Hilary Duff in a bikini

June 24th, 2009 // 252 Comments

Here’s Hilary Duff on vacation in Hawaii yesterday, and maybe it’s just the shoulders, but I have to ask, when did she stop caring? I’m not saying Hilary looks bad, but when Britney Spears looks more toned than you, that’s usually a sign to hit the gym. Or start FedEx-ing her Big Macs so you look better by comparison. Either one.

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  1. Jimmylou


  2. No GayTards

    She ain’t that bad

  3. Joe Melnick

    It’s the hulking, rounded shoulders that throws off the whole look.

  4. She may be a bit thicker than usual, but I would still DESTROY that.

  5. Jeezy

    Definitely fuckable.

  6. Kelsey

    Fuck you and your “FIRST” Who gives a shit if you are first and you don’t even make and actual comment. Loser.

    Anyways, I think Hilary looks fine… she was always kinda “thicker” besides the time when she was anorexic and disgusting looking.

  7. Tim

    If you don’t want her, there’ll be plenty who will.

    Perhaps you should look again and think if this time you’ve been a bit harsh ?

  8. Kelsey

    Fuck you and your “FIRST” Who gives a shit if you are first and you don’t even make and actual comment. Loser.

    Anyways, I think Hilary looks fine… she was always kinda “thicker” besides the time when she was anorexic and disgusting looking.

  9. gotmilk?

    she looks better here than when she was starving herself.

  10. sixpack

    nothing better than pounding the thickness from behind. This made my day.

  11. Missa

    F***n idiots….aint that bad? rounded shoulders? thicker than usual? omg come on. she looks great. why do ppl always have to find something wrong?

  12. havoc



  13. Jimmylou

    Hm…make and comment? Obviously you care, or you wouldn’t be commenting on it :)

  14. junebug

    She probably looks better than you do

  15. junebug

    She probably looks better than you do

  16. Lain

    She looks healthy! Aw, look at those hands.

  17. DeviousJinx

    She looks soooooo much better than her anorexic days…a normal looking, non-plastic girl and Fishy has to comment on her need for the gym? She looks GREAT!

  18. josie

    wtf. “when did she stop caring?”
    she’s not overweight. so she doesn’t have any abs, so what? who wants a girl whose belly is harder than theirs? women should learn to be more supportive of each other and for the love of god, stop being such a douchebag.

  19. Karri

    she got breast implants.

    not bad tho.

  20. Seriously, if you were sitting on the beach you wouldn’t even give her a 2nd glance.

  21. quake

    that is one sexy man

  22. whatever

    She’s always been rectangular.

  23. doppel

    She is “healthy,” but she lacks any femininity at all. She is built like a rectangle. No, she’s not overweight, but I don’t find her appealing at all either; I like my women to actually look like women.

  24. She might not come up to my standard on line but in real life she;s Plump not fat and ripe for the stuffin, with lots of ass to spread! Plus ill have use of the grocery bag, not clear but the brown paper ones…

    Sound like too much work right? maybe i shouldnt bother….

  25. jake_ryan_hot

    Who has bigger tits?

    Hillary Duff or Perez Hilton?

    It’s a toss up.

  26. She looks fine. She just needs to stop slouching (?) so that she’ll have a bit of a neck.

  27. JD

    I’m not seeing the fat cow in these pics.

  28. liz

    It’s things like this that make girls turn into this:


    it’s sad

  29. jennysaid

    I’d go everywhere naked if I had her body. she looks great.

  30. Kathleen

    I think she looks hot!

  31. I wanna see her Hillary Muff…

  32. Smee

    She’s got that yummtastic thickness going on. Very Hawt.

  33. arealcad

    Remember when she and Lindsey were bickering at each other?

  34. jimbosworldorg

    What’s that tattoo just under the bikini string on her right side say?

  35. Jackson

    I would rather see her in a bikini than wide hip fat butt Kim Kardaskank.

  36. Ralph

    I may be the only wierd one but I never wear my sungalsses while I’m swimming. WTF?

  37. If you think shes a swamp donkey wait till you see her sista…

  38. RN


    Unfortunately most Americans over eat than under eat. The US has a big health problem with people overeating and getting fat related diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problem, and most of these people are not insured, so the tax payer pays for their food addiction problem.

  39. yawn

    sunglasses in the water is idiotic..
    so what’s the verdict on the tits.. fake or not fake? her frame is suggesting they could be natural. *shrug*

  40. #29 – Who the fuck is that fat bitch?

  41. Deacon Jones


    Absolutely. If she was in Soth Beach an angry mob would’ve chased her down the street.

    And what the fuck was that Liz? I was still chewing my CHips Ahoy when I clicked on that pic

  42. Irish Wolf

    She looks great. Shes got a great body, her ass is especially nice. If she is considered ugly or fat then God help 3 quarters of the world.

  43. Andy

    Damn dude, you’re hard to please. She’s looking pretty F***in good. You’re gonna turn her into lindsay lohan

  44. David

    U guys have some serious girl/woman/mommy issues if you think she’s overweight. Wow.

  45. lizzy

    everyone is being so mean… :(

    she has a bit of an awkward body, but she doesn’t look bad at all. she looks very normal, alot better than many other girls you’d probably see on the beach.

    give her a break. hollywood is so harsh.

  46. wtf…she looks fine! she doesnt need to workout or lose weight, thats how most “movie stars” should look, not like nichol richie

  47. Joey

    not yet obese, but definitely overweight. and at 21, she is certainly going to be obese within a few years.

  48. Kate

    She looks beautiful, why do you think that she looks overweight? Why do people think she looks chunky? You dont’ have to be anorexic to look good, she looks amazing

  49. wtf

    what is wrong with you?! she looks amazing
    is this really the message you want to be spreading to women all over the nation?

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