Hilary Duff hits the beach

July 5th, 2007 // 105 Comments

Hilary Duff spent her Fourth of July with her sister Haylie Duff on the beach. And I know she’s 19-years-old, but there’s something deeply disturbing about seeing her in a bikini. Whenever she dresses like an adult she always ends up looking like some kid who got into her mom’s closet. I feel like I should pat her on the head and give her a cookie. And then, you know, turn myself in to the police.

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  1. Italian Stallion

    I like Duff beer, that is all……..

  2. I used to screw some guy named Duff that lived in Ohio or Pennsylvania. His last name was Duff. His parents ran a taxi cab stand. He was a good piece of meat.

  3. Gulag

    krazihorrkelli!!!! :D

  4. Jimbo, I think that I did the same guy. If he lived in Ohio by the river, then it was the same guy.He is a good piece of meat. Give me his number if you still have it.

  5. Blow Me Hard Bitch

    This wasn’t anything but a photo op for her. Unless she’d have us believe she’d go to the beach wearing full make up.

    I’d still hit it. Twice.


  6. woodhorse

    She looks like she’s 39 from the neck up so the only thing that kept me reading were the hilarious posts – sometimes you are so funny that I’m tempted to say “Do me now! Do me!” – like some kid who wants their turn being thrown into the pool. HOWEVER, I know you could last way longer than I could and, as much as I love you, I don’t want to drown.

  7. sarcasatire

    This was obviously a publicity stunt…showing up to the beach in full makeup, with huge hoop earrings, and a ton of bracelets.

    Show me one photo of them swimming(or wet) and I’ll believe this was a typical beach outing. (Wading while wearing sunglasses doesn’t count!)

  8. Depraved22

    What is with the jewelry? She looks better heavier but who wears that much bling to the beach?

  9. JR

    I’d put my dick in Haley’s butt first then in Hillary’s mouth.

  10. Danklin24

    Anyone remember…anyone remember when this chick had breasts? Nice memory wasnt it?

  11. Danklin24

    In conclusion, thanks for the mammaries.

  12. freakoid

    there is something about her face that is just WRONG


    How did such homely-looking dwarfs, talentless at that, become so famous? Luck like that just can’t go on forever.

  14. I live in England and I know secrets about the Beetles. So many people told me about how gay they were and that they would suck each other off on a daily basis. They were always doing drugs and the best ones. Of course the drugs had nothing to do with it, they were just horney gay guys.

  15. Christina

    I think she looks really hot.

    Lately, shes been getting hotter and hotter.
    I would kill for those abs, damn…

  16. Several_People

    Seriously, is she even relevant anymore?

    Who really gives a fuck?

    Oh well, at least she DID hit it before Ritchie, instead of after. God knows that would have been down right stank.

  17. s0fa

    i agree that she dresses way too old

  18. jusy

    i believed lot of people didn’t want hilary to grow up.that why they always said i like the old hilary or i like her back on lizzy mcquire era..but for god sake she 20 this fall and she lizzy mcquire no more.

  19. Hillery iz right up
    there with thebagladyzpearzzz…??
    they both look like 2 fuckin???
    old library maidz????
    that aren’t married????
    oh yea, they can’t either one??
    get a guy/hard up bitchez?????

  20. If that bitch lost about ten pounds of teeth she may…just may be decent looking.


  21. You know that any one of you would trade places with her or Britney or Paris in a nanosecond. All the hateful comments and homo-erotic comments need to stop. If your life sucks that much maybe you should just end it……….The DUFF looks great!!

  22. roughdaddy

    hmmmm fresh meat,,,in a non britney, paris, linsay sort of way,,must be fun to take off those panties off her..

  23. This girl here, Hillary, she didn’t make a deal with Satan. As you can see, she’s ugly, not famous, has no talent and no one even cares if she lives or dies. Hillary, you need to buy a face and #75 the ten lbs. of teeth thing is funny.

  24. I’m not gay! I was performing the Heimlich maneuver and it somehow turned into the wheel barrow position.

  25. CountDrunkulaXxX

    I dont have anything to say about this, because its rather boring.

