Hilary Duff in a bikini

January 25th, 2009 // 70 Comments

These are shots of Hilary Duff in the Bahamas with her hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie, who’s actually the only person on vacation in these photos. Hilary is just continuing her daily routine of doing jackshit but in a different location. Seriously, what does Hilary Duff even do these days? I’d be impressed if you told me she bagged her own groceries at the supermarket the other week. Or at least said “plastic” then took a nap in the checkout lane.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ryan

    I’d go there for 10 minutes.

  2. frank the dolphin

    Either her breasts have had a growth spurt or she is wearing a padded bikini top.

  3. britney's weave

    that is one ugly bikini. looks like aluminum foil on the front.

  4. fefd

    I’d rip that shit in half

  5. authorego

    Could you say that a little louder Fish? I don’t think her self esteem is low enough yet.

  6. kellen

    I would let him knock my front 2 teeth out if I got to spear her

  7. sushi

    I think she is one ugly fuckpig who was only cute when she was wearing a training bra. This chick is fug.

  8. whats with her covering up? she preggers?

  9. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So # 5 ? Self esteem ? Wad dat ?
    She’s going out with a rich Canadian – who needs a career ?
    And personwooly I’ve always liked that ‘Wake Up’ song (although have to hide it when sharing I-pod)… ( I’m an adult)
    What do you think ‘Frank’ ?
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : She always remind me a bit of that Sue Anne Nivens from Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Oh.

  10. Dr. in the House

    I think #9 might be due for a little psychological exam. Multipersonality syndrome? Talking to selves?

  11. Nick Hogan

    I did that in pic 8.

  12. Knee Ya Ha Ha : It’s an acquired taste. If you don’t like ‘em – don’t read ‘em.
    But I’m guessing you could be new here # 10.
    Inside job ?

  13. corn covered flatfoot bastard

    two midgets mingling.

  14. Oh shit. ‘Sue aAnne Nivens ?
    I lack pathos with last link.
    What you really twying to say here exactwee # 10.
    Inside job ?

  15. sushi

    Mike Comrie is one ugly fuckpig. His forehead is bigger than her ass.

  16. Ummm...yeah...

    Who gives a fuck about Hillary Duff? She doesn’t have to do anything…the bitch is totally rich…she can afford to be a waste of space…lazy cunt

  17. Bethany

    “Seriously, what does Hilary Duff even do these days?”

    Well, in addition to her career, she does a lot of charity work and doesn’t pretend to be a lesbian or show her pussy to photographers. Gee, what a worthless bitch.

  18. Gr8 points all # 15 – 17
    Inside job ?

  19. Bethany

    #18 – no, I think she’s saving herself for marriage.


    Remember when jerking off to her was illegal? WELL THAT GUILT TRIP IS GONE NOW MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. When does the thong/string arrive in PRUDISH america, folks?

  22. #21 Each to their own.
    Over here (Chung King Mansions 17th floor)
    We still having a few problems with “free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure”
    So until we clear that one up – 9/11 ?
    Deal with it America.

  23. Danklin24

    Alright i gotta say it, this chick is fucking hot. Her legs are amazing, her ass is amazing, her face isnt bad to look at, her tits are pretty damn impressive. Not small but not saggy like Lohan’s.

  24. Danklin24

    #19 lol she’s not a virgin. She even said that wasnt true when some magazinbe posted it about her. She said thats not even true, i wouldnt say that and its no ones business or something like that.

  25. Who are these losers ?
    Inside job # 24 -25 ?
    Party’s over.

  26. dew

    Between her covering her belly up, and wearing that huge bottom, she’s either on her period, or pregnant.

  27. Gr8 points all # 27
    Inside job ?

  28. ted

    them titties is fake

  29. mwah

    29: padded swim suit, dumbass. you can see that her boobs are smaller and hiding behind that giant foam padding.

  30. cj

    she is not wearing a padded bikini.
    there’s so much padding in a bikini, unsupported, can do.
    those are real. women can suddenly grow boobs at their 20′s

  31. Danklin24

    WTF is with this inside job shit? it sounds so fucking gay.

  32. Danklin24

    No her boobs are real trust me, you can tell how they hang that they’re real. I’m not looking at her bikini to see how big they are either, im looking at the side boob and cleavage. cj is right, women in their 20′s have real breasts now. i know its hard for some of you to believe, but some women actually have real nice looking breasts, like Hilary Duff.

  33. So. # 29 -30 To me – Seeer-eewoosly…I’m guessing here
    …U Merican ?
    Inside job ?
    Having any problems with those ‘duel citizenship’ guys running your foreign affairs ? That type of thing ?
    How about the Dancing Israelis ?
    Flicking their lighters in front of the burning ruins of the World Trade Center ?
    Having any problems with that ?\
    Inside job ?

  34. Well. Ok # 32 sounds like the Fish guy – lamely fishing – trying to get us to stay around.
    Bye Bye for now from the Mansions.

  35. Carter

    She did a movie with John Cusack called War, Inc. not too long ago. It was phenomenal.

  36. Carter

    She did a movie with John Cusack called War, Inc. not too long ago. It was phenomenal.

  37. Well ok – She was good on that.

  38. in* that.
    (The poor scorpion probably died though)

  39. Sushi

    #37 that was the WORST movie Ive seen in a year! I actually shut it off after 35 minutes. THATS how bad it was.

    Anyhew, she OK. Shes above average. She is looking better than Lohan.

  40. ericka

    OMG! she forgot her forgot her hips in some other bikini!!! she looks like a surfboard!

  41. Fati

    I like her face. She’s never had a good figure though.

  42. shimmy

    That crinkley silver shit at the front of her bikini and the entire box of tissues stuffed inside has finally given the midget bitch some sort of shape. Now its just the bludder waist and trunk legs to deal with.

    And her boyfriend has crazy short legs.

  43. gnipgnop

    only a hockey player would tongue punch the dirt star on that guy – holy mother of cock sucking christ – pic numbah 4 – it’s a fuckin flabby american suburb sheep rapist guy – have some self respect you dumb canuck – i wouldn’t bang that with your father’s dick, even after he was finished rooting around in my azz!!!

  44. Vince Lombardi

    She looks like one enormous cankle.

  45. Narcissist

    What is that towel covering that those boat tarp bottoms weren’t covering?

    I have a good impression of Hilary though. She seems reasonably intelligent so far.

  46. grace

    omg she’s so fat and shapeless. and her bf is gross. her pictures in shape magazine or whatever were obviously waaaaaaaaay photoshopped!!

  47. Narcissist

    @47 – I thought her head looked disproportionate in one of those shape pics. Maybe this one.


    Er hell, maybe it was all of them:

    Maybe she got fit for like 5 days and then slacked up. She works the teeth and eyes, though.
    Kept that nasty tattoo out of sight, too. That’s a good move.

  48. whatever

    Are those of you who say shes hot kidding? She´s a fucking rectangle, she has absolutly no shape at all, and she still looks like she´s 12.

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