity to go for roles so far away from their childish personas? People still like to think of Duff as that cute little girl, but if you look at her now you’d have to be an idiot to think that’s who she still was. Sure, landing a role like this makes me feel as if she’s doing it only as an act of rebellion, which takes a few years off her maturity age, but if you ignore this.. ‘faux pas’ for lack of a better word.. then it’s easy to see her as a young adult, slowly drawing away from the Lizzie McGuire image.

    And as for breaking off from that child image, what’s wrong with doing it gradually? Even the slow people will eventually come to accept that you’re not just a kid any more. You don’t have to be a coke-fiend or a fire-crotch to make people think you’re growing up. And those are more the actions of annoying little high school brats anyway.

  47. Prof

    Hillary Duff is JUST cute so she has to understand they’re three major paths for “cute”child celebrities in Hollywood…Becoming a Skank, Turning Sexy, or Fighting the Cute Factor. 1) Becoming the Skank! The little Hollywood starlet start out cute & spunky but then parties too hard, drinks too hard, and sucks one to many hard cocks and bam your in rehab B4 your mid twenties, everyone knows what your tits look like, and you have a possible sex tape. Lindsey Lohan is the poster child for this path. She peaked in Mean Girls, but it quickly went down hill from there. Tara Reid is another one check her out in American Pie then look at her now. Drew Barrymore followed this path, but pulled herself back up. The most extreme saddest scenario would be a Dana Plato path. 2) Turning Sexy-The more they become a masturbatory aid for horny guys the more they seem to become a box office/money generating icons-deep down this is what all of them desperately wish to achieve. B4 Britney Spears’ serotonin levels went bat-shit after shitting out two kids she actually achieved this status…she was very sexy. Christina Aguilera, Scarlet Johansson, Jessica Simpson, Christina Milan, and Angelina Jolie may be bitchy, or had a few skanky moments, but they all are comfortably in the “I was a cute teen now I’m a “Sexy Women” group. Last and in some ways least (in terms of free PR and marketability after 21) is 3) Fighting the Cute Factor-Hillary Duff will join the ranks of child stars that will take on increasingly exploitive roles to shed the “cute good girl” image. Much like Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, or Ellen Page she will come off looking like a “cute” high school kid trying to use her jailbait bits to get the “cool” new teacher to notice her! Don’t get me wrong these women are all good at their craft, but they’re all still just cute to most guys, but hey for many that’s enough. Hone your acting chops on some serious roles first then worry about being provocative later Child Celeb Sociology 101 is over.

  48. maria

    Shit Cusack, that’s low, very very low, WTF are you doing in the same movie as Hillary? you had the people’s respect as an actor, and now that’s all gone. You stink man.

  49. Chris

    She doesn’t have “horse teeth” anymore you morons. Seriously, it’s time to think up another unfunny saying.

    And that scorpion is real.

    I laugh at all of these comments. You people wouldn’t know hot if it punched you in the back of the head. And she has no breasts? Ummm…take a look at this clip and just about any recent pictures of her. Her boobs are huge now.

    She looks amazing now, very hot.

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