Hilary Duff is really really wet

October 5th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Here’s Hilary Duff on the set of Greta, which looks like it might be the best movie ever made. You’ve got Hilary Duff completely soaked in a see-through shirt, and then you’ve got those sunglasses she’s wearing. Holy cow. Those are what the Terminator would wear if he was 80 years old and liked to yell at kids to get off his lawn. Check out this shot to properly appreciate just how amazingly awesome these sunglasses really are.


  1. Mike

    Thanks for uncovering these pictures of Spongebob Squarepants in drag.

  2. Jarrett

    UGH, I wouldn’t touch her after she been in Jersey water.

  3. #50, what does your girfriend think about that?


  4. lalaland

    #14 its called SWIMMING SUIT ever hear of it?

    #29 riiiiiight like anyone would get size A implants like hers

    #50 oh hell why not!

  5. veggi

    haha FRIST.

  6. Bagoli

    She always seems desperate – for attention, acceptance, approval…I don’t know. Anything that starts with “a” I guess. But that’s what I like about her – she’s needy enough that you could sweet talk her into ass-to-mouth action. My kinda girl. For a night or two.

  7. Mike

    My girlfriend has a daughter who’s ashamed of her mom. Why do you ask?

  8. El Ces

    Say Fish, didn’t Nicky Hilton have a birthday?

  9. Lexoka

    #54. Yeah, it was a swimming suit, my bad, I didn’t look closely enough. Still unnecessary, though.

  10. Hey veggi, did you see the troll (Mike) comments on the Britney post? We said some good shit!!!

  11. qroos

    wow. her breasts grew while the rest of her shrank. go figure!

  12. Mike

    Well, I figured I had to talk for the two of you, since your mouths are so often filled with cock (I know, I know, working women gotta pay the bills).

  13. George

    #8 james you a fag?
    those are wet tits!
    or did you mean jamie’ thats a chick comment!
    f*ck this site is full of whiney uptightposer chicks

  14. C@rpedIem

    She’s built like a refrigerator

  15. lalaland

    #59 glad we both agree now ha

  16. James

    She is perfect. These aren’t the most flattering photos and she still looks awesome! Super pretty!

  17. LaDrones

    Who films anything but mob movies in NJ?

  18. Saysay

    Why does it look like she just stepped out of the 90′s

  19. dude

    It’s ok but i miss her thick thighs and butt. Fuckin anorexic hos deflatin my boner like that.

  20. pedophile

    She was hotter when she was Lizzie McGuire.
    No horse teeth and some meat on dem bonze.
    I love kids!!!!!

  21. Danklin24

    Actually, minus the sunglasses, in a couple photos especially #8, i’d bang the hell out of her.

  22. MP

    She’s just begging for a yeast infection in those jean shorts.

  23. Chris

    “small tits square hips, no waist, no ass, pasty pale, short….”

    small tits? funny cause that is what normal looking, non plastic surgery enhanced boobs look like. need to quit staring at Pamela so much. won’t even bother with the rest of your fag-ness, you can’t see that she has an incredible body in these pics (her ass in that pic where she is facing the car…wow so fucking sexy) then you need to remove your dick and balls.

  24. Chris

    “Knowing she’s wet makes me want to puke.”

    What a fucking queer. Knowing she is wet makes me hard. I’d do her sooooo hard. That beautiful face, that hot ass stomach, and oh my good Lord that incredible ass.

    *grabs some tissues*

  25. Chris

    “It definitely seems like a ghostly Friday–just look at her legs!LOL”

    Yeah her legs are fucking sexy.

    And looking around on here at other posts of yours, it’s safe to say you talk to yourself and have no life. Congratulations.

    P.S. Jealousy is NOT your friend.

  26. jacknasty


  27. Danklin24

    I do have to ask though, whats that green and orange shit on her stomach/chest? A really bad tattoo? If so, that ruins her body for me.

  28. 77 I took a dump on her chest. Now shut the fuck up.

  29. Arden

    She looks 35 here.

  30. seven

    #68 it rings of the eighties.. CUZ of the acid wash shorts in the last pic

  31. Gorgeous figure, she even has a waist, pretty rare these days.

  32. Fehklar

    I believe those are actually safety glasses.
    It would not surprise me one bit if they were actually Z87 rated.
    (Can take a nail gun to the face @ 150p.s.i.)
    Now THAT would be cool to see.
    “Hey Hillary”



    “Yes? I’m sorry did you call my name?”

    “Never mind. Hey isn’t that The Hoff?” *points behind her*



  33. the glasses are to protect her eyes when I shoot my load over over her face……….

  34. podiatrist

    I bet her feet stink. She ain’t wearin’ no socks.
    Que poots!!!

  35. The Terminator (Arnold) didn’t wear glasses like these…
    Terminator X (Public Enemy’s DJ) wore glasses like these!!!

  36. oh that duff, so

  37. Ew, what the fuck, isn’t she, like, twelve years old or something?

  38. remember when she was 15 and fat? i do. (miranda was always hotter)

  39. Lindsay

    lol @ She’s built like a refrigerator !!

    and she’s starting to look like a mom.


    any more up and comers? this one’s expired!!!

  40. her body sucks

    ugly fucked up forehead, long ass horse jaw, 14 year old short non-curvy …
    this is what boobs look like that are real and not pamela andersons???
    no, unless you are unlucky or below 18.
    she is not hot
    suck to you that are defending her
    her body is lame
    shes not fat, but thats all

  41. hey #73

    ” Chris ”
    or christine??
    i know you are just a flat chested girl.

  42. jane

    she reminds me of a wet rat in pic 9 and look at that man arm

  43. JackOff

    Regardless of the love or the hate, you’d all hit that.

  44. Wow, cataracts already? I remember when she was just a baby!

  45. xman

    Great face, great body great person. Thank you Hillary you sre a pleasure to look at and to read about. Go Isles

  46. alessia

    she has no curves

  47. lonag

    Great beauty! One of my friend said she saw her photos on richmingle.com, what happened?

  48. Mickey

    She was better with she was fatter. The last time I felt an attraction to Hilary, was in the movie The Perfect Man. Now her face is all boney, her cute nose has vanished, and generally, she just isn’t very good any more.

  49. james

    who cares if she got a see through shirt, she got the tummy for it, and shes alround a very beautiful girl, well done Hilary

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