Hilary Duff is anorexic

September 6th, 2005 // 10 Comments

hduff_anorexic.jpgLooks like Hilary Duff needs a swift roundhouse kick to the face for succumbing to anorexia like every other teen star. When I used to watch Lizzie McGuire Manly McMan Show I thought that maybe Hilary was an actress who would embrace her chubby cuteness and not fall to the pressures of Hollywood. Oh what a fool I was. If you’ve got to screw with your body to fulfill a Hollywood cliche, you might as well get breast implants as opposed to becoming anorexic. Contrary to popular belief, having big breasts is awesome, and looking like a ghoulish skeleton is not. Unless you’re trying to scare people, in which case maybe it’s sort of awesome.

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  1. Who the fuck is raising these kids? Didn’t she have huge boobs on the horizon at one point? Who fucking advises these kids? More imporantly – who keeps them from watching television and reading magazines and looking at shit on the internet?

  2. CutenCrazy

    Hey I think this is totally true. Im 15 years old and when i was around the age of 13 i used to watch a lot of Lizzie McGuire episodes, i mean i was a BIG fan. Mainly because i could relate to her character in a lot of ways. She used to be NORMAL sized unlike many of the people you see on TV these days. NOT too SKINNY. I mean she wasnt exacly chubby to me , she was NORMAL. Just like everyone should be , and i think its way wrong to be on such an anorexic diet . NOT only does it affect your health , but it also makes you horribly skinny and scary , just like you see Hilary Duff in these pics. SHE used to have BOOBS!
    Right now i look at her and i say , WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT to me and to other MILLIONS of Lizzie Mcguire’s fans.
    O yeah , i think her new teeth (teeth surgery) are horrible too. I mean she had such pretty teeth , and NOW she looks like a HORSE! I cant even look at her nemore!
    I hope she gets a REALITY check. :(
    —> CutenCrazy ;-)

  3. Timmy =)

    Hilary Duff… after going through a health site… is not believed to be anorexic anymore… She lost all that weight in order to be really healthy. Although I preferred her in a bigger size, health is the top priority and if she’s going to be this way in order to stay healthy, let it be that way. Thanks =)

  4. chevygirl57

    Has anyone seen her on E! recently with Ryan Seacrest? Poor thing. I thought she was really cute before, now she’s just sickly. Needs help.

    You know who else needs help?

    The asshole that posted this.

    How in the hell do you have any problem with her being so thin when you, in the same post, talk about her being chubby before? She wasn’t anywhere near chubby before.

    No wonder she’s anorexic now. People like you make people feel like shit.

    You can’t win in Hollywood. You’re either too thin, too fat, too muscular, to waify…

  5. Bo

    Hillary is not Anorexic! She looks beautiful!
    She has just lost all her puppy fat…
    BUT HOW?!?!?!?
    lately everyone has gotten so thin!!!
    I have tried everything but I still dont get results!?
    Anyone have any ideas that WILL WORK?
    let me know…

  6. nerine

    My goodness. I wouldn’t call this “losing puppy fat”. To #1, yeah, she was never flat in the past. I think she went anorexic because of comments that she was fat made by MANY people. I also feel that we all could relate to her when she was in Lizzie McGuire, because she was so normal then. But I guess Hollywood has taken a toll on this pretty lass and she took the route that most celebs took.

  7. wow! she’s really skinny, and before I was actually Jealous of her…but now her stick-thin body totally takes the beauty from her….ugly!

  8. You Dont Know Me

    seriously if you guys act like you have never seen a skinny person or have been online before. i mean its people like you that made her the way she is. if you didnt know who she was before she lost alot of weight you would just think she was really really skinny.i mean she only what 5’3/5’4 and before she was skinny, just thicker but i cant blame her for loosing weight can you?? i mean there are petitions online that are saying she is fat and needs to go on a a diet…even now!! anything you ever read about her before was shec ould loose weight, shes chubby…now it all shes too skinny! its a loose loose! in reality she is way too thin and before she was average, normal, perfect. in hollywood that doesnt count. you have to be 10 times prettier, 30lbs lighter, tanner, everything!! and her teeth! if anyone ever looke at an upclose pic of her teeth before the one was chipped. so if she felt uncomfortable about it and wants to change it so be it. she is beautiful, rich, talented.what should you care what she looks like?! it was for her not you. plus if you all know so much about her you know that people made fun of her teeth alot too. for as much fan mail she gets she gets hate mail and stuff trashing her no matter what she does!! and why do you people criticize others with eating disorders. in todays society its hard to just be a normal person with a normal weight, not to mention all the personal self image issues someone has…and in hollywood its a million times worse!! it takes alot of emotional and physical pain, stress, etc. to have an eating disporder and unless you have had one you have no idea!!! you cant just sit there and say why do people do that to themselves…dont they know it hurts their body..blah blah blah…they know! they feel it! they go through it! but when you look at them you dnt see what they see!! you should never make fun of someone with eating issues no matter what! it not right! and dont sit there and say they shouldnt do what they do b/c you dont know them or what they go through!!! nobody even knows if she has an eating disorder. no one knowas what insecurities she has about herself or what she goes through on a daily basis! how can you sit and judge someone you dont even know!! you all are jelous b/c no matter what she has more money than you and in a way is better than you. no one will ever talk about you and obsess about the way you look on the internet and stuff. ans seriously the people who judge and criticize her are the worste of all. if your so much better than her then why do you spend so much time tearing her down and trashing her!?! if you dnt like her, okay everone has an opinion. but the people that trash her all over the internet and stuff just have no lives at all!!!

  9. Kyle Hilton


    Ahhh Hilary . . .

    Luv Her!!!! Skinny Anorexic peeple rokk!!

    Kyle Hilton


  10. nunu


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