Hilary Duff is single

November 28th, 2006 // 37 Comments

Hilary Duff and Joel Madden have broken up after two and half years together. Madden made an appearance at Enclave in Chicago Wednesday night and allegedly told clubgoers he and Duff had split. His band’s manager confirmed the split, saying:

“I can indeed confirm that Joel is single. We are not going to elaborate on Joel’s personal life but I will say they have split.”

I would’ve assumed Joel broke things off after realizing he was dating a horse except that I know what he looks like. And you don’t look like Joel Madden and break up with girls. In fact you don’t look like Joel Madden and do much of anything, except maybe sit in your room and pray they make a live action Pillsbury Doughboy movie for you to star in.


  1. Italian Stallion

    You would think Joel was single now, but his boyfriend say’s different………..

  2. shankyouverymuch

    Hilary Duff has the head of an ANT… 1st???

  3. shankyouverymuch

    Hey Stallion… I’ve been looking at your blog site, good job-looks pretty cool, very odd pix you’ve got going there…

  4. sayll

    Maybe he ran out of carrots.

  5. mikeski

    Nice earrings, emo.

  6. I am not sure anyone cares really. I think it’s all about Brit’s vagina.


  7. ponk

    is she even legal age yet? jeeeebus!

  8. JungleRed


    Duff’s purportedly a virgin. So what difference does it make? So they’ll continue to NOT have sex together? That guy’s a nimrod for putting up with that shit for 2 and 1/2 years.

  9. polypam

    Just goes show that rock stars shouldn’t date virgins. End of story.

  10. Oh good, we need another hollywood skank.


  11. Binky

    Maybe she’ll finally ‘Wake Up’ and get together with that stalker.

  12. Maybe Paris and Brit have room for her in the back seat of her whore-mobile! (Sorry, no panties allowed!)

    Come, join the “Tour of Whores – 2006!”

    Learn how to show your shaven cooch!
    Drink booze with un-shaven men!
    Contract new and exotic crotch critters!
    Throw your self-respect to the wind!

  13. Just Some Girl

    i almost forgot to read this story when i got distracted by the vagina update. that’s how much i care.

    yeah, that’s pretty pathetic that a 30 year old “rock star” was dating hilary the virgin for so long. then again, i’m not suprised considering when i met him 5 years ago he was shorter than i was (and i’m 5’5″).

  14. Wonked

    Hmmm… Hillary Duff or Britney’s Muff…

    There’s a reason why hours later I can still get to be #15.


  15. radio4play

    ok wait for it….here it comes….almost there…..BUAHAHAHAHAH no really BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Kristin

    She looks like absolute shit.

  17. Meritocrat

    A long, magnificent, public climax to Britney’s decay! Every day, new pictures! Soon her left breast will explode because her milk ducts are blocked by silicon! Just when I thought it couldn’t get more satisfying, Hilary Duff is set freeeee! Free to marry meeeeeee [in certain liberal states].

  18. ImaCracka

    I can assure you, wink wink knudge knudge, that she is not a virgin……

    Dont believe me…????

    Come sniff my dick..

    Prove to me that is not a Duff type smell…..

  19. NipsyHustle


    i wouldn’t go around bragging that i deflowered a horse. that’s still illegal in most states.

  20. superficially

    People why read this crap about “horse-face” and “got-no-poon-for over two years”….

    Britney Spears is displaying her greatest talent yet….it’s gross but at least it’s not boring like these two nobodies

  21. ImaCracka

    #22 Good point…… I would like to retract my earlier statement and state for the record…. I have never deflowered a horse………

  22. saltpeanuts

    Hey Joel, cheer up, emo kid. Hillary still has the biggest teeth I’ve ever come across.

  23. jrzmommy


  24. FecalPellets

    I read somwhere that Hilary got those monstrosities filed back down to normal tooth size. Now she won’t be able to gnaw on carrots or sugar cubes as quickly.
    Seriously, she was so beautiful a couple years ago. This is what shitty cosmetic dentistry and starvation get ya. Welcome to Hollyweird!

  25. UsedHotelSoap

    Oh my god Hilary is so freaking weird

  26. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    They both need to die.

  27. killeristic

    this is just sad

  28. Eye-Dish Lass

    Haylie will F U Joel.

  29. Glammarama

    Hilary who?

  30. peopleRweird

    #10 I can not believe that you called Joel Madden a rock star.Have you heard any of Good Charlotte’s(so-called)music? If you have had the misfortune to hear it,you will know it is a far,far cry from rock.If you are going to call him anything call him a washed up popstar or a thirty year old has-been who is in a band whose target audience are nine-year-old girls.

  31. OhMyMeg!

    Her face is at least 3 shades lighter than her neck and what the hell is up with that blue shit under her eyes?

    Her stylist must’ve been enjoying a rum and Coke while putting on Hilary’s makeup.

  32. superstar

    Joel has a double chin…looks gross since it looks like a saggy bag hanging off his chin!

  33. wow, square face and ‘who?’ have broken up – does anyone care?

  34. savannah


  35. I totally love this song. I totally love Hilary Duff! I’m even doing a project about her for school! Yay! Did you know her middle name is Erhard? Thats a pretty awesome middle name, if you ask me!

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