    In conclusion… I hate KraziiHotKelli.

  26. jen

    I agree with #80.

    Also, at least she’s not skanked up like the other ones.

    And, I’m sure that as soon as that happens, everyone will wonder what happened. You people aren’t happy either way.

    In other words, eh.

  27. no more bimbos please

    that suit is kind of cute, but the earrings are too much. at least she doesn’t look like a slut

  28. crazy otto

    I hope Paris spent some time at the beach…..

  29. 80=countfattazzchoculadrunkbitch:
    U have nothing to zay about
    Duff,becoz U have big horze
    teeth like her, white az znow,
    fattazz that never leavez the houze
    and U hate me coz, I am young, I
    zurf, I have a perfect natural tan,
    and of courze I look better then
    any of theze zkankz in the pix..
    keep hatin…I love to hate
    U, piece of fuckin zhit??

  30. no more bimbos please

    i really hate people who can’t spell.

  31. peacedog

    i seem to remeber the days when she was really hot, yet underage, and everyone was comically debating whether or not she actually had nipples because there were no photos of her smuggling raisins. no look, she a raisin bandit and got no reaction. what is the world coming to.

  32. peacedog


  33. kristy k

    Krazi Hot kelli should post a pic of her so we can see how ugly and skanky she or he or it really is. enough talk from you fucking retard. go back to school.

  34. ummmmyeah

    #84-fuck off

  35. brad

    so,anyone else want to kill user who posted #84

  36. a.r.

    #74-you need to get a life and LEAVE THIS SITE!!!!!NO ONE LIKES YOUR DUMB ASS!!!!!

  37. robbie

    i’d hit it. both of them.

  38. nobody

    who cares.

  39. 88/89/90/91=lozerz:
    thankx for hating
    me..I would hate it
    if U loved me..and no
    your not zpecial enough
    to view my hott picz….
    I don’t need unknown
    dogz drulling over my
    keep hatin fuckerz….

  40. lkd

    always ridicolous
    she has the face of a 40 old year woman and a fugly body
    why she’s not a little tanned?and why she doesnt do some fitness and put on some muscle
    I think that her sister is very ugly but more normal and sexy than this ridicolous old young girl .-/

  41. lkad

    Im sorry for you but I dont want to be like those superficial and ugly girls
    Im more pretty than hilary paris and lindsay and I am surely more intelligent and my life isnt all that superficial

  42. wins76

    fuckable to some degree but cant decide how would I brown bag her before? the body or the stupid face? some celeb girls are so fabricated their sight is a red plastic designer chair.

  43. Chris

    To the moron saying they want to see a picture of her getting wet…look at the fucking picture of her on the guys back going into the water. OR…go look on a different site for these pictures. She was having fun with her friends and sister at the beach. So she wore make-up. Big goddamn deal. I’ve seen pictures of her without make-up and she is still beautiful so that’s not why she didn’t wear it. She wore cause…*gasp*…girls wear make-up!

    If any guy would “bag her” body or face you are a flat out fag. Her body looks absolutely incredible and her face looks beautiful. Bet you prefer the plastic surgery woman though…oh well. More guys (like me) that prefer REAL girls like Hilary.

  44. Chris

    To the loser wanting “proof” she got wet I give you:



  45. david B

    doing a survey on a scale of 1-10 how hot is she Please Call +447939501771

  46. # 94 you seem like a snobby, self centered bitch of a girl. i think your fat and ugly and try to live your life through this site. You should just stop talking all together. i think Chris is a lil’ obsessed / sensitive guy…at least he knows what he wants.

    Keep fighting people its Funny….

  47. krissy

    you see now,hilary duff is not anorexic, she is beautiful in black bikini.

  48. krissy

    you see now,hilary duff is not anorexic, she is beautiful in black bikini.

  49. Ann

    What is a brand of Hilary’s swimsuit? I like it!

  50. Looks as though she is being rescued by surfers … LOL !!! She looks like a drown rat- Strip down, get nekkid woman !

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