Hilary Duff is a drunkard

January 30th, 2007 // 58 Comments

19-year-old Hilary Duff reportedly got drunk at club Hyde with her sister last Thursday and was seen teetering into the women’s restroom with one of her girlfriends and a flamboyant male friend.

“It was kind of inappropriate,” the onlooker sneers. “She was pretty drunk and staggering around the bathroom, bumping into people and shrieking that her gay male friend had a vagina so it was okay for him to be there.” The sisters continued to party Paris Hilton-style throughout the night at a VIP table, where our source says they were “all over” their two man-dates. Haylie 21, whispered in the ear of her 30-ish-year-old date while kissing his neck. Hilary perched on her date’s lap, laughing and flirting with her own older man. Says the source: “When I’ve seen Hilary out in the past, she has been relatively composed, but tonight she was acting pretty wild.”

I’m confused here. I always thought Hilary Duff was the good one. While Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were snorting cocaine off bathroom floors Hilary Duff was the one driving her boyfriend away by refusing to have sex with him. And now this? Next you’re gonna start telling me she’s not a real live horse-woman. It’s like my whole world is turning upside down!



  1. Shanipie

    Gee I wish people who commented on this site would atleast learn how to type coherently. I feel like I’m reading 3rd grade book reports.

  2. diamondprynzez


    I think the place to go “give her a break” is on her fan site… where you can go pay $30 bucks a month to kiss her ass, and she MAY actually read it.

  3. cayana

    She wouldn’t have sex with her boyfriend because she was saving it all up for her sugar daddy..

  4. cole007

    This superficial is going down like a turd in a well. like our “government” like top 40 music has been for 30 years.
    this landscape is the pitts, people. Hillary Duff is less exciting than “Duff Man” from the Simpsons. really.
    by alot.

  5. Enano

    What the hell is she THINKING? She’s managed to stay out of Crotch Shots Magazine, doesn’t have social service rendezvous, doesn’t star in a publicized sex tape, and doesn’t even have excuses like rehab or marijuana-smoking pics to back it up. One day these young people are all going to breed and their royal Hollywood line is going to intermarry like a royal family. They’re going to have flipper grandchildren with feet coming out of their heads and shark teeth, and then our whole concept of ‘role models’ will be destroyed after one of them eats the Hollywood sign like Godzilla in a fit of latent syph-induced rage. And yes, it all started with one night of drunken club-hopping.

  6. xoxo

    why are there loads of people giving hilary a bad time she has done nothing wrong she is just having fun. you would like it if people were writing things like that about you.
    i dont care what anyone thinks hilary is the best so you all can go and fuck yourselfs.

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