Hilary Duff is a Gossip Girl and other news

August 25th, 2009 // 47 Comments

- Chris Brown is not allowed to contact Rihanna for five years. Which gives him plenty of time to have sexual reorientation surgery and become a man. [Just Jared]

- Ryan Gosling is dating Kat Dennings? But she wasn’t in The Notebook… [Lainey Gossip]

- Sean Connery turned 79 today and pretty much every woman I know would still do him. Someone should build him a statue. [PopEater]

- Jessica Biel is the “most dangerous woman” on the Internet. Is it because I’d stab my grandmother just to feel the breeze of Jessica’s ass? That’s gotta be it. [Wonderwall]

- Katherine Heigl knows how to get a discount. Why do I suddenly want to be a furniture salesman? [Celebslam]

- Lindsay Lohan’s neighbors are tired of the plague she’s beset upon them. Which I assume means Samantha Ronson’s penis. [The Blemish]

- Shia LaBeouf bags another co-star which is basically futile after sleeping with Megan Fox. Unless he likes to cry during sex, then high five! [PopSugar]

- Paula Abdul has landed a job hosting the revamped VH1 Divas. Now she’ll have even more of an excuse when she finds out Miley Cyrus is slated to perform. Gin will never taste so delicious. [ICYDK]

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  4. Shamus O'Hara

    She is amazingly Hot !!

  5. Jeffy's Gal

    Hillary Duff has managed to keep herself out of trouble, and still she looks great. She doesn’t look like a hung-over coked out broad.

  6. hmm Thick brick babe! I wouldnt hit it

    Id screw her silly….

  7. Racer X

    The Superficial English teacher’s suck!!! I know you wanna get to the point, but do it correctly.


  8. Airmail56

    She’s always been a beautiful girl. Please put her in an upbeat sitcom!

  9. Shamus O'Hara

    What is the title of the book ?

  10. Monica

    i wouldn’t consider myself a chubby chaser but i really dig her pillowy arms. i bet they’d be awesome for naps n stuff. after sex n stuff.

  11. Del

    What else is new?

  12. Danklin24

    I’ll say it again, Hilary Duff is one of the hottest, most put together actresses out there. Sure she might not be the best actress ever but damn she’s good looking.

  13. Sean Connery looks to have lost a lot of weight.

    Clearly cancer.

  14. bang dang

    I would spill my milk on her

  15. Nameless

    Amazingly hot and she reads for recreation!

  16. Tanzarian

    She’s so hot each time I come for her it’s as much as is in that cup.

  17. monkeyrotica

    It’s a real shame she’s a psycho bitch of Jennifer Love Hewitt proportions

  18. Junk-n-trunk

    Hillary’s duff is a little bigger!

  19. Fati

    Hillary is such a sweetheart. Extremely good looking and yet graceful and poised unlike almost all Hollywood idiots.

  20. slimi

    She is fat, look at her arms or legs OMG. Compare to her Kim K. looks like skinny model.

  21. slimi

    She is fat, look at her arms or legs OMG. Compare to her Kim K. looks like skinny model.

  22. slimi

    She is fat, look at her arms or legs OMG. Compare to her Kim K. looks like skinny model.

  23. headsouth


    no more heidi and spencer.

  24. Danklin24

    #20-22 are you kidding me? Kim is way fatter than Hilary ever was. Hilary has just been pudgy, i would have never called her fat but she looks amazingly hot in these pics. Look at her on Blender magazine. She’s fucking hot!

  25. meee

    i’m sick of correcting your shit in comments fish. edit the lindsay lohan one. “plague of”…what exactly

  26. Jes

    #9 – The book is Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. Amazing book.

  27. dude

    god i wana fuck that so hard

  28. dude

    this def needs some ass shots!!!!!

  29. windward passage

    “Jessica Biel is the “most dangerous woman” on the Internet. Is it because I’d stab my grandmother just to feel the breeze of Jessica’s ass?”

    are you saying that you want to have Jessica Biel fart on you? Because that’s what I’m reading.

  30. Epic Fail

    @7 – You slate fish for his literacy skills but you don’t know when to use apostrophes and when not to…epic!

  31. Horny Larry

    Hillary hurry up and accidentally release a home porno video. I would love to fuck you in your virginal bum and blow my load in your warm mouth.

  32. le fag

    Hilary looks awesome, and her arms look better than some gaunty sticks those Hollywood whores have.

  33. Horny Toad

    Where are the butt pix at?

  34. Hilary Duff, is a cool gril I like her alot.

  35. xxWPxx

    Finally The Duff puts on a little more weight. She looks 18 again.

  36. Erin

    What a joke. I bet all the people calling celebrities “fat” on this site are overweight losers who haven’t had sex in months. or years.

  37. ginger

    she is lookin hella fine. @20… you suck for thinking she looks fat? you must like to fuck skinny little boys?

  38. boomrpup

    I don’t get girls, today. They look great in f-me high heels, but tote around a pair of ratty POS flip-flops to put on once their event/job/date/gig/interview is finished. Even podiatrists and ortho-docs would rather women wear heels. Flip flops eventually make your feet spread out. Example: Jon Gosselin. He’s got feet like Dumbo – flat as a pancake. Wanna snag a man: wear the heels; wanna look fat a frumpy: slip on some flops.

  39. Galtacticus

    It doesn’t look easy to carry that all in one hand.

  40. Sabrina

    @ 9

    I think it’s “Salem Falls”

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  42. blah

    You people are so weird. I think she looks good, but she has to be at least 160 lbs. You still call Britney (who is hella toned now) fat and ugly…you still call Kim Kardashian a huge whale….and then Hilary Duff gains back all the weight she lost and then some and according to you people, she looks sexy and good and not fat compared to those people? Hilary carries her weight well and this outfit certainly flatters her figure, but she is bigger than a lot the people called fat on this site. I don’t understand it.

  43. nadyenka

    what’s with the buffalo wing arms??

  44. sixsixsix

    she is only 5’2. theres no way in hell she is 160 lbs. probably 120 lbs.

  45. So, that is what Hill has been up to?

  46. I girls do not, not today. They look great f-me high heels, but POS rattling around a pair of flip flops to tote your event put on once the job / date / gig / Interview / ended. And podiatrists Ortho-docs, but women must wear heels. Flip flop eventually make your legs spread. Example: John Gosselin. She’s got legs like Dumbo – flat as a pancake. Snag a man want to: wear heels, a fat frumpy look for: Some want to slip on the flop.

  47. jon

    American woman are butt ugly with their smug arrogant faces,famous for nothing,bringing nothing to the table for men!!

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