Hilary Duff is really really wet

October 5th, 2007 // 101 Comments

Here’s Hilary Duff on the set of Greta, which looks like it might be the best movie ever made. You’ve got Hilary Duff completely soaked in a see-through shirt, and then you’ve got those sunglasses she’s wearing. Holy cow. Those are what the Terminator would wear if he was 80 years old and liked to yell at kids to get off his lawn. Check out this shot to properly appreciate just how amazingly awesome these sunglasses really are.


  1. BIGsteamyONE

    mmmmmmmmm ….wetness

  2. joeypants

    I’d wreck that.

  3. stix

    hilary duff sucks.

  4. craigj

    I guess the water’s cold too.

  5. Mike

    I would just love to be those shorts creeping up her pussy crack.

  6. KamUK

    Either way big glasses or not she’s a very pretty girl.

  7. There are probably designed to protect the eyes from the thrusting ocean waves.

    They are not meant to be pretty. Perhaps she could have gotten a color to match her pink shirt

  8. James

    Very small tits for such wide hips.

  9. WTF?

    So THAT’s where my Granny’s sunglasses ended up!

    Hey Hilary, did you find those at the beach? Me and my Granny were there the other day and she lost her stunna’s. At first we thought they were wrapped up in the beach towel and she would come across them while doing a load of laundry, but as it turns out…she forgot them at the beach!

    Oh well, as they say, finder’s keepers…losers weepers. Sorry Granny, XMas is coming…I’ll get you a new pair.

  10. hey #8

    small tits square hips, no waist, no ass, pasty pale, short….
    but her dentures look nice now, and her mascara enhances her eyes.

  11. havoc

    Wow. Luckily the photogs were there for this totally spontaneous event…..


  12. der...doye...duh

    @11…”on the set of Greta”

  13. She is so cute and OMG she isn’t a stick! She has a great build, and she is so naturally cute.

  14. Lexoka

    That’s a very unnecessary bra…

  15. El-Coyote

    Mmmmm… heaving little hooters…. NICE….

  16. BellaNY1

    Mike #5 I’ve got a crack you can have after my shorts are done with them…LMAO!

  17. Peter

    Her thighs are thunderific!

  18. Mike

    #16 if you are female and have a pussy, come on over, I am not picky. All you ladies are sisters upside down.

  19. Riotboy

    Her face changed shape or something. I remember when she used to be cute w/ bangs.

    /oh well

  20. Knowing she’s wet makes me want to puke.

  21. alex

    boring. boring . she should take off that short and bra

  22. cosmetologist

    I thought she was a blond. Oh well, her pictures just reminded me that I haven’t been to visit my Granny for a while, so see you guys later I off to the home for the senile and demented.

  23. Oingo Boingo

    Does anyone smell wet dog?

  24. Shallow Val

    There’s another chick with awful huge glasses on in the water. (Ugh!)

  25. The boob-less wonder returns!

  26. It ain’t no shocka, Hilary loves her BluBlockers!

  27. Hillary Duff is b-list. She can’t sing, dance or act. She belongs in Texas. Please send her back!

  28. This site is getting laaaame.

    This chick needs to shave her head or do some crack, she is boring me to death.

  29. observer

    She has recently gotten breast implants. Check out awfulaplasticsurgery. Real breasts don’t take on the ’round hard and new/yet settled’ look in a push up bra. It just doesn’t happen!

  30. Mike

    Maybe she could shave her crack!

  31. What is with all the crap on her hand and wrist? Is she 12 going on 40? Is that Navy seal lookin’ dude trying to drown her in pic 7?

  32. Hey Mike she is using salty seawater as douche!

  33. hegadeth

    ^ That accounts for the large fish kill.

  34. Is this thing on?I might have to do some work!

  35. @33–Funny! In the ocean or her hootchie?

  36. Mandy

    Holy cow, who woulda thunk it? Check out the fringe of pubes on her left upper inner thigh in the last pic!!! No wonder she’s pulling her shorts down.

  37. Jonsie

    Leave Britney alone!

  38. Cowgirl, I think everyone has taken the day off. Perhaps a personal day of grieving for poor Britney Spears who just lost her children.

    Wah hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  39. It definitely seems like a ghostly Friday–just look at her legs!LOL

  40. hegadeth

    @33 – The report I read mentioned Snapper……..

  41. Hey FRIST. You can visit me or Jimbo at our respective blogouts (like a hangout,but better). I don’t think you’ll make FIRST this morning though:-(

  42. cattycowgirl

    @40–I heard it was “dogfish”!

  43. Mike

    NEW POST!!! Finally!

  44. I’m not falling for that again, mike!!!

  45. Flip

    May I be forgiven for the following; but I would TOTALLY destroy her! (Sure it’s been a while and my balls are beginning to resemble beach balls, but I digress)

  46. WhyIsSheFamous?

    Damn that Disney Corporation can make money hand over fist with talentless bimbos. This one and that other moron Lohan have made them millions.
    BTW, give my Grandma back her glasses, you bitch. She needs those after her cataract surgery.

  47. WeRallSoTalented!!!

    She sucks! They all suck! Talentless assclowns! You want to see talent – come down to my office and WATCH ME TYPE! Yeah bitches!

  48. D. Richards

    There’s just something odd about Hilary Duff. I mean, I can’t tell how old she is and her teeth are way too perfect. The image of her standing away, facing that car makes my dick lumpy. I’m extremely confused. No, I wouldn’t fornucate with her. She looks unhealthy; and not that good kind-of slut unhealthy either. She looks like something of a facade. Just exterior. And those capped hyper-white teeth. Fuck.

  49. Mike

    Ok, since nobody else will admit it, I’d like to give Hilary the Superfish special: a poke in the pink, a stab in the stink, then POW! right in the kisser.

    Ok, ladies, who wants my phone number?

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