Hilary Duff is doing something or another on a roof

October 11th, 2007 // 83 Comments

I was tempted to just put up these pictures without an explanation and let you think Hilary Duff spends her free time dancing on rooftops, but she’s actually on set filming her new movie Greta. And while I have no idea what the movie is about, judging from these shots (and these sunglasses) you can be sure this movie will be chock full of wild hijinks. And, if they’re still shooting for that Academy Award, alien lesbians.


  1. D. Richards

    Eat my ass-salad, fucks!

  2. veggi

    I”m higher than giraffe pussy. yeah. I just wanted to say that.

  3. Dick Richards

    She looks absolutely slut. Three in-puts!

  4. Beth

    What, does she wear the same shorts for the whole movie? The last scenes they film will be…yeasty.

  5. ch474

    Hmm. Either she’s growing a tail or it’s a safety rope incase she falls and passes out from starvation.

  6. Ript1&0

    Didn’t you hear? There aren’t any homosexuals in space! They don’t have this problem like us Earthlings do.

  7. ch474

    Oh and don’t get to hot ‘n heavy over this one either. Current boyfriend and NHL’r Mike Comrie (now NY Islanders) will cut you just as soon as look at you. Stick or skate, your choice.

    Good player though.

  8. adeliza

    What the hell is this god dang movie supposed to be about?

  9. veggi

    pirate hookers of course.

  10. something off

    shes cute, but doesn’t have a very good shape or something, short neck? there is something on sexy about her body

  11. Scott

    Duff is buff! Really buff. Hulkster-buff. Nice lats and delts. Thunder booming from those thighs. She should do lots of action movies, being such a big girl.

  12. something off

    UN sexy i meant. her sister’s body isn’t amazing but it is better, hilary has a better face… if only the could witch bodies.

  13. Sam

    Hey, why don’t you, the Superfish, stop putting these stupid pictures on here and instead get that picture of Britney’s va-jay-jay? It is sick and disgusting, so it will go well with the whole theme of this site. :) TMZ has it, but it has a star on it. Thnx.

  14. Marcelo

    Let her dance in the roof lol


  15. Giraffe pussy. Yeah that is fun to say.

    In other news, I brought a tuna sandwich for lunch today but I ate it already.

  16. Briana

    I love Hilary Duff!

  17. being superficial

    her face is really pretty or looks kinda like an alien. her body is stumpy without curves:-/ i agree that her sister does have a more girlie body. and yeah her head kinda sits on her broad shoulders

  18. generic superfish commenter

    Fuckin Hilary Duff and her fuckin charity work and not flashing her fuckin poon like fuckin Britney that fuckin fat slut whore. I got more talent than Hilary. If I hadn’t been fucked over by that one teacher I had in high school for music class I coulda broke into music and movies and … hiccup … braaaap … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …. braaaap ….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …huh? wha? fuhhkkin …. braaaaap …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. veggi

    News at 11. I brought a veggie sammich today, but I already ate it. And it wasn’t very good anyway. Now I have nothing.

  20. I love veggie sammiches. But only if it has lots of avacado and spouts.

    Was that relevant to the post?

  21. Ok I’m bored. I’m going to go make fun of the Hoff now. Pussy can’t hold his liquor….

  22. Auntie Kryst

    Damnit Veggi, now I’m hungry. It has reminded me it’s lunch time though, so thank you. Also I think Hillary Duff is a cute girl.

  23. Fumus

    Post more Britney stuff, all this talk about the hoff and Hilary Doof is killing my eye balls.

  24. veggi's newest troll (the old one is shit)

    veggi can be my sammich! veggi loves me, the newest and bestest troll ever! The old troll belongs in the sewer!

    Poo on veggi’s old troll!!!

  25. PunkA

    a veggi sammich? What does veggi taste like?

  26. veggi

    mmmm. avocado and sprouts! yay! stupid margaritas last night make me feel like a rundid over kitty cat today.

    relevence? none. I don’t care. I’m fucking bored, hungover, and pissy.

  27. Mike

    It’s cute how she’s always pretending to have hips.

  28. veggi

    @#24: Oh, I do so love my new troll! And newest and most beloved troll, you are right; the old troll is shit!!!

  29. veggi

    25- ha! veggi sammich. but there’s only one of me.

  30. Yeah, the combo of screwdriver, martini, cognac and beer aren’t makin me feel all that spunky today either.

    And my sandwich sucked too.

  31. Mike

    #25 – sourdough bread.

  32. KamUK

    Well hell I see nothing wrong with this girls face or shape – she’s really pretty and looks kind of sweet.

  33. yeah

    #27 i know right! her body is not too feminine …her hips are super square. shes kinda built like a swimmer, only she is short

  34. Upset

    The past few weeks of the S.com has been boring, are there no nude, horny celebs that need attention? Common this site is almost civilized now…

  35. hey Kan

    nothing WRONG, i kinda like her face…. but her body isn’t super attractive, she isn’t fat or anarexic…. but it’s not much of a body…. kinda boyish… not like a LITTLE boy, but like a 13 year old boy that plays football.

  36. Upset

    PLYMOUTH, Ind. — A fourth-grade teacher’s aide resigned after he was accused of trying to staple a piece of paper to a student’s forehead.

    This above news bite is more interesting than Hillary Duffus…

  37. Carmex

    13 year old boy that plays football? i see it. she is a little more thighsy though.
    she does have a short neck

  38. Jerry

    And she eats her peas one at a time.

  39. veggi's newest and most beloved troll says . . .

    veggi is cuter than any of the Duffsters pics! veggi should be loved and worshipped by everyone!!! veggi should have $$$ rained down upon her!!! veggi’s old troll is a turd eater!!!

  40. lil princess

    i wonder how she feels knowing her boyfriend left her for nicole richie. that must hurt.

  41. Lisa

    wow, thats being desperate for an internet connection!

  42. veggi

    New beloved troll, you are the best troll ever!!! I love you!!!

  43. Stacey

    Creating your own self-praising “troll.” Yikes. Thought I’d seen it all…

  44. veggi

    stop talking to yourself troll. yer kinda weird. I’m in no mood.

    gawd I feel terrible. should i fucking throw up? FRIST!!!! HELP!

  45. veggi

    @43- I’m not my own troll, or praising my stupid troll ya fuckin spastic monkey.

  46. fkjsdflkj

    I thought she was hot, until I just saw her cankles. That pretty much ruins her. Disgusting.

  47. veggi

    new post frist. guess who and guess what.

  48. freakwad

    frist and veggi are my secret lovers

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